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67 thoughts on “Video: ‘Colored’ South African Man Resents Being Called Black and This is What He Has to Say About it

  1. Lyndon Allen says:

    Humans are the only specie that fights about one`s skin color, other animals of the world do not fight about ones skin color. Using skin color to judge another person is a criminal act, due to the fact one wants to use it to take advantage of the other person who maybe of a darker shade.

  2. Frederico Colón says:

    The Art of War…

  3. They are not even. 'black' or 'white'! What are they fighting for?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The self hatred is strong with those men. They are tools and useful idiots that are being used by the very people that engineered their oppression. It's sad and pathetic.

  5. Shawn Mc says:

    thats their society so i have no say in their matters. them and them alone have to create the society they want

  6. Anonymous says:

    It seems like the women speaking have more of a self awareness & love for their people, than the others. Much respects to them.

  7. Its a low down shame in the world to day where we were created by one God and some of us do not know how to love ,but chose to hate, wait time will tell.

  8. Genia Ackworth says:

    Doesn't sound like self hate to me. He wants to be called what he was raised with.

  9. Ivan Butcher II We as a people spend too much time on labels trying to define ourselves. The reality, They are serious when They say that, no matter which ethnic group referring, We all look alike to THEM.

  10. If you consider how the Black race is portrayed in corporate media around the World, it is no wonder why we as a people, especially those of us speaking different languages, do not identify with each other, The Curse of Babel.

  11. Ebony S. Barton says:

    He can call himself whatever he wants but that racism will remind him.

  12. That was so good .. wanted to see the end of the debate.

  13. That was so good .. wanted to see the end of the debate.

  14. Where is the love?

  15. Lets give peace a chance ::

  16. Mazvita Faith Mbewe says:

    Black is black. Coloured is still black. There is no two ways about it. Some black people are light skinned but that doesn't mean that they are not black. What a shame when people don't know who they are.

  17. Stuart Jackson says:

    Africans trying not to be Black Africans in Africa, WTF? Racism is a mind killer, and soul stealer

  18. Bright Chike says:

    There is always this debate and popular belief that every biracial person is black: I often ask, why can't they be white, since they are as black as they are white. It is not right making these people out as self-hating, were as they are trying to establish an identity, it is just not right, because I don't see anybody asking them to be white.

  19. Ashanti Edwards says:

    Ok, I'm totally confused by the Khoi man's comments…are Khoisan not considered Black? If not, how is that possible when they are the indigenous groups? Were they treated differently during apartheid?

  20. Chinese people use to be categorized as blacks in South Africa.should we call them blacks?just cause the white folks chose to classify them as blacks.they have the right to classify themselves as Indians,colored etc…Mandela was a traitor,he betrayed Black South Africans after coming out of prison.He is the biggest fraud after Obama.Him and all the ANC moderate traitors.They are killers and they are under the influence of the British rulers of South Africa.Both women on this video are the kind of sensitive,soft and conformist people that live in South Africa today.Easy to manipulate and easy to silence.

  21. Maybe American Indians should be classified as blacks,and Mexicans too cause their skin is dark.Blacks or Negroes as they used to be called have African ancestry.Indians don't.

  22. Ebony S. Barton says:

    Again he can call himself whatever he wants. He'll be looked as not white. He won't be treated as an equal because he has dark skin. I can say I'm not black but I won't be treated as an equal.

  23. Sundiata Keita says:

    this video is a distraction. we all have one enemy. do not trust this website that no one knows who runs it and has never shown the owners.

  24. Sundiata Keita says:

    this video is a distraction. we all have one enemy. do not trust this website that no one knows who runs it and has never shown the owners.

  25. Desia Nicole says:

    I wanted to see more…

  26. Tige' Cadet says:

    I guess when they call him a "Nigger" he'll realize there's not much difference between "Black" & "Colored" after all.

  27. Bwire Vincent says:

    Racial categorization in apartheid South Africa placed Whites on top of the ladder, followed by Indians, then the Coloreds (half White half Black). At the very bottom were the indigenous Blacks. These coloreds feel left outbecause they don't get to enjoy the privileges that automatically came their way, under the apartheid system.

    Racial categorization in the U.S. places Whites on top of the ladder, followed by all the other races, then the half White half Black. At the very bottom are the American Blacks. American half castes are not complaining yet, as they still get to enjoy the privileges that automatically come their way, under the apartheid system. That's why Obama is the closest a Black man will ever get to the American presidency, and Lolo jones, remains the most popular female athlete.

  28. Abba Lord says:

    Nobody is black. Just look at your skin.

  29. Abba Lord says:

    Nobody is black. Just look at your skin.

  30. Bri'ana Ayiesha Dorest says:

    They are neither black OR white. If a lion has sex with tiger, that doesn't make it a just a lion, or just a tiger. The geneology is not able to dodeny one side. It is a liger. Genetically, you are matter who you choose to identity with more. Let that marinate.

  31. Doris Beatty says:

    If our heads get screwed around anymore, I swear they're gonna start falling off!

  32. Donna Givens says:

    Poor man doesn't realize he is just a pawn on a chess board where only two colors exist

  33. Ebony S. Barton Unless you are South African, or are deeply rooted in the South African experience, I guess you won't understand the context of coloured in South Africa, and how it's different to an American 'colored'. But, I will try: In America, I am aware that 'colored' was a simile for 'negro', like 'non-whites', or 'natives'. Am I right?

    In South Africa, though, a coloured is just as identifiable as an Indian, white, or black person. Just like all these races, coloured is its own entity. At lease racially/categorically speaking. Coloured people in SA are unlike the above races because they are a mixture of African (possibly Khoi san), Malaysian and European roots. This is what makes them their own entity, not better, but their own entity.

    Unfortunately, this categorization happened in the hands of the powers that be in an effort to put us all in a box, cause that's how they could carry their petty laws and show how they refuse to understand anything that isn't them. However, if you look at the bigger picture, self-identification is inevitable. We need that ish, and if we are to do that at all, we could do it properly, by knowing our correct and factual roots instead of living a lie.

    In America, there are many people who all their lives have thought they were black, physically and genetically. But, they are in fact Native Americans. Their roots and languages were lost in the cruel bureaucracy of American Apartheid.

    So… if you're not black, you shouldn't/ shouldn't be obliged to claim it. If you are a fraction of black and other races combined, you should be allowed to embrace all of that, not embracing the one part and rejecting the others in an effort to be PC. And If that means being 'coloured', then so be it.

  34. Gino Quince says:

    It's too bad a nubian from America who is well informed wasn't there to set the record straight

  35. Scott Rose-Smith says:

    That ENTIRE debate there is a direct result of DIVIDE and CONQUER. Just like in the US…Folks that refer to themselves as "multi racial and bi-racial" will not identify with so-called black, white, African-Americans etc…No unity.

  36. If a group of black people want to invent an identity and call themself colored and claim how none black they are, in a black country, then they should shut up and sit down and not expect special treatment nor recognition from the majority. Can I start calling myself grey and demanding grey rights for grey people, seperate from blacks, its the height of stupidity.

    Ps. Notice at 2:35 how ANGRY the white woman gets when the black woman tells the colored man he is black. You see white people can't stand it when other races unite.

  37. In South Africa people who are mixed in any type of way are considered Colored…it is a foreign notion to us… because in our country if you have one drop of black blood you are automatically considered black bit in fact over 80% of us would be considered Colored in S Africa no matter how dark we are because AA's are mixed alot of us won't get this notion because we were not raised this way… just like they don't understand our notion of the one drop rule

  38. Black people in that country did not create that identity… white people did… just like the white people in our country created our identity… it is not espionage that is what their country tells them they are… most likely you would be considered colored in S Africa as well.

  39. Black and White have nothing to do with skin colour.It is a legal Caste System.Black is a legal term that means a person who is Non Descendable.The greatest thing the European did was make the people of Africa think BLACK is an Afrocentric uplifting term and that Slaves,which are European Slavs, a tribe of people that was heavily shipped to North Africa from Europe to do Slav(e) Labour.
    Legally WHITE Means Ruler of the Land or Master,Europeans did not invent this they simply adopted it.Source.BLACK`S LAW DICTIONARY 2nd Edition.

  40. Call them what you may Mulatto or Colored always playing the proverbial role of splitter group. But it is the Negro=Black that are true Progenitors of the planet. Most Negro Blacks here in the Americas has ever skin complexion variation on the planet, is it beyond infantile and idiotic to try make the Progenitor that holds the Master DNA into some less desirable stock of people. The ancient Greeks and Romans deified and worshiped to Negro family of Kushite Ethiopians, Kemetic Egyptians, Carthaginian Libyans and AmoritePhoenicians, all of theses were Dark Brown to Black complexion people. In fact the darker a person skin complexion is closer they are to royalty. In Ethiopian languages of Amharic and even the very ancient Geez, you find the Negus, which means King, King of Kings, Emperor and Rulers, i.e. as is found in the Kebra Nagast. The color Black was always anciently highly regarded as a sacred color, which represent many things, fertility, mysterious, mystical, majestic, omnipotent, omnipresence, omniscience, it is called Carbon, Melanin, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Dark Flow, Water i.e. Niger River, Nile River, Rio Negro River and Niagara Falls. We just have it so twisted because of all the lies that have been told since 1492 in particular.

  41. Racism and racial relations worked differently from country to country. That's why you will never understand why there is a "category" as a coloured in South Africa; and how that is different to a mixed person. Not everything works the American way darling.

  42. Bri'ana Ayiesha Dorest lol! "Liger" hahahahaha

  43. Stuart Jackson says:

    Hate and mind games work hear and there the same way. Darling. White dominating Black and creating sub categories of Blackness to divide and conquer works here, in Brazil, in the Dominican, and it sure as hell has worked in South Africa, or there would be no such discussion being had my dear. Wake Up White Supremacy is World wide, and it has worked.

  44. Ebony you use too much common sense and speak the truth, the population at large would rather to continue to perpetuate the lies then to embrace the truth. It is the unadulterated truth that will set us free.

  45. Aten Amon Ra says:

    The thing is is that black is not a nation it is a color and nothing else just like white is a color, we need to learn what we were called before we were called a color there are asians europeans and their africans there is no such thing as a nation called black !!!!1

  46. Where are you from? Lolo Jones is NOT the most popular female athlete in America! Have you ever heard of the Williams sisters, Gabriel Douglas, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Flo Jo and Mo'Ne Davis to name a few. Maybe she's the only one you know, but all the rest are well known elsewhere! Especially in the US!!

  47. one thing I know, the european people messed this world up with their ideas of human existence based on a racial construct.

  48. Terry Moore says:

    Have you ever noticed that the only people of our race that have a problem with the word Black are our lighter skin brothers and sisters. The only reason they have that lighter skin is because grandma opened her legs to a white man, by force or sometimes choice! Get over it, you are of the Black race! Just stupid!

  49. They are all Africans whether they like it or not, some form of provision should made available for them.Poverty is and the result of all those years of racism/, apartheid.

  50. exactly, to me there is only one race…THE HUMAN RACE!

  51. The funny thing about is that the white lady in the audience seems more enthusiastic about the socalled coloreds identifying themselves as such. Guess the old divide and conquer is still alive and well in SA. Wake up, you look Black and anywhere else you go in the world you will be called Black so why try to hold on to vestiges of Apartheid?

  52. beige you are a special type of dumb, don't comment on things your brain is to small to comprehend!

  53. Spellcheck correction, this was aimed at Bwire.

  54. If a lion has sex with a tiger it's still a lion, it's not possible to change your dna by having

  55. Rosario Bennett Thanks.

    Now let's see how un-dumb you are; have some balls and prove me wrong.

  56. Frances Voncille Small Let me rephrase; Lolo Jones, despite never winning, attracted more media attention than her afrocentric featured counterparts, who actually did the winning.

    Now, I don't see any mulattoes competing with the people you just mentioned. Do you?

  57. Tommy Timbo says:

    i dont even understand what the hell the argument is about. black vs. colored? is that the argument? what the hell is the difference?

  58. "blacks" are not native to south africa they went there barely 150 years before the dutch, the khoi people is one of the oldest human groups on a genetic level they are older of what americans usually call black. But after 94 the black people got most of the power, and the native people felt like their voice is not heard. Whites considered everyone with dark skin "black", why should africans fallow their path? why should south african blacks force that idea. Blacks are not more native to south africa than the whites. The natives have a right to be called how they want to be called.

  59. Actually they do, now there's something more importand: do we need to act like animals?

  60. Completely ignorant and offensive.

  61. I met some so-called colored south Africans inSweden before the abolition of apartheid, and I realized then, THESE PEOPLE ARE MORE RACIST THAN THE WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN.

  62. These so-called coloreds were part of the tool used by the white south Africans to oppress the African, the thing is the white South African can go back to Holland and England, where does this lot go I never could understand Mandela fighting for the rights of this lot.

  63. Noel Atkins says:

    @Trudy, I disagree. Furthermore, based on what THAT guy in the video was claiming… Is be. He's just black… Just as the woman who spoke after him (and clearly had more Indian decent) stated. It sounds yo me as though you are attemtpting to intellectualize Willie lynchism. To boot: virtually EVERY American black has the SAME genetic make up that you stated. African, native american, and Caucasian? Yea, that's all of us negroes over here too; you know what we call ourselves? F-cking black. Why, because we are subsequently stronger this way. Unless there is some huge cultural difference such as Indian vs. African then just call yourself African or Indian or Asian… But "colored" is by and large a true form of division that should most likely be tossed out. Even Furthermore, how's that Colored vs. Black thing workin out for y'all over there? Being that y'all have 'colords' v. Blacks y'all must really be takin off socioeconomically. Over here the president is BLACK. his mom is white and his dad is African… He, his wife, and children are all black. Beyonce is black, Oprah is black, jayz is black, Harry Beleefonte is black, tiger woods is black (though he makes sure to say he's biracial) Colen Powell is black, Russell Simmons is black, LL cool j, is black, Prince is black, Condoleza Rice is black, Eric Holder is black… These are all blacks who are clearly mixed with a significant visable amount of 'other' blood and yet they all refer to themselves as "black"… It has proved to be fruitful socioeconomically… Perhaps y'all 'colords' should reassess.

  64. But what was most beautiful were all of those who proudly said they were black! "I didn't come to speak as an Indian, but as a black South Africa woman" . That was powerful to me.

  65. Thank you. I was surely wondering what the difference between black and colored was.

  66. This is what eurocentricism has lead too… the coloreds want credit for the bit of non-black blood they have in them.

  67. What's truly sad is now we see this generation, on tv promoting this mindless color blind bullshit. Behind every young mindless clowning negrobotic tv clown, we see parents who have worked over time at being anything but AFRIKAN.

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