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5 thoughts on “Does American Court System Prevent Black Men From Being Good Fathers?

  1. Pam Sturrock says:

    that was the… SHYT!!!! and let the people say…

  2. Absent fathers in the black community wasn't a problem up to the 1970's? Matter of fact there were times when out of wedlock births among blacks were lower than all other ethnic groups before this period. I think many black women know why there's an "absent" black father phenomenon in the last 30-40 years. It's called parental alienation, and a mass movement among western women to further marginalize the father. As a result, more women, not just black women, are making the choice to become single mothers with the backing of family court and the state. That's the point of this video.

  3. Yup, shift the blame away from black men…it must be whitey forcing them to knock up women then walk away.

  4. I'd like to use a two word phrase to describe this system , i;e sifting out! what am I implying is that the elites knows that from amongst every race community etc, there're like minded people suitable to join them in theri quest/goal of achieving their new world order, it's the how they use to figure out a good house nigger opposed to a rebelious field slave. with this being said , they can have their quote of house negros to go along with everything they've planned and that means even whiping out the rebelious field negros, which in so being brings about the birds of one Feather. if you all think that because some negro in high position is the answer to the plyte of the black race then you've been forever fooled. take for example, the current president of the united states of america, mr barack Obama. during his first campaign for president , he was the worlds' favored candidate , few years after his election before his first term he became the worlds' disliked president and looked at as a white sheep in Brown coat , he was and is still the very nature of his predecessors, not only had he done some of the same shit they've done he had done even worst in some cases. so , birds of one Feather simply means that there're many more the likes of him in Hollywood , in the political arenas , and other institutions of power that most of us regard as people of honor yet, they don't really give a damn about the rest of the black race; none of which had ever contributed anything but corrupted ideology and abuse of their influences to make and aid in the acheivement of the slave masters desired new world order ; do you still think they're one of us or them?

  5. Solid argumenttt. !!!

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