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22 thoughts on “Nas and David Banner Explain Why It’s Absolutely Important For Black People to Know Their History

  1. My people perish for a lack of knowledge…

  2. Farntella Graham says:

    the truth is coming out slowly but surely. they know it and they are working overtime to discredit the african-american. every time I turn on their propaganda box, they are demonizing us, telling lies about us and inciting anger in Black peopleand the whites, too. there is an agenda for us and it is well documented. Black people need to get more serious about our position here.

  3. Have paid our taxes and had no choice but, to deal with injustice, oppression, unfairness, immortality, racism & of course I can go on. All this in a country that has no respect for not only the MOTHER RACE/ABORIGINALS/ABORIGINES/INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THIS EARTH/WORLD & refuse to teach ALKEBULANS (Africans) Alkebulan (orig. true name for Africa which was taken from Roman conqueror Africanus) I LIKE TO CALL US ALKEBULANIANS lol 😀 Truth! These are the TRUTHS that U.S schools refuse to teach. Proof that the centuries long conspiracy to keep THE TRUTH OF OUR TRUE ANCESTRY. So, you must SELF-EDUCATE!!

  4. Bri'ana Ayiesha Dorest says:

    Whoever writes the books has the influence of the mass!. If it isn't written in history, then it didn't happen..this is the exact thinking of our noble Anglo Saxon forefathers. It's time we unite as a community and become the kings and queens
    we once were. No longer can we believe that we were just slaves! Slavery lasted about 245 years here in America. Egypt began over 120 thousand years ago! We cannot let those times or disenfranchisement continue to define us today!

  5. Bri'ana Ayiesha Dorest says:

    How can begin to seek freedom in a land that was stolen to begin with?!

  6. I agree. There is a planned economic & social collapse coming soon and they are definitely setting us up as the scapegoats in much the same way as the Jews were in Nazi Germany. I'm sure most of us are aware of the fema camps and the many govt agencies buying billions of rounds of ammo. So i agree, we need to get serious and quickly.

  7. Dmitri Danilov says:

    A lot of black inventions have been debunked as having not been the first of their kind, or, outright fraudulent claims. It's easy to sit around and ponder about the possibility that black people invented something during slavery, for instance, and were simply not given the credit for it, because they were black and enslaved at the time. We can run a simple, little experiment to see if this were indeed the case, if we look at black nations that built their own civilisations, and had time to invest into doing similar things without the constraints of things like racism, or slavery. Take a look at any black nation, and see what it is that black people have invented there. Also, take a lot at the modern western society and see what black people have invented HERE. You wouldn't have to look very far to see that they've not done a great job of inventing, HERE, nor there. Oh, and as for the traffic light that is paraded around in that video as a supposed pillar of black achievement; well, that traffic light was invented by a white man. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is true!

  8. September Robinson says:


  9. September Robinson says:

    Straight ou hidden colors 2

  10. It's good to know your history, but not to keep you in bondage…we can't keep playing the victim for ever…truth be told, our ancestors prayed, fought, and died to have the opportunity that we're sleeping on…SLEEPING!!!! Brothers wanting to be a thug, girls like being called a b_ _ _ _…Father and sons not knowing how to wear their pants…Just praises the Ungodly leadership of Obama…I'm done

  11. Johnny Vinoboy Barbarian like its bullshit that you came out of the caves and were once civilized by my ancestors? Or bullshit that you didn't spread disease to kill the natives of this entire continent. Only bullshit here are your Edomite lies and poisonous life style, and you know it!

  12. first of all, Black people are being victimized. Many like yourself, carry the Europeans Name, Worship their Edomite Jesus, and pick on your own kind to make a point of their victimization. No one is Playing anything, this destruction is real! No country, no love for self, no name, and no shame. The makings of a slave. You have no opportunity here, the Caucasian will NEVER give you that. Get on your own land and reject that white man, because what you truly desire in all positivity will never happen in his current stronghold, he calls America. These are the end times as he begins to annihilate the so-called, former slave. Pay Attention.

  13. Hassan, the only name that matters is Christ Jesus, don't die lost in your sins…

  14. Christ Jesus is some slavery bullshit developed by Europeans just like the Pale Arab and his version of Islam to enslave the Nubian. You can take your foot shuffling white man boot licking Jesus White Supremacy Christ and shove that shit down some fools throat, BUT NOT This Black Man. I know better, you just a follower!

  15. Let me add to that. The hole in the ozone layer you'll invented that. The active threat of human extinction via nuclear warfare you'll invented that too. Once a barbarian always a barbarian no matter how nice the car, boat, or home. You'll are so smart that you'll are destroying the only home we have, the earth. Your greatest invention will be human extinction. Congratulation!!! You'll so smart that you'll are stupid. Last time I checked food, shelter and human contact (family) was all a human needed for survival. Every action taken from that point has taken us close to extinction.

  16. Dmitri Danilov says:

    Michael St Aimee All you're doing, is opting for the usage of logical fallacies in your argument in order to drive your non-existent point home. Please read: "Argument and Argumentation" by Jean Saindon. As well as, "With Good Reason: An introduction to informal fallacies", by S. Morris Engel. Then, you'll be able to articulate your position and formulate an argument that is sound. Black people don't kill each other? Yeah, like we don't see that on a daily basis. Take a look at how black people live in black countries… The Hutus and The Tutsis? Yeah, that never happened…. How about black people who to this day sell other black people into slavery? That never happens, either *rolls eyes*. No one is claiming to be incredibly smart here. All one has to do in order to see the intellectual potential of white versus black people is go to any African country, and witness it for themselves. Don't give me that "Ancient Egypt" crap, either. If you want to see what ancient Egyptians looked like, you can go to Egypt and see what they look like today. They're Middle Eastern people, who have managed to turn a fantastic civilization into a cess pit, all thanks to Islam. Any other African country is terrible, rife with disease and poverty. There are absolutely no prospects for anyone to have the kind of life that we have in the west, and there might never be, either. You're nitpicking things out of the entire white achievement to attempt to make white people look bad. Good for you – I applaud your efforts, Michael. However, your words mean nothing in the wake of inventing our entire way of life. Cars, planes, trains, telephone, television, computer,better and more efficient agriculture, education, democracy, the scientific method, medicine, scientific advancement, etc, etc… I can go on, and on, and embarrass you further, but I won't. It is because of white people that you even have an opportunity to voice your opinion, through a computer made by white people, to connect yourself to the entire world via the internet, created by white people. You're an owner of a company called "Home Solutions", yet, you can't write correctly at all. You convey your thoughts as though you are mentally challenged. And you can say "oh well you're just racist". If there were more people in the world like Neil Degrasse Tyson, I wouldn't say a single word. I'd applaud your efforts, and cheer for you, as you herald our civilisation into a new age. Unfortunately for you, this is not the case. Yes, you have hip-hop, jazz, rock, blues, soul, rhythm and blues, and you have fantastic achievements in sports. However, you've a looooooooong way to go, before you can achieve something like a motor vehicle, vaccines, democracy, and the computer. If our society is so bad (I'm not sure where you're living, but I assume it's the United States), then you're free to go and live where you don't feel that kind of oppression. I know things in the states are not that great, and police officers there are insane. I live in Canada, though, and things over here are great. No guns, free health care, affordable education. As for Hassan Shabazz… Edomite? First of all Johnny Vinoboy Barbarian is not a Jew, nor is he middle eastern of any other kind. He's Italian. Therefore, he has nothing to do with the Edomites, and neither do I, as a Russian. You try to hide your antisemitic tendencies behind words like "Edomite", but I know what you're really saying. Just come out with it and say it's all a "Jewish conspiracy", you coward. Didn't count on an educated white man to embarrass you, did you?

  17. Poland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain England, German to name a few. That is what happen. Lets ask the whale, the wolf, and hundreds of species of bird and fish who is the savage on this earth. You according to you'll own sick logic even the earth is inferior to you the moon, sun and stars too. But don't worry nature always have the last laugh. You see you'll birth rate is already stagnant and on top of that the same protective layer that you'll need for protection you'll are destroying. Evolution is not favoring the so call superior man! Lets see who will be the last man standing. I'm guessing you'll no more than a couple generation left then the earth and it's natural people can begin the process of heal. Bye, bye Mr. Savage man you're a virus that has infected the earth and light (the Sun) is her disinfectant.

  18. Skin cancer and skin of color by Skin Cancer Foundation

    Melanin helps protect the skin against effects of the sun such as skin cancers and premature aging. In African American skin, melanin provides a sun protection factor (SPF) approximately equivalent to 13.4, compared to 3.4 in white skin.6-8 This discrepancy illustrates why skin cancer is more prevalent in Caucasian people; it is, in fact, the most common type of malignancy in the US among Caucasians. Their inherently light skin color and low amounts of melanin leave them vulnerable to the sun’s carcinogenic (cancer-causing) ultraviolet rays. UV light, also emitted by tanning beds/lamps, is, in many cases, the causative culprit of skin cancer in Caucasian Americans.

    If thing start to get to hot for you, I think those caves you'll crawled out of is still available. I'm done here!

  19. Dmitri Danilov says:

    Michael St Aimee Skin cancer? Black people don't get skin cancer? Are you serious? Our birth rate is not stagnant – we just don't have children unless we've set up a future for them… 100 years ago, you were having a lot of children, and so were we, because back then 5 out of 10 children died. Now we have modern medicine and children don't die as often (thanks to white people). You still continue to have a lot of children, but they have no future whatsoever, because you don't bother to use your intellect and provide a future for them. More educated black people have just as many children as more educated white people (on to two, per household). Rednecks living on the bayou still have 8 kids per household. So do Mormons (19 kids and counting). As for the Melanin theory, it's tired, and very stupid. It's been proven wrong so many times. As a matter of fact, I'm kind of glad you mentioned "Caucasian" people. That's because I'm European, and not Caucasian. Caucasian, means people of the Caucasus mountains by Georgia, Armenia, Chechnya. Those people are Middle Eastern, and not white. Black people have higher rates of cancer overall, than whites. Colon cancer, leukemia, etc… So what? You have a prevalence of Sickle Cell Anemia. You have higher prevalence of Jaundice, and other liver disorders. Black men have higher mortality rates than white men, too (atherosclerosis, etc). None of us live as long as Asians do. Who cares? Next thing you're going to tell me is that my Pineal gland is calcified, and that's why I'm so stupid. I've already heard these tired stories hahahaha.

  20. Apparently you can't read or comprehend or both! Sad part is it's written in your native tongue. You know what? I feel really silly right now for allowing myself to dragged into doing the caveman shuffle with you. I know the truth and so do you. From the wolf to the horse and countless other examples in the natural world, we know how an alpha is define. You'll are over compensating for you'll natural inferiority and you know it. It's to day you'll sick obsession with us has not only been detrimental us but to the whole earth. Lips and buts today synthetic melanin on the way ( not going to work by the way) all of this to look like and act like an inferior people? WIGGER PLEASE!!!!! What's next nappy hair? True is you'll don't hate us you'll just envy us!

  21. No one is born into sin. White Jesus has not helped your people. Wake up!!!!!

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