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57 thoughts on “This Black Female Executive Was Mistaken for the Kitchen Help, But She Uses the Experience to Teach an Amazing Lesson


  2. Just listen, and learn…

  3. Sean Akinrele says:

    Intelligence, grace and poise manifested. Compelling speech.

  4. With all due respect, she does look like the Popeyes Chicken lady. Carry on.

  5. JF Williams says:

    The real answer to have a larger overwhelming presence of REAL black media. Anything less will simply mean more of the same nonsense.

  6. Crumb Snatcher says:

    I Love it!

  7. I'm sure you look like a hillbilly. You lead off a disrespectful comment with "All due respect?" Dumb as hell lol. Typical Troglodyte Niger. Carry on.

  8. "With all due respect" I think the "POPEYE'S CHICKEN LADY" is fine and has a beautiful voice.

  9. @Abdul Gilbert. I was saying she could have been mistaken because she looks like the Popeyes lady. That's not disrespectful to either of those women, it was an observation. Now with all due respect, you can eat a bowl of baby dicks you bumbaclot illiterate. Keep your mouth shut, f**k boy. Carry on, peasant.

  10. Appreciate your observation Chris. You have my respect.

  11. Mary Davey says:

    I think most of us are aware of the disparity. I'm in the UK and it's the same here. The difference is that she is eloquent and has the platform to make such a speech. Well done.

  12. Tiray Killings says:

    Chris Tassin-Carter there will always be one!and you are that one! a boy on the internet who is tough,but on the street's is a faggot! A faggot that can't keep his mouth shut.Always saying the wrong things! we may meet one day! then let's see who the real chris is!

  13. "…Imagine if I walked you into a room and it was a major corporation, like Exxon Mobil, and every single person around the boardroom were black, you would think that were weird but if I walked you into a Fortune 500 company and everyone around the table is a white male, when will it be that we would think that were weird too?" -Mellody Hobson

  14. @Tiray Killings: Let me just set you straight right now. You are the reason black people have such a hard time going places. You want to start problems that aren't there and pull your brothers and sisters down with you. You are way too old to acting like that. Do you know what a "faggot" is? It's a person who tries to call someone out for acting tough, then turns around and threatens them over the internet. You, Tiray Killings, are a faggot. You are the biggest and oldest faggot I ever seen. I'm sure you do this all the time, well I ain't the one. You f**king coon. You make black people look bad, and look at the editorial you decide to pull this shit on. I hope I do meet you in the street one day. That will be the last time you ever pull this internet thug shit on anybody. Now f**k off old man.

  15. Tiray Killings says:

    Chris Tassin-Carter I gave you my info. on your page.When you want..i'll do it! Promise me one thing….You be real! no more talking!

  16. Marcia Gumbs says:

    From beautiful, insightful comments to negation. Wow.

  17. If you ask me , if I was surprised by the suppose mistaken position of the young woman, I would
    say no. this treatment is experienced every day by a black person

  18. Barry Williams says:

    In case you didn't know, she and her husband, "Star Wars" creator George Lucas, could buy that location and fire the person who mistook them for servers not that a server is a bad occupation.

  19. Jay Hill says:

    It's as simple as supply and demand. Once we start demanding more from our children, our community, our media, our Pastors and bishops Our community will have to supply more. But as long as we are comfortable with the only way getting out of the hood in with a ball or a mic, and with our school performing significantly lower than others, our churches being entertainment venues, and the only black shows getting any longevity are those that depict us degrading and fighting each other. we will stay in our current situation. We have to want more as a community. Those with money have to start investing in the dreams of those without money. We have to trust each other.

  20. Sauda Dark-skinned Ayannah says:

    Jay Hill, you are so true!!!!

  21. And Asian lady asked me where the sugar was because she thought I worked when I was actually shopping at Trader Joe's????? I didn't realize I was supposed to get offended over that and called her a racist.

  22. Fuse Collins says:

    So do you think that mistakes can be of racial ignorance and prejudice? Or are those people myths?

  23. It's all perception……

  24. It's all perception……

  25. Yulanda Williams-Smith says:

    Mary you are right!

  26. Chameria Dade says:

    I've been asked by mostly older white women if I knew where something was while in Target with a basket full of items with jeans and a hoodie on. I never thought anything of it. I've also been asked for help locating a specific item or if they missed it on a shelf.

  27. Terry Moore says:

    You started the mess with your disrespectful comment, then blame us for checking you for it! We don't have to sit quiet and accept it and we won't! If you don't start none, there won't be none! Typical white BS! You insult us, then want to act insulted when we react!

  28. Terry Moore says:

    By using the word coon, shows that your comment was not a compliment!

  29. Chinyere Echewa says:

    The white woman's perception of two black people, dressed to the nines at a function, is what's being challenged here. Her perception was that these two black people can ONLY be here to serve… AND THAT shows no bias? Come on, Mike.

  30. David P Christian says:

    You are asleep oblivious to your surroundings , its not about being upset, its about knowing ….., awareness……. being in touch with your environment… But don't be offended because it's ok to be asleep if that is your choice……!

  31. David P Christian says:

    Chris Tassin-Carter Observation ………… You are right , You can tell alot about a person BY LISTENING TO THEIR OBSERVATIONS…….! Listening to the lady I hear one thing and listening to you (your words) I can see the differences are EXTREME….!

  32. Jawana Brooker says:

    She's a very brilliant woman in her own right…and also happens be George Luca's wife.

  33. Melissa McKnight-Forney says:

    Michael, if you were at a Trader Joe's function, let's say a Holiday Soiree, and you were dressed to the nines just like everyone else around you, and someone asked you if you could refill their drink, along with making sure if any other guest needed your assistance, but you were actually a guest yourself, but was the only person mistaken for the help, would the fault of their perception bare more value than your previous Trader Joe example?

  34. Yvonne Towns-Sweeney says:

    I ask for help by people that seem to know something about a store if it's unfamiliar to me.

  35. Paula Devereaux says:

    Michael Andrew Jones WRONG!!

  36. Rob Black says:

    Jay Hill, I've been saying this for years but very few people listens.. We as a people must first respect ourselves before we start demanding respect from others. Let's start teaching our children to dream about becoming lawyers and doctors and not only basketball/football players.

  37. Rob Black says:

    A mistake was made as to Mrs. Hobson's profession but did you notice that she neglected to mention the race of the person who made the error in judgement… This could have happen to anyone, my mother clean rooms for a living and I'm extremely proud of her. I will admit that it can be a bit unsettling when you're judge base on your skin color but to change this our people must aspire to be more

  38. Harry Gooden says:

    she is gorgeous

  39. DON'T't MAKE LIGHT OF RACISM AS IF IT DOESN'T EXIST! I would not have taken offense to that either, but please keep your insensitive comments to yourself…

  40. James Walker says:

    I was once mistaken for the grounds maintenance at a Myrtle Beach resort! Guess I looked the part? (They shoulda paid me. Lol)

  41. When I say well said….WELL SAID….it is hard to view others "better than" just because of the color of our skin. The content of our being is phenomenal! Thank you for bringing this wonderful moment of knowledge to the forefront….

  42. John Phillips says:

    Her mother said, "They will not always treat you well."

    Who is "they"?

  43. Dani Angelica Lee says:

    it depends on the circumstance…i was wearing red at target and got mistaken as an employee lol but if was wearing a buisness suit and ask to pour some tea…hell yeah im going to be offended.

  44. Thank you for sharing your story

  45. Jacqueline Epcar says:

    She so cute! And sounds like Maggie Gyllenhaal. That story is ridiculous and kind of funny, but equally bad. She's right though; no one thinks twice of a board full of only white men. I never realized how ignorant I'd been (thinking racism was a thing of the past) until I moved to Westchester as a teenager. Being one of the only white girls living there, I encountered racism daily. It comes from all races in all forms and we just have to aspire individually, to treat people with respect and not walk around with preconceived ideas about who people are based on what they look like.

  46. That's George Lucas' wife.

  47. Michael Andrew Jones You're absolutely right Michael. Hitler felt that all hooknoses were evil. True he did the world an immense favor, but it was all about perception };^D.

  48. Whatever. Like I care who holds corporate board seats. Black, white, green, blue they are all corrupt and take money from the actual employees. I'm a white male who busted his tush to get a decent job, starved as a student for eons, now that I make money I'll probably end up paying it all in alimony. I don't care about this video or about this issue.

  49. Just more BS victim mentallity.

  50. You must not have the proper victim mentallity.

  51. Vic Stafford says:

    So, you see? It's ALL a matter of perception. In other words, YOU people don't know how to look at things. Please…

  52. As history would have it, Uncle Toms conveniently become "Black" whenever they feel the sting of racism on a personal level. But at all other times, they talk, walk, act and think in ways which clearly evince their self-abnegating attempt at distancing themselves from all the nuances germane to their Blackness. Precisely why Mellody should read "Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness" by Dr. Amos N. Wilson.

  53. We are the people that Allah has choosen to build a new world but we will never build it if he permit us to get too confortable in our enemy's

  54. Black people stop worrying if other people love you are not. First we must love ourselves then we will have so much love we want need that of other. The reason we want white people to love us so badly, is because doing slavery they made us into themselves, black skin with white minds. When we say we love everybody we mean we love white folks.We don't know how to love self because we have been made other than self. in life we will find some people of all races who love you and some that hate you, But who give a Dam. I just want some land that we can call our Own. The So-called Negro in America are the only people on this Earth that don't have a square foot of land that we can call our OWN. I don't want white people to treat me at all, just get the hell away from me. I want to make my own laws.Love who I want to love and hate who I want to hate.I want to be free.


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