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Why Was Ebola ‘Miracle’ Drug Only Administered to 2 White Americans?

Dr. Kent Brantly

Dr. Kent Brantly

One of the things that made Ebola so terrifying was that it appeared there was no cure for the devastating disease. But a secret serum developed by a San Diego-based company may be an Ebola miracle cure, as it apparently saved the lives of the two Americans who contracted the disease in Liberia.

Amid the stunning media reports about the possible Ebola miracle drug, some observers are wondering why the drug was tried only when two white Americans contracted the disease, considering that Ebola has been wreaking havoc in West Africa for months. Ebola has been diagnosed in 1,600 people and killed more than 700 in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. It has thus far killed about 60 percent of those infected.

The World Health Organization told CNN it was not involved in the decision to give the drug to the Americans, who had to provide consent because the drug, called ZMapp, had only worked on primates and had never been tried on humans. Patrick Sawyer, a naturalized American originally from Liberia, died at a Nigerian hospital without receiving a dose of ZMapp.

The saga of how the drug made it to Liberia and was administered to the Americans—Dr. Kent Brantly and missionary Nancy Writebol—reads like something out of a Hollywood movie.

San Diego-based Mapp Biopharmaceutical has been working on an Ebola serum for several years with the National Institutes of Health and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, an arm of the military responsible for countering weapons of mass destruction.

The ZMapp drug—which was stored at subzero temperatures—reached Liberia on Thursday morning, but upon the implicit instructions of the lab it couldn’t be administered until it had thawed naturally. That meant Brantly and Writebol had to wait eight to 10 hours before it could be administered to them, a source told CNN.

 Brantly, who had the disease for nine days, requested that Writebol get the first dose because he is younger and he thought he had a better chance of fighting it. But as they waited, his condition became worse. Brantly told doctors he thought he was dying, so he asked if he could have Writebol’s dose, which had now thawed. So they began administering it to him through an IV.

“Within an hour of receiving the medication, Brantly’s condition dramatically improved,” according to CNN. “He began breathing easier; the rash over his trunk faded away. One of his doctors described the events as ‘miraculous.'”

Brantly’s condition improved so much that he was able to shower on his own before boarding the specially equipped Gulfstream Air ambulance jet. After he arrived at the U.S., Brantly—sheathed in a Hazmat suit—walked on his own into Emory Hospital.

Writebol didn’t show significant improvement until she received a second dose of the drug on Sunday. She was flown to the U.S. and is now also being treated at Emory.

Before there is widespread elation that a cure is at hand, health officials tried to inject some sober reality.

World Health Organization spokesman Gregory Hartl told CNN that health authorities “cannot start using untested drugs in the middle of an outbreak, for various reasons.”

Doctors Without Borders issued a statement saying: “It is important to keep in mind that a large-scale provision of treatments and vaccines that are in very early stages of development has a series of scientific and ethical implications. As doctors, trying an untested drug on patients is a very difficult choice since our first priority is to do no harm, and we would not be sure that the experimental treatment would do more harm than good.”

There is normally a long, complicated process before a drug can be given to patients under FDA regulations. But the FDA does have a “compassionate use” regulation that allows experimental drugs to be administered in emergencies such as this one, according to CNN.

Apparently the ZMapp results were promising enough to move the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to send additional funding to Mapp Biopharmaceutical, a relative newcomer to the industry, founded in 20o3.

For those interested in the science behind ZMapp, this is how CNN described the workings of the drug:

“Antibodies are proteins used by the immune system to mark and destroy foreign or harmful cells. A monoclonal antibody is similar, except it’s engineered in a lab so it will attach to specific parts of a dangerous cell, mimicking your immune system’s natural response. Monoclonal antibodies are used to treat many different types of conditions. This medicine is a three-mouse monoclonal antibody, meaning that mice were exposed to fragments of the Ebola virus and then the antibodies generated within the mice’s blood were harvested to create the medicine.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNN that Mapp has very few doses ready for patient use.

“Apparently the company is trying to scale up, (but) it’s not easy to scale up to very large number of doses,” he said.



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139 thoughts on “Why Was Ebola ‘Miracle’ Drug Only Administered to 2 White Americans?

  1. This is nothing more than a stunning, horrifying repeat of the intransigence of the US Medical Capitalist Industrial Complex regarding HIV/AIDS. The outright racism clear here is also undeniable. The whole POINT of the ACT-UP protests was PRECISELY to "start using untested drugs in the middle of an outbreak" and let the people who have the disease — and then were going to die anyway — make the decision THEMSELVES. The first obligation of doctors is NOT "do no harm" — it is to DO WHAT THE PATIENT WANTS THEM TO DO. Who is working for whom here? DUH!

  2. Where is the answer? Im waiting for "Because…"

  3. Samuel Hill Jr. says:

    I guess a few more White Folks has to catch it for them to SCALE UP!

  4. If the Ebola miracle drug dramatically improves healing of this disease as reported of two Americans,then it should be used on all infected with Ebola. There should be no monetary value put on making this drug available to humanity period. All life is precious in God's creation.

  5. Nonya Byzness says:

    Ebola was created in the lab.

  6. Shon Burt says:

    Now, that's some bullcrap…Fake , fake and fake.

  7. Ty Inhofe says:

    Are you people literally retarded? Use it on Africans and they die because of the unknown results. Racism and using black people as lab rats! Use on the white people before we use it on africans. Racist and prejudice towarda the blacks. You people kill society and need to shut the fuck up. Christ.

  8. Farntella Graham says:

    and so is the treatment designed to make money for its makers. they create the virus and then make the treatment. WICKED, DAMN.

  9. Richard Watt says:

    This story raises other issues, what if the headline were "Experimental Drugs Tested on Black Africans?" Would you then have the same people inveighing against these tests?

  10. Mike Forester says:

    In American society, death and sickness is a lucrative business.

  11. I will not for give the west if this happened to be a way of testing drug on black people .

  12. Farntella Graham says:

    there are already many sins the west cannot be forgiven for and yet some of us do not see that.

  13. Africans need to ban all Whites from coming into the land.

  14. Doctors Without Borders issued a statement saying: “It is important to keep in mind that a large-scale provision of treatments and vaccines that are in very early stages of development has a series of scientific and ethical implications. As doctors, trying an untested drug on patients is a very difficult choice since our first priority is to do no harm, and we would not be sure that the experimental treatment would do more harm than good.” LIES lies and more lies … They invented the disease, then said it came from Africans eating monkeys in the bush. of course they have a miracle cure. Ebola is suppose to kill Black Africans not white – If you remember they claimed AIDS came from Africans having sex with monkeys. They steal, kill, and destroy any and everything that does not look like them and they cannot understand!

  15. Only white folks believe the crap you are falling for – Black folks know better – history does not lie.

  16. Aya Sonjohn says:

    I heard that an African scientist came up with a possible cure and the Americans tested it and said that it did help kill the virus. I think the American scientist wants the credit.

  17. Daily Dock says:

    obama aint helping his own race..what a shame 🙁

  18. Evadne Smith says:

    I think these two white folks risk their lives to test the drugs to see if it works,
    So that others may get help from it all so.

  19. yours the retarted one here.. so what happens when non of the doctors dies..

  20. Ty Inhofe says:

    Well, both of you should learn how to spell and use sentence structure. Secondly, this is why most people dislike certaon black people and that is because of Marcia. Thinking all black people are entitled to something and that the white man is here to keep them down! Thirdly, if they don't die. It's going to be widely produced and used in Africa and could also create a vaccine for it. Also, if you want to get into black people knowing better. Atleast my people didn't sell me to the white folk. Read history, blacks sold each other in Africa for money. They sure do know better! Idiot

  21. Ty Inhofe says:

    Yeah. So they can burn themselves down. Lol

  22. Kimberly Clark says:

    Why is it no matter the issue, there always has to be a butt munch who brings in President Obama. Grow up and do your own real research about past Presidents and the current President. You feed into the media and Republican hate for a man who is Black so much that they succsessfully distratct you from the fact that they are sacrificing your life stubility (collateral damage) by ignoring all of the American's needs as it pertains to fiances and defense just to make a Black man look bad because they see he is trying to do what he promised. They have you looking at their right hand while they screw you with the left and you are so focused on the wrong thing, you don't even realize your being screwed. Be a well informed voter and not a rumor believing voter.

  23. Sundiata DeVore says:

    Ty Inhofe Nice spelling and sentence structure here..

  24. Ty Inhofe Quite the failure.

  25. Ty Inhofe says:

    Ohhhh snazzy, I just writing it so the others would understand. Lmao. Because it seems that everyone here thinks the white man is out to get them. Also, you can't edit. Go figure.

  26. I'm African American and also a undergrad stundent whom is a biology major. Majority of my black folks are uneducated and still have that slave mentallity. Therefore, talking to them is a complete waste of time. Additionally, I understand why they wouldn't test this vaccine on an entire country where this virus is clearly an epidemic. The vaccine could easly destory many lives due unknown adverse effects.Furthermore, the reason why the two men who were white were administered the vaccine was to : a.)moniter the drug's effect under controlled settings and b.) Stop the possibilites of this virus becoming a pandemic. Moreover, even though the vaccine is showing positive signs , scientists and doctors still don't know the long term effects of this vaccine. Last but not least for the ignotant folks on here, the ebola virus is not some government experiment or some type of conpiracy to kill off all black folks. The ebola virus is a virus that animals carry that can be transmitted to people. * please excuse any typos people because it's hard to type on a phone.

  27. Ty Inhofe says:

    Let me put it this way. No matter what white people do, a black person always says we are against them. " I don't like Obama." You're a racist! If we didn't support the Treyvon Martin case, we were racist. I am not saying all black people are this way, but quite a few of them are. I am aware that whites sold whites, etc. However, you do not see whites in the streets saying the system is against them when a white kid dies. You don't see us beating people in the street saying "THIS IS FOR TREYVON" Those type of people make your race look like idiots. You need to realize and not specifically you, that not everything works out the way everyone wants and if society realized that everything takes time and everything will fix itself. We'd be better off. But, with ignorant folk like the man saying this is a conspiracy the famous phrase "This is why we can't have nice things" Good day.

  28. Ty Inhofe says:

    Need to think though. Couple cases here and there, it wouldn't raise alarms for the serum to be used. Now that the plague is becoming an epidemic, they asked the Americans if they wanted to volunteer for it and they agreed. No african would agree to a highly experimental drug with the risk of dying. That is my point.

  29. Ty Inhofe says:

    I grow everyday to realize the intelligence of this world is degrading. Also, I don't know if you were military or not. However, go to multiple third world countries and then tell me how welcoming or wanting of our medicine is there. Then you will know my logic.

  30. Ty Inhofe says:

    Darrel. Message me on FB if you wanna continue this debate. Too hard to ppst on here.

  31. Sundiata Keita says:

    them white folks aint got no ebola. that was an excuse to put that ebola in a big black city. two seperate planes, on two separate days?? GTFOH
    only saving white people when the US govt got the patent, black people need to be offended like a mufucka and they need to follow Cynthia McKinney on facebook

  32. Sundiata Keita says:

    COINTELPRO and slaves all up in these comments..smmfh. fuck this website

  33. Read #20, #21 etc. The author of this might be ''more educated'' to you

  34. DeOnna White says:

    Ty Inhofe YOU DO OWE US!!! What part is hard to understand about the treatment of a race of people from years ago till this very day! What is it going to take for you people to understand that blacks deserve the very best like allllllllll the rest! A hated race for what? Blacks didn't ask to be black just like whites didn't ask to be white!!! All people of different races didn't ask to be born!!!! Mistreat of another is not something you ask for! The human beings existence is what's going to kill the planet. Not showing God's love and compassion is what is going to end it all. You may live to see it and you may not. It depends on which road you will go after this life. There is only two places you can go. Make a choice today!!! Good verse Evil! It's not hard. It don't require a college educated decision.

  35. DeOnna White says:

    Your kind are known to be RACIST! History has shown it! Again you hate every race but you leave a mark in that race. SAD!!

  36. Boyce C Mullins says:

    This was truly a double edged sword. Whether it was decided to experiment on those of European ancestry or African ancestry there was going to be a debate as to what was the correct action to take. There has to be an understanding of history however. When you consider "The Tuskegee Experiment", the story of Henrietta Lacks and even this history of Planned Parenthood, you can and will get a better understanding as to why people of African ancestry are weary of the direction that is taken when it concerns their "better good". This is a great topic to be debated honestly and openly.

  37. As of 2 hours ago 932 people in Africa have died from Ebola but there's a miracle drug if you're born in the right country with the right shade of skin. Tell me, where have we seen this before?

  38. Ty Inhofe says:

    Lol, I don't owe you shit, lady. Ignorance.

  39. So you call Caucasians white people but you call yourself an African other than black. It's Caucasian, get the terms right before you accuse "white" people, dumbass. And ps, nobody gives a shit about Africa.

  40. Cory Mcwhorter you sure about that?

  41. Jasmine Ohd says:

    They had the "complexion for the protection", in the words of Paul Mooney.

  42. Ashkir Ashkir says:

    Christ? "Christ" is a title that was created by the pagan gentiles. It comes from the greek word "Christos". All the greeks called their gods Christ and called themselves "Christians" after their pagan gods. So when gentiles decided to accept the Jewish, middle eastern Messiah from Israel, they decided to switch the pagan title for their pagan gods over to our Jewish Messiah. Back in ancient days, the early followers were insulted about being called a "Christian" and the Messiah being called "Christ". How are we gonna give satan's title to the Messiah?
    Many considered this word "Christos/Christian" to be a slur. I'm so glad you pagan gentiles aren't His. You will one day eat your pride! and that superior attitude of yours will be smacked down. Scripture speaks against your pork eating heathens.

  43. Ashkir Ashkir says:

    ◄ Jeremiah 9:24 ►
    but let the one who boasts boast about this: that they have the understanding to know ME, that I am Yahuah, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight," declares Yahuah."

    But your prideful self would rather sit here and boast about race and English skills. Do you even know the name of your Savior? Since you're so smart, surely you know that the man-made invented word "jesus" was just created 500 years ago and comes from the greek word "Iésous". In fact, if you cracked open a 1611 KJV bible you wont even find the word "jesus" in there. Back then they were calling Messiah "Iésous". And in 500 years from now, I wouldn't be surprised if people start praying in the name of Greg. Messiah never heard the word jesus in His life! In fact, the letter J and it's sound didn't even exist in Hebrew!
    Many Christians worship a different spirit than Jews & Commandment keeping believers in the Messiah. Some Christians will tell you that the spirit inside of them is saying to honor pagan (ancient devil worship) holidays such as tammuz birthday (dec 25), Ishtar (the fertility god and all her egg laying bunnies) on Easter and sun-day worship (that was originally for the sun god) has replaced the Almighty's 7th day Sabbath. Many Christians are pagans and don't even know it. All their feasts are pagan. nothing has changed about them except for the fact that they no longer do human sacrifice and they rededicated their pagan feast to the Almighty Elohim of Israel and the Jewish Messiah, but He will never take satan's leftovers or participate in satan's old parties that has now been rededicated to Him with what they call "love". Where do you think all those "mighty ones" went to? They went into the religions. All of them are pretending to be the one and only Elohim of Israel. When Constantine decided to unify the kingdom, many pagans didnt want to become believers in the one and only Elohim of Israel, so Constantine decided to mix all the pagan feast (ancient devil worshipping holidays) with our Jewish Messiah so that the gentile pagans would jump on board. Kinda like what they're doing with this new religion "chrislam" . Chrislam is a mixture of Christianity and Islam. They mixed two religions to make one! You've been lied to your whole life and tricked into living like your pagan ancestors. Have you seen a wiccan calendar? The Christian calendar is pagan. Go research what I just wrote and then go repent. Now, if you can disregard whatever English errors I have made, you will realize that I (a black woman) have taught you more about the Almighty than anyone else that you've ever known! You're welcome!

  44. I can actually see their point. It crossed my mind that it might be a race issue too but i have to wonder if first and foremost, it's an economic issue. Africa is a poor country and God forbid the US do something without a profit. I think they knew that there would be no profit in providing a cure to Africa and so they could have very easily just "hid" that they had the cure. OR, maybe finding a cure wasn't of top priority until they were concerned about Ebola becoming a threat here in our own Country. I actually think if Africa was able to pay a pretty penny for it, maybe we would have developed something sooner. So i think it was likely an issue of money before it was an issue of race.

  45. Mke Ming says:

    Really DeOnna? Your comment makes you just a racist as you claim all white people to be. I was robbed at gun point and had the shit beat me out of me by three black guys. I guess that means all black people are petty criminals who couldn't handle 1 white boy 1 on 1. I definitely do not hold all black people accountable for the actions of just three guys. I'm the victim of black on white racism all the time. I've watched customers talk up a storm with my black coworkers and refuse say a single word to me. Again do hold that against the entire race? Hell no. I hold people accountable for themselves and only them, 1 or two people does not represent an entire race. So by you saying all of this you just made yourself the racist and apparently no better than our "kind." I pray one day The Lord will help open your eyes and save you from looking so ignorant.

  46. Francena McGirt says:

    Ty Inhofe Wow, good to know how our soldiers think.

  47. Francena McGirt says:

    Michelle Pre Med B I certainly hope that you do not have to treat any of us when you become a doctor. You do know you'll probably have to interact with and treat black people, right?

  48. Francena McGirt says:

    Richard, the people who got this drug signed informed consents. No one is opposed to informed patients being a a part of studies. The historical FACT is that we've tested drugs on unwillingling and unknowing subjects/people. So THIS and THAT are not the same at all. SMH

  49. Francena McGirt says:

    Richard, the people who got this drug signed informed consents. No one is opposed to informed patients being a a part of studies. The historical FACT is that we've tested drugs on unwillingling and unknowing subjects/people. So THIS and THAT are not the same at all. SMH

  50. Hotep N Fabo says:

    I couldn't expect anything else from a white person.

  51. Hotep N Fabo says:

    Ty Inhofe we dont think the white man is out to get us we know he is. History doenst lie.

  52. Hotep N Fabo says:

    Ebola is nothing but a bioweapon!

  53. Hotep N Fabo says:

    You are so naive its scary!

  54. Ty Inhofe btw, it's certain……not certaon

  55. Ty Inhofe btw, it's certain……not certaon

  56. No ARE YOU RETARDED? Ever hear of the Tuskegee Experiment? That went on for 40 years before being revealed. This govt has a documented history of using citizens and in particular BLACK people, as unsuspecting guinea pigs. Read harriet Washington's book, Medical Apartheid. And there is much evidence that AIDS was also Ft. Detrick created. Dr. Robert Strecker & Dr. Boyd Graves revealed this info long ago. So anybody who thinks the US govt is above creating a disease that is genetic specific is the one who is fuckin crazy and ignorant of history to boot.

  57. Nonya Byzness says:

    Farntella Graham so true sis

  58. Hotep N Fabo says:

    It's been hell in Africa every since they stepped in there.

  59. Brian Hickman says:

    no it doesn raise other issues. you are just looking for a red herring to draw attention away from the situation

  60. Brian Hickman says:

    do you also think unicorns exist?

  61. Cory Mcwhorter shut your sorry ass up….

  62. Read it, and think on it!

  63. Hotep N Fabo says:

    Brian Hickman She probably does man. 2014 you still have some people black ready to trust whites.

  64. Ty Inhofe says:

    Lol, you guys should know when you're getting trolled. Lmao. This was great. Thanks for laughs!

  65. For the troll who asked are we retarded? No ARE YOU RETARDED? Ever hear of the Tuskegee Experiment? That went on for 40 years before being revealed. This govt has a documented history of using citizens and in particular BLACK people, as unsuspecting guinea pigs. Read harriet Washington's book, Medical Apartheid. And there is much evidence that AIDS was also Ft. Detrick created. Dr. Robert Strecker & Dr. Boyd Graves revealed this info long ago. So anybody who thinks the US govt is above creating a disease that is genetic specific is the one who is fuckin crazy and ignorant of history to boot.

  66. Cory Mcwhorter Many of us care deeply about Africa and all people of color. It is time the Black man wakes up. Dr Yosef Ben Jochannan presents his case!

  67. Ty Inhofe It takes a protologue to be such an asshole.. How long have you suffered silently with your anorectal pathology prior to seeking expert consultation?Fuck yourself sometimes, it could help..

  68. @Ty Inhofe.. Ty Inhofe It takes a protologue to be such an asshole.. How long have you suffered silently with your anorectal pathology prior to seeking expert consultation?Fuck yourself sometimes, it could help..

  69. because you have never live in a postion of unjusyice that why you are talking. it may seem good to you what africa is going trough but take time to thing you will adjust your talk

  70. you may be so stupid to say this there were a hard resistance you guys rewrote history please dont talk because you are just white talk as a human being. one day your conscience will tell you more. you know why hitler is seeing as a criminal??just because he was also killing whites. if he was only killing blacks i think he will be a hero. because the king of belgium commited atrocrity in congo he is still seeing as a hero. i am not racist try to think

  71. MsMi Huggins says:

    That would be because the system is not against white people, without you being of african descent you would not understand the systematic & institutional racism of America. No, everything is not racist & yes one is allowed to dislike the president

  72. Ty Inhofe says:

    Let me throw this out here. If you're not from Africa. Youre not African American. You are black. American. Black American. And black people are just as prejudice and racist as any other race. Not all white people are kkk and out to get you.

  73. Ty Inhofe says:

    I didn't understand or was even able to read what you just wrote.

  74. DeOnna White says:

    Mke Ming you still don't get it and won't! I've came close to death by my own people too but that doesn't erase HISTORY! It will ALWAYS speak volumes for it's self. Far as feelings about being called a racist…that doesn't bother me at all because I'm so sure of myself that I don't worry about that. I'm married to a BM and my family is whom I'm worried about in this life time. Never ignorant…just my eyes have been open and I no longer believe the lies that have been taught!

  75. Donald Eugene Elder II says:

    Despite the headline and the overall concensus of these comments, this article is actually pretty informative. The question is, why had a drug that had never been tested on humans, never been produced in significant quantities and was years away from actually going on the market not given to 1000s of people half a world away while we all wish for the best? Put that way, the question istelf is so rediculous that I can't be so many people are taking it seriously.

  76. Donald Eugene Elder II says:

    The thing is, two American doctors is not a statistically significant sample. That's why we try to test drugs for years under a variety of conditions before declaring effective and safe for the general public.

  77. Peter Brown says:

    Cory Mcwhorter Africa has supported every European nation since inception, the dark ages were based on Europeans poor hygiene and sanitation practices. Africa has been intentionally underdeveloped for the rapists that take and never give. I could be wrong lets see, European goes to Nicaragua, disease and death is spread, Goes to Australia, disease and death, goes to North america, disease and death.

    Is there a single place in the HISTORY of humanity or a single interaction with ANY life form made better for having encountered the European?

    I know it hurts to speak true words but the time has come, its not about your feelings its about the truth, WHITE MEN have destroyed all things in nature and are continually driving us into a moral bankruptcy.

  78. It is FAR WORSE than I thought.

    Here is a story from NAKED CAPITALISM: "Ebola Loose Ends: The Patients, Their Employer, The Plane, The Serum, The Company, Its Funding, The Sudden Entry Of The World Bank, and The Oddly Silent Administration"

    No conspiracy theories here, but lost of awkward and inconvenient questions, most arresting about the CIA and "The Rev." Franklin Graham's "Samaritan Purse"….

  79. Rose Brown says:

    these doctors are humans whether white, black or blue and i so wish and pray they survive so that other patients can get help too.

  80. Dmax Lomax says:

    Through the colonization conducted by whites. Tell the whole truth. The devil is clever.

  81. Darrell Robinson Thank you. 🙂

  82. Navi Yah says:

    It's funny how something like this leads to a lots of it's your fault on both sides, then we start speaking about past issues. I have not heard anyone state the fact that there is a cure. YIPPY, THERE IS A CURE!!! Just use it to make people well. If the disease continues, it may in-fact reach America and other places and be hard to get rid of. So take deep breaths everyone and focus on the cure and getting it out there to cure those that need it. Which in part will keep the world safe from this killer. Have a great day!


    Ebola patients in west Africa to be denied experimental drugs used in US

    US tells Nigeria region would have to wait months for supplies because such small quantities exist, says health minister

    Can anybody say "profit" for the WhiteGuyz?

  84. Francena McGirt Excellent reply.

  85. Cory Mcwhorter This is an entirely stupid comment.

  86. Hotep N Fabo says:

    Adebanji William Ayeni Nigerian are the stupidest Africans you can found while they are busy worchioing white jesus, other are making technological advance.

  87. Porobe Alex says:

    That is the bewildering intrigues of the "Whites". They created the virus and the cure, "experimented" the cure on their own infected citizens – it will be Africans if it was a natural outbreak – and told the world they have the "cure" to a virus they created to subdue Africa and project the superiority of the whites. That is CNN DELIBERATELY placed the name Nigeria on the map of a different country in Africa. God help us all.

  88. Bonahis Oko says:

    It wouldn't surprise me if people haven't been deliberately inoculated with a new strain of this virus which first surfaced in central Africa almost 40 years ago and has basically died out (as no single case has been recorded since 1976) to make money for a few unscrupulous men who do not care about human life or suffering as long as they can line their pockets with the proceeds of said suffering. #unethicalpharmaceuticalcompanies

  89. Bonahis Oko says:

    It wouldn't surprise me if people haven't been deliberately inoculated with a new strain of this virus which first surfaced in central Africa almost 40 years ago and has basically died out (as no single case has been recorded since 1976) to make money for a few unscrupulous men who do not care about human life or suffering as long as they can line their pockets with the proceeds of said suffering. #unethicalpharmaceuticalcompanies

  90. You see! They knows better…but pls if they started this disaster let them end it and save people's lives. …please leader

  91. True say…..let them give it out to other patients period

  92. May the good lord save the world .that all I can say..We don't need fighting over this or discriminate , we are all one created by the almightyGod

  93. Cory Mcwhorter …cory speak for yourself you dumbass…why people cant say what they feel without other people cutting them down …then u came n did the same dumb thing you were accusing the other person of …

  94. DeOnna White says:

    Ty Inhofe That's the problem! Denial at it's best. Never ignorant. Your species is the questionable ones, remember that. We are victims of hate for no reason. Ponder on that would you. VICTIM'S of HATE for no REASON!

  95. Ty Inhofe says:

    May ne skinny. But not as skinny as some people in africa. Oh wait, the white man did that.

  96. Michelle Grove says:

    You don't want doctors going to Africa? Good thing you don't speak for everyone.

  97. Michelle Grove says:

    They obviously took a huge risk going there. No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.

  98. Kema Ezeasor says:

    you all sld shut ur mouth… all you over there does not know a single thing about life down here in africa. we are happy the way we are and we will def. fight this ebola virus with or without the help of the americans and the world. naija for life all the way…

  99. Tochi Amaechina says:

    I don't think that they will NOT share but they need the medication in other forms….plus u don't want a situation where they start giving people crap…hopefully they will move faster

  100. Kema Ezeasor says:

    babes lets all pray they get to send or share it, cos they had to wait for it to affect americans before they use the drug. cos they delibrately allowed about 980 innocent africans to die …… well i hope and pray it wont be the case down here in nigeria

  101. Bob Stark says:

    Before you start yelling about people motives and their money and the fact that you believe they should give away everything they have worked for, why dont you post your donation receipts here and show us all how much you have given toward this cause. The fact is somebody is trying to help and your just needed something new to complain about. I am willing to bet that not one person who is posting complaints and negative comments about this issue haven't done anything positive toward trying to relieve the suffering of these Ebola patients. Oh wait the two Americans were over there helping and risking their lives. Again – Step up or shut up.

  102. The bible talk about everything that's happening and who is running the world(edomites)…so if this is not a race thing than u still in that American dream wake up blacks are not running nothing in this world.. whites are and Yah( god )is about to bring them down for all the wicked they done or benefit from…like the lies they teach are children to keep us if u callin yourself black African American u are Hebrew Israelite..tribe of Judah come back to the kjv bible repent and do all commandments and yah will protect u from the wicked plans.

  103. Ophie Patacsil says:

    The drug cured 2 Americans who asked for it aware of the adverse consequences . . What if medical personnel TRIED to administer the same drug to other people and most of these patients didn't get the same results? Won't anyone blame them that untested drug were used because of their race? . .this is a, "DAMN IF I DO AND DAMN IF I DON'T" situation . . .I believe it's easy for us, the public to give our opinions without really trying to learn the real facts . . .

  104. Hotep N Fabo says:

    Michelle Grove They went there to help spread the disease and once they got contaminated, the received the cure.

  105. Martha Ogunremi says:

    And I'll tell you, I've experienced quite a lot of these kind fvremark being married and having mixed race kids. So what, if I'm white? I don't really care. I'm just an individual walking this life as you are. And yes I have lived in Africa whist there in a local community. I wasn't treated any different. Have you? Or Yu just lived in the USA all your lie?

  106. Martha Ogunremi says:

    Or maybe some of you are smarter than to put every one in the sate basket? "all whites are bad' Sorry, but these attitudes are so unintelligent. Do yourselves a favour.

  107. Peter J. Lord says:

    How is that just a few short months ago this outbreak was supposed to be a new strain of Ebola, yet there is a vaccine/cure that has been worked on for several years? How is that possible?

  108. Martha Ogunremi says:

    Mke Ming nice one. Exactly what I am trying to say. At least one person on here with any wisdom.

  109. Ophie Patacsil The only fact is that those with the disease are also competent enough to consent for the medication to be administered to them after explaining the pros n cons.If you weigh the benefit v the risk,i belief that the benefit will outweigh the risk in this scenario.The question is why they had to wait for 2 americans to catch the disease before testing the antibody.

  110. Donald Eugene Elder II Do you know how many drugs already in use that kill people from side effects and that has not prevented people from consenting to their use because at the end of the day,they weigh up the benefit and the risk and make their choice.Whenyou say we,what do you mean by 'we'?We the scientists or we the americans.The truth is that so many people caught the disease before the 2 americans and why was it not tried first on them?You will tell me someone had to pay for it is nt it?It will never make any sense to a sane man that people has been dying of the disease why an experimental drug with the potential to cure was kept away from them only for same drugs to be used right in front of the dying patients on fellow human beings just because they are poor.

  111. I wish people would get it straight. black people can not be racist. they can be prejudice, but not racist. you have to have power to be racist or have the power to affect the life of others as backed up by law or institutional provision. individual hatred or hurt feeling do not count.

  112. Donald Eugene Elder II says:

    Henry, the drug isn't for sale, so it doesn't matter who can pay for it and who can't. The drug won't be for sale for years. Furthermore, this drug can't be given to everyone. Even if the researchers considered it ethical, which they don't, they literally can't mass produce it.

  113. Neil James says:

    LOL Dude was trying to act like a hero, saying treat her first, until he felt his mortality and panicked and begged for her dose.

  114. Neil James says:

    FOOL! You are comparing testing without consent, to testing with consent? You are some special kind of stupid.

  115. Neil James says:

    Ty Inhofe Wow, you're so cool with your bashing of Africans.

  116. Farntella Graham says:

    the capitalist west is salivating at the idea of billions of african debt slaves.

  117. Michelle Grove white missionaries and white health workers bring disease and death into africa. this is well documented.

  118. Ty Inhofe we do not have to learn your stupid language and we will speak it anyway we want, after all, it is not our native tongue and your language and culture has done nothing but oppress us. you bitches used nets and guns to capture us in the forest of africa. you stole more of us then were sold to you by any african. you phucking european white bastards destroyed the world. yes, you are responsible for destroying the world.

  119. Ty Inhofe you are out to dominate and control every human being on this earth. you left europe and brought your disgusting culture to the world where you demanded that indigenous people abandon their own culture and embrace your nothingness.

  120. we do not say it, your history proves what you are. what, you think people do not understand that?

  121. Mke Ming oh shit, you say that now, when the table has turned and it is your time to be oppressed. you reap what you have sown. maybe if your people did not take such joy in hanging us from trees, cutting off our limbs, setting us on fire, working us to death, experimenting on us without the benefit of pain control, stealing our lands and all the other atrocities attributed to white people against the indigenous peoples of the world, we would not be at the place we are in history. stop crying like a little bitch and take it like everybody else had to do.

  122. MsMi Huggins they know msmi

  123. Kimberly Clark obama's race has nothing to do with the poor opinion of him held around the world and here at home. you need to stop saying that and look at his record.. he fooled all of you and you know it. can't you at least be honest with yourself?

  124. Martha Ogunremi you are a wicked set of people. this is a fact.

  125. Farntella Graham, of course diseases spread when people travel. AIDS was brought here. Other diseases came here with early white settlers and killed Native Americans. Is your argument us that no one should travel anymore? These white people that many of you are demonizing contracted Ebola while helping Ebola patients. If a cure if brought to Africa, you can sure that people will go with it. What do you want? Close the borders and everyone inside dies. Treat the people who got it helping others who have it, and they can live to help others. I'm not thrilled that they were brought back to US for treatment, for the reason you just stated. It's awful that many of don't think they deserve treatment. Why don't you fly there today and take their places?

  126. Michelle Grove did you understand what I said at all, michelle? the viruses are created in the labs of white people. the treatment for the viruses they create are done in the labs of white people. helping? is that what you think they are doing? I do not think their presence there is innocent.

  127. Farntella Graham I keep reading your name as Fartenella, it's fucking hilarious. So hard to take your ignorance seriously.

  128. Farntella Graham But africans sold africans… Redundant comment is redundant.

  129. Bob Stark You are conscience-free Adolf Eichmann sociopath defending the indefensible. When was your last good orgasm? That's too long.

  130. Ophie Patacsil Say what have you done for poor people or the homeless or unenmployed in your own town lately? Didn;t think so.

  131. Farntella, what white people? The doctor, the missionary, me, my neighbors? There are a lot of evil white people in the government, but not all of them are white and not all of us are them. If you believe this is a white thing, you are just another deluded racist. The corrupt want us arguing about race, you know why? Because there are more of us than there are of them. Keep dividing people by race/political party/economic class, and they stay in power.

  132. Hotep N Fabo ,its sad that you picked a nation to attack cause of her corrupt leaders.i can understand your views but believe me you that they are very myopic. i believe you are one of those guys who can trace back your family history back to 4 lineage, if you can then you can ask when did the exploitation of Africa begin, which country has the highest deprivation, well the Internet can be o solid help there. now lets look at how they were milked, first her people were used as salves at the sugar plantation, that lasted for years, then with a little bit noise, they decided to change tactics and come up with mineral drainage, in these case, we have oil,diamond etc. while doing these, there is a need to remind the people of how to worship their masters, visa lottery was introduced at the expanse of under developing the nation. reading how Europe underdeveloped Africa and things fall apart will open your inner conscience(i think so, if you have not being too brain washed that all white is right) the struggle for the horse rider on the horse still continues with the constant loan collection with absurd regulation,conditions attached to it, yes we have and had crazy fucking leaders who believe (i think so) that they wealth will be used by them in their after life and thereby forgetting the people pain. history tells me that Europe had such an area and no one meddled with their politics but you guys have constantly done that with every African nation,talk of old Congo,sierra-lone,south Africa. bro, i am a proud Nigerian ad i believe that Africa is a village that was one but you came(thanks for coming by the way in making us see our differences and instead of using those differences as a merging tool(cause of you selfish interest) it was used antagonistically. i will required of your indulgence to read things fall apart by Chinua Achebe and how Europe under developed Africa by Walter Rodney. i believe these two will cause you to see the big picture. now the western world uses mass media to paint the picture before every one. to know about a thing,please read and digest the information throughly and if possible visit the place. i know you have not being to Nigeria. well those f use that have the opportunity to travel , know that in Amsterdam, you don't walk all that freely but in Nigeria ,there are many places you can go to without having to bother about assaults. the wars being fought in Africa wasn't orchestrated y them,recently one of Assange files proved that the U.S and some other European countries have being meddling in the affairs of Africa( that i cause t be the lack of patriotism on Africans). there is no Gun factory in Africa,neither are we the ones with the religious bigot you gave us. i understand your view without seeing or meeting you but you have to look at the bigger picture,don't you think the master has not release the slaves. please think outside the box. a country that has not recovered from years of military coup and dictatorship, you want her to get up and run. unlike other countries in the world were the immigrants make up the diversified cultures,Nigerian is pregnant with over 250 ethic groups all diverse in languages and culture,now at least each has a mind of her own, imaging the strain convincing one tribes to buy your opinion coupled with the attainment of selfish interest at hand. please remember, all of these tribes have equal but not the same controlling rights. wit h these few facts i lay before you my friend, don't you think you are wrong for calling a particular Nation Stupid?

  133. Didi Smith says:

    Everything isn't about race. No one has forgotten the Tuskegee experiments. This is the proper response. Yes amerikkka is racist towards the very people that actually did a lot of work to build this country. Yes they brought plauges, poverty and disease to a land that was rich. None of that matters here. Medications go through a trial period. They can't go over there and start vaccinacting none citizens. The 2 know the risk. If it pans out and passes trials, then go restore your image in Africa. It's the least you can do after all the troubles you caused there and are still causing. Don't do it based on them accepting your christ, do it because it's the right thing to do.

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