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3 thoughts on “Richard Pryor Recalls Life-Changing Revelation That Convinced Him to Stop Using N-Word

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    physically, we are African. but politically, socially, and mentally..we are niggas.
    my theory is that white people are the ones who told us to stop saying nigga cause they want to erase all of our good history and all of their bad history, and that nigger/nigga word is the biggest reminder. plus they cant get away with saying it.
    and blacks somewhere along the way, felt like they came up with the idea themselves as we always seem to do when massa gives us an idea.

    unless someone can tell me one significant gain we can get by not using the word, then i will continue to use it.

  2. Ama Nwaifejokwu says:

    Nigger" simply means a dull, ignorant person but it has become synonymous with meaning black folks as a whole. Be it nigga or nigger it is all the same. If you as a black person are using the moniker of nigga, you truly have become what you say you are. It is a shame that so many black folks have fought and died for the opportunities and the rights we now have access to but there a black folks running around disrespecting themselves and those ancestors who would have rather died than be called a nigger. Stop allowing the media and those sell out black folks in the music, TV and sports industries to tell you who you are and brainwash you with their distortion of what it means to black.

  3. our people needs to see and learn from richard pryor in this inspiring clip. the word nigger don't mean nothing to us, the original people of the planet earth. as he and one of the professors on hidden colors 1 , both of them said it best, we are the first ones of invented something called thinking.

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