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68 thoughts on “Video: Biracial People Explain Why They Categorically Reject The One-Drop Rule

  1. Tommy Newton says:

    embrace your blackness !

  2. Dee J Marie says:

    ^^^because that si what they are in everyone elses eyes.

  3. Brace the oneness of yourself and know who or what you are…..

  4. Unfortunately, every statement they made came from the outside in. Negative perceptions of what other people think based on skin color (white, light, brown or black) stem from an ignorance of the people involved. When there's a comfort zone of who you are, you're able to comfortably speak from the inside out. However, our society will still prejudge us in many instances. Ultimately a knowledge of self and of our history will cement the fact that the one drop issue still exist. We're socially engineered to blind ourselves on this color issue while the focus should be equality among the classes. Keep your eyes on the real ball people.

  5. Willi Parker says:

    They need to learn genetics , black is the dominant gene so no matter how they feel they just black .

  6. Oh come on, give me a break…

  7. I have to laugh at this, I have to respect use white man, who created the one drop rule, cause he knew something about the black dna, it simply takes over all other dna. When you Mixx with black, All else is null avoid. I'd these women, look like they can come from, two dark skin people.

  8. Abdul Shabazz says:

    All these people look black but let's just cause them bi racial so that they can be happy ok y'all bi racial

  9. Frederico Colón says:

    these tragic mulattos… lol

  10. Mayas BitterTruth Carr says:

    I don't mind, it's true, as long as they're not trying to be white it is what it is. You have black and white, Mexican and black, asian and black, my friend married a biracial black men and there daughter looks 100% Korean but she still claims her daughters black blackground.

  11. There is no such race as by racial, you are black or white, bottomline they want to be white, and they know it, but whites will not allow them in. With us, if they say they are black, we respect that, and move on, and don't get tied up into something whites have forced on them. Historically, mulattos attitudes were, I am half white, and I am better than you, or please. They have done some serious stuff against African people. Look at them in Haiti during the war, against the enslavers, they destroyed the black Haitian revolution, after the blacks won the war, they tricked Toussaint to France, talking about a treaty, when he got there they arrested him, and loocked him up in a building on top of a hill, and starved him to death. After that, the US, Europe and their allies started placing their puppets as leaders of black people, in Haiti, the mulattoes, what whites wanted, they got it. Look, I have had some of the most proud mulatto black friends in the world, they did not recognized themselves as by racial, they claimed black as their race. One brother in particular Chokwe Lumumba, there is not a black dark skin man more black then Chokwe. He could have passed for white. People, I love Chokwe Lumumba, and I still miss him so much. Whites got it right, if you have one drop of black blood, you are black. Blackness is not necessarly skin color. What will their behinds do, if one of them have a black skin child, and that could happen anytime, that is what the one drop means.

  12. The only way to fix this stay in your own race. Are just accep reality, you are a inbred, witch would make you n Indian.

  13. In a nutshell,
    whether we be the Whitest of White or the Blackest or Black, there's no distinction in the eyes of racist & bigoted Whites!
    We have only to look at the highest office in the land & see how our President is viewed, from the poorest to the richest, our Blackness will always be their focus!
    One Drop Rule;

  14. In a nutshell,
    whether we be the Whitest of White or the Blackest or Black, there's no distinction in the eyes of racist & bigoted Whites!
    We have only to look at the highest office in the land & see how our President is viewed, from the poorest to the richest, our Blackness will always be their focus!
    One Drop Rule;

  15. No life is "Tragic"!
    The Tragedy, lies in you!

  16. No life is "Tragic"!
    The Tragedy, lies in you!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wow, my family was in America in 1612. I have many family members who was mixed. But we all know we are black people. Without any questions we know that. These people act like being black and white is something new. I agree black people is the most dominant gene. Has anyone seems the Queenie show with Hally Berry was a mixed slave and she always kind telling everyone she is move white then they are. See how that workout for her. You are black people.

  18. Joseph Balin says:

    what is the black gene? I bet you have no idea. Is it just black skin? is it a certain resistance to a disease? baldness?

  19. Joseph Balin says:

    The white man was living in a cave while brown people built the pyramids. You just see black because your racists eyes see only non white.

  20. Joseph Balin says:

    Why do you have to be one or the other? are you neaderthal or homo sapien?
    Oh thats right every race is merely a mixture of other races thousands or even millions of years ago.

  21. Joseph Balin says:

    So many racists here; black and white. Atleast they can agree on something.

    Blacks always trying to claim people. And whites always looking for any signs of non whiteness so they can exclude you.

  22. Abdul Che says:

    this is my position on this issue: If you are 100 percent black or bi racial and you don't want to identify as black then I say have a nice day and go be a 'human being' or 'bi racial', aight.

  23. Actually they are correct. This is a perfect example of how most people don't understand reason, logic and rational thought. If it takes 2 white people to make a white child, then the same must apply for the making of a black child. Meaning it must take 2 black people to make a black child. The implication of making it acceptable for a white and a black to be able to make a black child, is that the white race is seen as racially pure and hence superior. Racial purity implies superiority. Why is this so hard to understand? That is exactly what the one-drop rule is about.

  24. So how do you explain bi-racial humans who look white?

  25. Tye Williams says:

    I'm not surprised. The black half of their parent pool, was probably was a self hating Black to begin with; thus married a Caucasian. They were taught this foolish. One of teens of the basically Identified being black with being ghetto. Not all, but in my experience, most the black man, who date and marry outside the race are self-hating cuckolds, who prefer to be cuckolded by white woman.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Now this is why the races shouldn't mix, because then you get confused people like these people who IF could PASS for white would, but since they can't before they choose the other side…they WON'T! pitiful and sad…you're black and that's why you're facing so much racism…because you haven't accepted that.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Terry Bristol – if you can pass for white then that's the side you go with…black is the skin tone…we're African-american

  28. Race is a social construct that doesn't exist. Nobody is black, anymore than anyone is white or red or yellow or brown. We all come from our mother's womb. In the colonial construct, as many of us are living it today, reductionist thinking is thought of as "easier", "more convenient" despite the obvious flaws this system of thinking continues to breed and evolve. In the United States it is especially difficult to conduct the conversation of the inhumane treatment of humans by humans because the conversation is bereft of real historical content especially historical content that predates whatever European colonial intervention marks the start of "history" as perceived from a Western European vantage point. How many people of the U.S. have the faintest idea of the kingdoms and empires of Songhay and Mali, of Ghana? Who in the U.S. can appreciate the existence of the Kru, the Kran, the Wolof, the Ibo, the Yoruba? Very few – "black" or "white" . The systematic denial of cultural expression was an integral part of U.S. slavery – – something not as commonly practiced in the enslavement of West African peoples in the rest of the colonial Americas. Add this to a generally superficial approach to history in the US, and a lack of any perspective that actually places the United States in the midst of the colonial empire-building that Western Europe so vigorously participated in – – and you've got a recipe of ignorance and arrogance that will only perpetuate itself. The people of the United States who have been called/labelled, "Black", "Negro", "Colored", "Nigger", "African-American" are of WEST AFRICAN descent – – and West Africa is privy to thousands of distinct cultural groups both in terms of language, coloring and phenotype – this is something that can be researched – – it's out there. A further intrusion of this lack of academic/scholastic rigor is the deliberate division created by the enslavers – – a system that insisted that peoples learn to speak a language – – but face horrific punishment should you dare learn to read or write it. Where's the research on the psychological effects of that travesty? U.S. Africans are what may be the world's first polyglot nation – – different people forced together by circumstance and policy (political practice) – – to create a distinct legacy of culture, language and style – – that continues to have a global impact, despite many attempts to belittle or destroy it – – amazing. Race is a power-based colonial notion that lacks any basis in reality, but rather is a notion that is forced onto and into reality. It is also a social notion that, because of its flaws, will never hold water – – no matter how much we keep pouring in. And nothing pleases the powers-that-be more than to see people engage in racial arguments – – because they understand that there can be no reconciliation of these opposing points. A racist is anyone who uses race as a form of communication with/among humans in an attempt to draw reductionist conclusion, because race, at it's heart, is always reductionist. If you attempt to perceive your brother/sister humans through a veil of race then you are a racist. If you imagine that race has any valid application then you are a racist. It may not be deliberate on your part, being a racist, you may be working with the tools you've been given – – but I'm here to tell you that as long as you use race as the basis for discussing humanity you are a racist and you will always be engaged with racism. What we are is an amalgam of cultures caught up in a colonial land-grabbing exercise that has affected our cultures in various ways. Reductionist notions of "black" and "white" aren't going to be much help. Appreciating the real historical/cultural narrative is what will turn this all around. People from the US would do well to understand and appreciate an African historical/cultural narrative that predates the intrusion of Europeans and their Christianity. It would also behoove people from the US to appreciate a US (and American – – which I hope you can see are two different things) historical/cultural narrative that predates the intrusion of Europeans and their Christianity. A cultural appreciation of our humanity will lead to a more holistic, and realistic to the problems that race has created for us. A holistic approach allows us to interrogate the paths of colonialism embarked upon by various European nations – – and the distinctions thereof. An appreciation for why "English" is spoken in the US as the official language – and not French, or Spanish, or Swedish (all of which could have been) – – why Christianity is the official religion of the colonizers – – why Portuguese is spoken in Brazil and Spanish in the rest of "Latin America", indeed why it's called Latin America – – why the formerly enslaved West Africans of the Caribbean and Latin America (especially Brazil) still retain more of their "African" culture than many US African-Americans – – the holistic approach allows for many voices to speak and tell their story. Diminishing and reducing each other is not going to liberate any of us.

  29. The question is, who created the one drop rule. "The White Colonist." regarding the fact that all human beings originated from Africa, some Black folk have no African slave blood. When the one drop rule was created, Its primary use was to eradicate Native Americans along with manufactured slaves from the master's loins, from living in the colonist state of Virginia. I, myself, embrace the whole that I am…. African (Ethiopian), European and Native (Tuscarora) American. I am a retired Vet. who has spent ten of the twenty years of my career overseas and when people looked at me, they had no idea of my ancestry except I did not appear to be Caucasian. Only in the US do people have the "If you are not White, then you are Black rule" So if you continue to follow the American White man's "One Drop Rule", You will always be under the White Man's thumb…..

  30. Aidan Larson says:

    Embrace all you races.

  31. Aidan Larson says:

    Dee J Marie In some people's eyes, you are a nigger, should you embrace that just because of what other people see?

  32. Aidan Larson says:

    I agree, I'm black and Italian and people try to just paint me as black. Kiss my dick with all the bull. You can't erase someone's heritage just because you want them to identify as you identify. That's racist!

  33. Lucene D Simon says:

    I like your answer. This is what its all

  34. Monique Jones says:

    Look at the President of the Unites States of America.

  35. Monique Jones says:

    Most African American are mixed with something. You do not understand our one-drop rule in the United States

  36. Monique Jones says:

    Good luck being Italian

  37. Monique Jones , This is a perfect example of how most people don't understand reason, logic and rational thought.

  38. Monique Jones , This is a perfect example of how most people don't understand reason, logic and rational thought.

  39. I'm much more interested in hearing from those whose interviews & statements are on the cutting-room floor. One thing is certain, white America only see in black and white. No gray and certainly not any other colors. Hence, when a cop decides he's going to do batting practice on somebody's head, he/she doesn't stop to figure out if the person is "mixed race" (what an incestuous term). When he perceives the slightest drop of black, the batting practice commences. The prosecutors charge. The judges sentence. The judge doesn't think, "Oh, since half of you is white, I'm only going to throw half the book at you that I would throw at a 100% black boy." So, as far as the racist society is concern, these folks can blab as much as they like. The way they are treated in US society carries the heavier weight. Truth be told, there is no such thing as "race" other than the human race. The ones called "white people" invented this notion of race which has no logic. Hence this video above.

  40. Nolan Young says:

    They are simply mad because they can't "Pass". Let them have at it–just stay out of my way.

  41. Nick Schmidt says:

    these people are biracial?? what are these fools going to do when a bunch of white cops scream nigga hit the floor

  42. Keren Brown says:

    I don't want to pass, pass what? I like what I am, you be white if you want to, knock your self out.

  43. I'm mix. I'm not black i'm not white i am mix with black and white. I am both I pick both my sides and i love it. White people let me in and black people let me in. No you don't have to stay in your own race. And if you don't like it well that's to damn bad!!

  44. No you don't have to stay in your own race that's what wrong with the world and stupid ass idiots like you. I am not a inbred and i am not Indian. You moron!!

  45. another layer of problems for Black people, not them, us.

  46. I understand your point but it is not 100% a bi-racial person myself, I never wanted to be white and that's the bottom line..because I am of color I was always subjected to the harsh racism ejected from white people cause I didn't look like they do..i'm 44 years old and in my lifetime I never once considered myself being better than any black person..In fact my experiences from black people has also been of racial tensions because they've considered me different also cause I wasn't dark like them..Now I grew up in a black neighbor hood all my life…all of my relatives are black except my mother..never met seen pictures or nothing about anyone , don't know no one on her side in my life…everyone I know in my fam is black so I consider myself just that…Everyones lively hood and experience may be different so categorizing a persons color, breed and ethnicity does nothing more but escalate further tension between the individualities of mankind! to me to try and classify the identity of someone and making a one drop rule is only the label the white man instituted to keep us contained and boxed in by a numeric census.

  47. I never tried to pass. I found more rejection from the black community because of my mix and grwing up was quite painful once I moved to the US (from Puerto Rico). I don't feel white at all, culture and ethnicity is what define me, but despite my view, other folks thave the nerve to say "you white" and I find that backwards. Let people be.

  48. Interesting what the people above are saying….they know what they are talkin about…they face it everyday of their lives. I would like to confuse the intellectuals a bit more…. I think even Afro Americans and Africans should also reject being labeled black"..I know it's being too long and it now kinda feels right…because a people should self label and others should accept it as is, not not to be labeled by former oppressors, or is it current oppressors.

  49. Unbelievable, when folk are so confused of their Blackness. Everything and Everybody came from Mother Africa. The issue they suffer from shouldn't be with no one but their parents; they are the ones who brought them into this world of race conscious people. For the most part Black folk accept all shades of Blackness; their fight ought to be with the rejection of the side of them that has a lighter color skin. They need to join the human race-and keep it moving.

  50. Ramal Davis says:

    They've been traitors of the black race for centuries. If this race is to move forward, leave the white race's genetic garbage and the black traitors who produced them out of you communities, homes, families and future. Blackness is sacrosanct and must be preserved.

  51. There was a funny point in the video where one woman stated she rejected both and she changed her name to an Italian one! LOL I wonder if she listened or watched this afterwards and thought, yeah dumb. Cos I did!

  52. That means ever person on earth is black or at least 90 percent of the planet has African ancestry so according to Caucasian DNA analysis we all black if you don't believe it do your own research

  53. The black race is always talking oneness but no other race has this oneness we talk about so why should we all think alike act alike be for real leArn more of your history n you will understand that we never all agreed on anything so why with the world be much bigger n open should we all think alike

  54. Frank Butler says:

    It's not about what they want, though. You don't want to be categorized because you have a binary that's not to be ignored, but society will see you as one thing, usually, and if you look more black, you will be treated that way by most people.

    There are people who don't want to be categorized that way because they know black people catch hell for things some black people do. Privilege does that.

  55. no, we are not all Black

  56. Holly Chaney says:

    black is not the dominant gene, that does not make since the one drop rule does not exist anymore so no they are not just black

  57. Holly Chaney says:

    they are embracing their blackness, they never said they are not black also but you cant deny they white side even though black people love to do that

  58. Holly Chaney says:

    black DNA does not take over anything, and I dont respect the racist white man that came up with it

  59. Holly Chaney says:

    they are still biracial Terry

  60. Holly Chaney says:

    The president is our 1st biracial President so what’s you point?

  61. Holly Chaney says:

    if your African American and mixed with something is not the same as being more than one race and growing up with two different races-there is a difference and if your not mixed you cant understand

  62. Holly Chaney says:

    why would you get smart and tell someone good luck with being that one race? HE is both if black people want him to be black so bad why cant he be Italian, i dont get your point

  63. Holly Chaney says:

    so true Aidan, love your outlook on what you are, i am also biracial and proud. here is a few facebook groups that are for and about us:biracial Awareness, and Against the One Drop Rule

  64. Donna Boyd says:

    You don't know Black people in america or our scholars who have conducted extensive studies on Blacks throughout the diaspora.

  65. It's called (Half Caste) Mulatto. Black Americans only want to claim them because they are insecure about themselves. (Mixed Race) people are NOT black they are Biracial. That is just a genetic and biological fact.

  66. Donna Boyd Actually I know lots of "Black" people in the US, but that's immaterial since you don't seem to be getting my point about their humanity or their history….

  67. Lee Burton says:

    The time has come that we put this issue to rest because for far too long the real black community has been misrepresented by people who technically arent no more black than they are white and this has harmed black people by what is a sort of a skin tone caste system whereby the lighter you are the less likely you are to be discriminated against therefor allowing you better opportunities in life in housing and jobs etc. Not to mention that most lightskinned mixed "blacks" tend to social ize outside of the black community prefering to mix with non blacks and whites in turn taking money with them out of the community even though in many cases they have no problem playing the black model or actor in the media for the money. Just look at most of the commercials. Then claiming not to be black in their real life circumstances. Where are the real black people in them?

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