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10 Google Autocompletes That Prove Racism Is Still Prevalent Worldwide

Google’s search engine has an autocomplete feature that suggests search terms to help users find what they are looking for faster. It’s based on the search activity of all web users and the contents of web pages indexed by Google.

The function has repeatedly come under fire for offering bigoted suggestions. For instance, Germany, Britain, and Japan have all forced the web giant to alter or restrict offensive autocomplete results.

In addition, a study in Britain last year by Lancaster University warned “humans may have already shaped the Internet in their image, having taught stereotypes to search engines.” The research revealed high proportions of negative questions about Black people and other groups.

Here are 10 examples of search phrases that generate offensive suggestions in Google’s autocomplete feature and therefore, as implied by the Lancaster study, reflects the racism that is still prevalent worldwide.


I am terrified“I am extremely t”

This first example demonstrates the level of fear people have for others.  Black people are among the first on the list, topped only by Chinese. Ironically, the media giant itself is also one of the included suggestions.

Although Google has apparently altered the results of this autocomplete instance, being “terrified of Chinese people” is still one of the suggestions, albeit no longer at the top of the list.



racism against black  people 5“Why do black”

The suggestions generated by Google’s algorithm for the keywords used in this search include, “why do Black people have big lips” and “why do Black people like watermelon.”

This indicates that a significant number of people are perplexed enough by these lingering stereotypes to seek legitimate reasons for their existence.

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10 thoughts on “10 Google Autocompletes That Prove Racism Is Still Prevalent Worldwide

  1. Matt Terrell says:

    I love the fact you just ignored the autocorects for when people search about white lnow cus blacks are the only victims of racism..lmao and stereotypes are there for a reason..i like the last one where you assume people think black people couldent build such a civilization
    .seems thats what you sounds right to me..look at every country in africa

  2. Sundiata Keita says:

    sheeittt. anybody ever find out what the hell black women are so mad about?

  3. A small part of you should feel ashamed by the fact that you're complaining about White people not being given top priority on a news site that focuses mainly on issues affecting Black folks. Do you notice how ridiculous you come across by projecting your own white supremacist, myth based attitudes about African countries while trying to turn the focus on so called racism against Whites? Since you brought up "civilization", you should try behaving like you know what it means to be "civilized"

  4. Ian, that was perfect

  5. Matt Terrell says:

    Ian your an idiot..never said it should be givin a top priority just find it funny when black people act like there the only people who deal with people are racist as fuck but always bitch bout racism..myth based attitudes..funny..considering every black african country is a shithole

  6. Matt Terrell says:

    That my freind will always remain a mystery

  7. Sundiata Keita says:

    Matt Terrell man STFU with that ugly ass mushface baby. i wouldnt even claim that baby

  8. Sundiata Keita says:

    Ian C. Patterson look at that mufucka ugly ass baby. he need to be mad as fuck at his babymomma for letting that muthafucka come to full term

  9. Racism is defined (by as "a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination." So which policies and systems of government do black people have to enforce their racist views?

  10. Matt Terrell Black folks are not the only ones dealing with racism. I agree with you on that point. Even though you use 'racism' and 'bigotry' interchangeably, sort of like how people use 'the world wide web' and 'internet' as being the same thing, they aren't synonymous. I'm the idiot so I'm sorry for not noticing how this site, focusing mostly on black issues, has an article about things affecting black people.

    What countries have you been to in Africa? All of them? How could you possibly know that "every black african country is a shithole"? Is this what you learn by watching cartoons and movies? If any African country is a "shithole", it is a result of the continent's various societies growth and progression being interrupted by European colonial and imperial nations exploitation of labor and resources. But of course you knew this already since I am the idiot, right?

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