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‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Sparks Online Boycott After Whitewashing Ancient Egyptians

New exodus film features white Egyptians

Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Twitter was sent into a frenzy yesterday after it was revealed all of the major characters in the ancient Egyptian-themed movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings, are played by white actors.

The film is supposed to tell the story of Moses rising up against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses, but it may be pretty difficult for some moviegoers to focus on the intended plot.

With the film boasting actors such as  Christian Bale and Sigourney Weaver, one can’t help notice a surprising lack of Black and brown actors in a film that is supposed to be set in ancient Egypt.

The hashtag #BoycottExodusMovie took over Twitter as users explained how tired they are of Hollywood’s tendency to whitewash history on the big screen.

“There are plenty of great minority actors and actresses, there was no need for the white Egyptian thing,” one user wrote.

Another user posted a meme of a white Egyptian movie character with the caption: “Hollywood be like, ‘What African history?’ ”

Social media backlash against the film has been unfaltering since last week, with initial comments starting on July 29.

“Straight from the tomb of King Tutankhamen Wow, look at all the white people!… said no one ever #BoycottExodusMovie,” one user tweeted along with a photo of the famous King’s tomb with wall drawings depicting people of color.

Another user created a collage of the film’s actors both in and out of character, along with their respective characters in animated form from the movie The Prince of Egypt.

Controversy over White Egyptians in Exodus Film

Source: Twitter

“Apparently it’s OK to animate accurate looking Egyptians, but not OK to cast them live action,” he tweeted along with the collage and the hashtag #BoycottExodusMovie.

Another user pointed out that filmmakers had no problem casting Black actors in the roles of the slaves.

“The irony. Coincidence or not. Black actors cast to play slaves,” one user tweeted along with a screenshot of the full cast list from IMDb.

Based on one user’s screenshot, it also appears the film will be whitewashing the Egyptian statues as well.

At one point, slaves can be seen assembling a statue in the background and the nearly completed face boasts the facial features of a white man.

The image began circulating the social media site quickly, with one user calling it “so disrespectful.”

Recently, many actors including Mekhi Phifer, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael B. Jordan have been openly discussing the presence of racism in Hollywood and how Black actors struggle to find desirable roles.

Exodus: Gods and Kings is set to hit theaters this December.


What people are saying

16 thoughts on “‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Sparks Online Boycott After Whitewashing Ancient Egyptians

  1. Bryan Howell says:

    Is anyone surprised???

  2. This is what they will continue to do: Keep the lies going. We all know that those who primarily live in Egypt now are NOT those who built the ancient sphinx and pyramids. And it really comes down to this: If the ancient 'egyptians' or kemites were white, why would whites come ALL the way down to Africa and build monuments & structures that have held up for millenia but there is nothing equal or anywhere near as magnificent in Europe to what you find in Egypt? And I that snippet from the film of them building the sphinx is brazen psychosis. These films are not made for us here and now; they are made for those who may view them in the future who don't have any idea of the truth. Maybe they are planning to destroy the 'real' one so that their lies can be the only historical record? This is why WE need to make films of our own. Nigeria has Nollywood. If we can't get them financed here; we need to look elsewhere.

  3. Boycott the movie – African history is too important to allow this deception to continue!

  4. Hollywood is doing their thing! WE can do Our thing too. Images and Stories from The African Diaspora, You are the Producer at CULTURALGRASSROOTS.COM, Putting Ourselves To Work in the Service of Our Own Humanity!

  5. Frank Muse says:

    "King Tut belonged to a genetic profile group, known as haplogroup R1b1a2, to which more than 50 percent of all men in Western Europe belong, indicating that they share a common ancestor.
    Among modern-day Egyptians this haplogroup contingent is below 1 percent, according to iGENEA".

    The early Egyptians were not the sub-Saharan blacks that, say, African Americans today are mostly descended from, and which consisted of about 2000 different tribes (still today) with different languages and often waring. As Arab Muslims conquered Egypt centuries ago Egyptians are largely of Arab descent today.

    BTW Cleopatra was a Greek. Alexander the Great conquered Egypt after which Egypt was ruled by a tight-knit Greek family until the Romans conquered. Later Arab Muslims conquered Egypt and today it is largely Arab.

  6. Kelly Bishop says:

    I don't get it…what's issue. Hollywood makes movies for white people and how they view themselves. Why hasn't a black movie production, black director, black writers come together a do a biblical movie or movies that put black in a positive light? No they create movies about slavery, thugs, gangsters, or continue to also perpetuate the negative views of the minority of blacks. Where’s Harpo, Tyler Perry Studios, etc. When will black people get it? This is how white people view themselves. Why do we hate when they are doing whatever it takes to look out for their own. We are a race of people that is stuck and we focus or energy on watching what white people have and what white people are doing. If they lock us out of their schools, we build our own schools. If they won’t hire us, we create jobs. If they don’t respect us, who cares, we just lean to respect ourselves and each other. If they bomb our communities, we rebuild. We don’t stop but no we are much too inclusive and when over races surpass us we look and complain. Yes, white people have done unimaginable things to us then why do we continue to look to them to do right or to make right? What do you think our children see and how do you expect them to behave when we (in general) have become a race of complainer and not doers? Can some please respond? Thanks

  7. Shaun Humphries says:

    Egyptians weren't black. They were descendants of Western Asia .

  8. Rose Miller says:

    Blame the actors to, there taking the roles, they are given. They are not standing up for what is right!

  9. Dougla Don says:

    Ok. So what race are my ancestors who lived in Kemet before the Arabs invaded in 700AD? What race are my ancestors who lived in Kemet before the Greeks invaded in 500BC? What colour and race are Native American people? But i guess because the invaders look white, Hollywood should cast white people to play Native Indian people too right? Because that is what you are saying about my land and country. Just because the people who dominate the population in Egypt are Arab does NOT mean they have always been arab. The key is to.USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.

  10. Keith Diggs says:

    Too bad that most of our people are to busy STUFFING THEMSELVES with the SATANIC ILLUMINATI OFFERINGS of GAY-ZEE and KUNTHEAD WEST, to actually notice that there is a controversy going on.

  11. Keith Diggs says:

    It isn't the JOB of an ACTOR to care about YOUR CULTURE. A white guy who is offered a role is under no obligation or expectation to deny his own dreams ESPECIALLY when they would just get another cracker anyway. You are responsible for the care and treatment of your culture. BOYCOTT the movie and CONVINCE OTHERS to do so and this will change. Perhaps you missed the statement of Edgerton (Ramses) who said that he in fact DOES sympathize with our concerns. Stop being a VICTIM (obama voter) and take CONTROL of your life instead of EXPECTING OTHER PEOPLE TO DO IT FOR YOU.

  12. Keith Diggs says:


  13. Nada Alwan says:

    Egyptions are not black nor were they ever. All the pictures and work ypu presebted is false. You did not reference anything you wrote, you cannot anyway as everything you wrote is false. Please stop trying to start a war as we already have enough of that. Fyi I am arab, egyptions this time are not black book a ticketand see for your self. Therefore, 82 million people cannot genetically change there physical apperance over these thousands of years. If they did as you are stating they did how comes other african countries did not?

  14. Coretta Kent says:

    Egypt means land of the black the people you see there now are the invaders children who do not know the real history.

  15. William Eaton says:

    Sorry to burst your uneducated uninformed ignorant revisionist afrocentric bubble but both the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and Hebrews were Caucasian people of the Semitic language group and ethnic group

  16. William Eaton says:

    Sorry to burst your uneducated uninformed ignorant revisionist afrocentric bubble but both the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and Hebrews were Caucasian people of the Semitic language group and ethnic group

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