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67 thoughts on “Florida Man Accused of Attempted Murder Refuses Help from ‘Negro’ Public Defender

  1. Bright Chike says:

    Too bad for him, guess we will be hearing from him in prison.

  2. Joan Coulter says:

    Why white folks always want to act surprised when they see racism real and in living color? The judge will probably let him walk anyway, claiming he knows not what he do.

  3. Ruth Sulk says:

    its his choice why make a big deal out of it.

  4. Doña Mixta says:

    Ohhh but we live in a color blind society right? RIGHT? lmao

  5. Doña Mixta says:

    The sad part is that you see nothing wrong with this, it must be a normal thing in your household uh? smh You're trash!

  6. Taurus Hall says:

    Why make a big deal out of an attempted murderer saying "I dont want this negro standing next to me". It's not your choice who stands next to you do n court. And public defenders are paid for by taxpayers.

  7. Ruth Sulk says:

    Doña Mixta wow who are you to judge me, isnt that racist? it was his opinion , the news blew it all out of proportion and to let you know my sister is black. so look in the mirror you judgemental pig.

  8. Doña Mixta says:

    Ruth Sulk Who is judging you? You don't seem to know what that word means lol You obviously think that random acts of racism are ok, but somehow I'm the racist one? HOW?! lol You seem to not know what that word means either… You need a dictionary! Here: Get a clue!

    and to let you know my sister is black.<<<< THE FAVORITE LINE OF RACISTS WORLDWIDE!!!

    "Pig"? REALLY? Coming from you that's a compliment LMAO Have YOU seen yourself in the mirror? LOL

  9. Ruth Sulk says:

    who cares he will fry anyway if he was black or Mexican he would walk away loolololol

  10. Kim Bernard says:

    Piss on him left the fool defend himself.

  11. Dennis James says:

    Lead that bastard to the gallows…. What ever fool says "racism is dead in the US", hopes that others are as anally- cranially- inverted, as they are… See ya…..

  12. Nene Keepsitonehundred Cage says:

    Oh, he doesn't want a "negro"? Hmmmm, letz see, prison, way too many black men in there as it is……chances are those "negros" will be standing really close and personal when that ass arrives at his "new" home. I personally will just sit back and wait patiently for the news of his "visit" lmao. White folks be on some bullshit! And then wanna play the "mental" game. FOH!!!!

  13. What crime is he guilty of?

  14. And when your prediction is proven wrong, you'll feel awfully embarrassed, if you are capable.

  15. Inez Kelley says:

    Really Ruth Sulk??!! Is that why prisons are filled with Black and Latino men? No. He's gonna fry because he maliciously stabbed a man. End of Story…get a grip!

  16. Ruth Sulk says:


  17. Inez Kelley says:

    Ruth Sulk have one…but thanks for caring 🙂

  18. Ruth Sulk says:

    Inez Kelley no problem have a good day

  19. Dennis James says:

    Attempted MURDER, and being an asshole, in the first degree… YOU did read and LISTEN to the video and transcript… Right???….

  20. Joan Coulter says:

    Charlie Willock Would that make you happy? I am positive I a am LOT more capable the you are, helmet-wearing genius.

  21. Joan Coulter says:

    Charlie Willock Would that make you happy? I am positive I a am LOT more capable the you are, helmet-wearing genius.

  22. Joan Coulter says:

    Ruth Sulk I bet you live in a government-sponsored trailer and get food stamps.

  23. Cathy Barrow-Cook says:

    You can't help stupid.

  24. Javo Taylor says:

    Seriously, who cares? That's his prerogative. As long ashe's locked up is all that should matter.

  25. L Blake Brown says:

    Joan Coulter That's really funny… But what is really funny is the female news anchor who looks strangely like a black but white female… lol

  26. You know they're gonna let him claim insanity and spend 90 days in a padded cell; then let him loose in the middle of Disneyworld as part of the show!

  27. Well he will be sleeping next to some Negros

  28. Javo Taylor says:

    Im in California. Long as he stay in Florida, im good.

  29. Javo Taylor Oh, my bad. I meant DisneyLAND! I'm from Florida. I should know better! LOL. But I just had a better idea…move him next door to George Zimmerman. That way he'll try to stab him and Zimmerman'll "stand his ground". Two birds, one stone.

  30. Javo Taylor says:

    It would be nice if they both somehow became gator food, but Florida wouldpprobably prosecute the alligator.

  31. Javo Taylor I'd represent the gator…after he recovered from food poisoning.

  32. Drian Xyers says:

    Let him stew in his own racist folly.

  33. He's ACCUSED of attempted murder, and presumed innocent until proven guilty. Being an asshole is not a crime, and you should be grateful for that. Wow, five likes that stupidity. SMH, right???

  34. Joan Coulter Nothing could make me happier.

  35. Star Moran says:

    Why is the judge worried about his mental health? He's not crazy, he's racist. Plain and simple. It's a reality. Folks need to accept it and stop being so surprised.

  36. Charlie Willock ,,roflmao….dunno who is stupider…you or the "accused"

  37. Jon Loomis says:

    Here's an attorney…..Doctorate in Jurisprudence…..and all the defendant can see is a "Negro"…..He may end up with no attorney – and pay the natural consequence of refusing representation…..

  38. Dennis James says:

    Throw a rock, and the only one that holler's, is the one that got hit… Only someone, that is an anal-cranial-invert, would state something, that WE all know NOT to be true… Using the logic of YOUR world, If they were to wait til "proven guilty", he should still be free, right…. They don't lock up the "innocent", right??? C'mon, visit Earth, not asking you to stay, just realize, where we live….. AND, being an asshole, helps the penal system… Future business… Oh, and I caught your failed attempt at "humor"…. SAD!!!!!

  39. Dennis James I guess you schooled me.

  40. Let the racist go to prison "for life" if that is what he wants! Society is BETTER OFF with him there anyway! WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH WHITE PEOPLE IN FLORIDA ANYWAY??!! SMH!

  41. Gloria March says:


  42. Gloria March SMDH!

  43. Original Critic Are you saying the accused is guilty? Were you a witness? Or are you saying he's guilty of attempted murder because he later said "negro"? If so, that's some rock-solid reasoning. You should be given a law degree for that, if you don't already have one. I dunno if I'm stupider or not, but you have a beautiful mind.

  44. Now repeat that in the holding cell.

  45. Joan Coulter says:

    L Blake Brown – Huh?

  46. At least white folks don't treat prison like a second home.

  47. Rufus Rufus says:

    Some underlying facts and assumptions:

    1. After Thorpe stabbed Donald Sacco, a couple of Good Samaritans held Thorpe at gunpoint until the authorities arrived.

    2. Had Thorpe had been black, would these same Good Samaritans held him at gunpoint until authorities arrived, or would they have shot him dead?

    3. Thorpe's comments and beliefs are not surprising, as they are systemic in the larger society.

  48. Greer James says:

    Smh knowing the system, he will probly be in protective custody for his own safety.

  49. No more racist than many of you are.. And you know it.. On side note, he isn't very smart

  50. Troy Dennis says:

    he's a piece of shit.

  51. Veronique Dolce says:

    Yeah I was like WTF, That judge switched his role so fast he became a psych Doctor really quick…he had No concern for the victim at all ,nor the lawyer who was being bullied ! SMH

  52. Kirk Braud says:

    How is this newsworthy? So now, every time some psycho calls someone a Negro, I gotta hear about it on the news?

  53. Kirk Braud says:

    How is this newsworthy? So now, every time some psycho calls someone a Negro, I gotta hear about it on the news?

  54. Now he's mentally ill, how convenient… If that's truly the case, we're all traumatized and mentally ill in this damned world; everything destructive that we do, should be excused. We're truly all psychologically damaged people, but yet, African ascended people, are not being given the benefit of the doubt!

  55. Chris Bren says:

    We put rabid dogs down, what's different with this POS?

  56. Chris Bren says:

    We put rabid dogs down, what's different with this POS?

  57. Ken Shade says:

    He may not have wanted the "Negro" standing next to him to defend him but I beet he will squeal a different tune when Bubbah stands behind him in prison.

  58. Rhonda Davis says:

    He's the kind of racist that sneaks into black neighaborhoods doing drive by shooting then goes home to see it in the news

  59. Issac Abrams says:

    Well he wont survive long in prison with that attitude.

  60. Carla Butler says:

    what black people are in charge of a system holding white people from getting anything? because that's what racism is. It's not because you don't like someone, its when your system is making sure a whole culture does not receive the things that every human has the right to receive, among other things.

  61. That's because they choose to ignore the elephant in the room.

  62. Mental health? He will be dealt with in the Big House………….

  63. Shut up trash.

  64. Fukc you and your trash response

    Show me 1 all white anything Hun, what system are you referring too?

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