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3 thoughts on “Video: You Won’t Believe the Harsh Reality African Migrants Face After Risking Their Lives to Cross the Border

  1. Farntella Graham says:

    what do you mean you "can't go back"? go home and build your own countries. italy has nothing to offer you. they are doing bad themselves which is one reason they invaded lybia, again. they need that "italian gold".to dig themselves out of their economic downward spiral.

  2. Shawn Mc says:

    african governments are a joke.
    unfortunate but they still have it better than their own countries

  3. Aimua Idehen says:

    The Europeans went to Africa, uninvited. After exploiting the land and it's peoples, now the descendants of the same Europeans turn their backs on Africans. If Europeans never invaded Africa, the peoples of Africa would be in far better condition today.

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