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141 thoughts on “Dr. Anderson Gives One of The Most Truthful Analyses on Why Black People Struggle

  1. Fay Noel says:

    Great stuff especially the weave wig business blacks send how many of there kids to college. Obama propaganda he not helping no blacks Smh

  2. Jaime JF Jones says:

    Dr. Anderson's epiphany and strategic insights are the foundation principals to our economic freedom and communal growth within a global and multi-cultural world and domestic community. Either you get it, apply it and compete or your left behind!

  3. Well said brother Anderson.

  4. Kevin Brooks says:

    I like Dr. Anderson. He gets to the very crux of the matter. I bought one of his books and it was very informative.

  5. We have a fear of using a group system we don't trust each other, this was put in us from slavery, no other race fight against it's self like black's, the other issues is this system don't lend to us and we refuse to help each other out of fear they will do better then you..we also have very little opportunities to build from throne's who have will not share…it's hard trying to get our people to share within us.

  6. JO Bankole says:

    There is a lot of wisdom to this. I agree, but many people of color in the "colorblind" era would find fault what Dr. Anderson is suggesting. It's not politically correct anymore to acknowledge racial groups. Many black people, especially the ones that are successful, don't want to have to band together in a group labeled "blacks" or "African Americans" or be told what to do with their money. brownfuturedotcom

  7. When we BLACKS start taking Dr Anderson's advice serious we will become a "threat to National Security". Think this is a ludicrous statement?

  8. Emmett Xaa says:

    Here is the whole truth. What do we do now? I have an idea follow the directions!

  9. This is true. N the sad part about it, the people in our community want to change our condition but don't have the power to do so.because you just caint force the blind to see sad truth.

  10. Johnny F-Zuh says:

    Realistic Piece. Thumbs up

  11. Simple thing we can do is every black person put $40 a year in a non profit bank would give us $2billion (@50 million black people) a year. Purchase 2 sport franchises over 5 yrs use those as a nonprofit (@ $4billion) we would have @ 6 billion for our people. I would like to offer 10% flat rate interest for college loans to help our folks educate themselves. After 5 yrs we would start rebuilding the primary schools in our community. Bring black teachers in our community to educate our children. We should finance our own reparations. We all blow $40 on a weekly basis. I think this would truly change our community. Thoughts?

  12. That sounds good but where the problem lies is the bank that we would deposit the money. One day you go there to do your business and poof they are gone and you don't know where.

  13. That is another problem. Can't tell us nothing. so nothing from nothing leave nothing.

  14. This isjust preliminary…. we need to work out the details. I think it should be an Internet bank like USAA. Your $40 is a gift to your people that you give every year. I plan on getting with some people who know more about setting something like this up to help with the details. If anyone knows a banker I would love to introduce this to them.

  15. Wow that's gray information

  16. Genevee Swanagan says:

    True, but I knew this. You said best.

  17. Why non-profit? Why not for-profit?

  18. Billy Chung says:

    let me know about this im interested add me on facebook

  19. Maria Blake Lee Kekeke says:

    Why is it that many groups (Jewish, Haitian, Indian and many others) can band together for their greater good. Like the building Dr. Anderson used as an example, it is scary and powerful what people can do when they band together for the good of all in the group. Sad to say, growing up all that I heard was not to trust another black person with your money or business. Think of the play, A Raisin in the Sun, wasn't the character played by Sidney Poitier, with some of his friends, duped out of their hard earned money by a fellow black man, thinking that their friend was going to help them start a business? This mistrust is imbedded in many of us, how as a people, can we turn this around? I love how Dr. Anderson clearly and articulately broke down how we can reach self-empowerment. We're a minority, but the jails are overcrowded with african american men, this is not by any mean a mistake. This piece leaves quite a bit to marinate on.

  20. Andre L. Miller says:

    Yvonne Majette the tri state bank of memphis has stood the test of time…

  21. Andre L. Miller says:

    President Obama is the president of the United States of America…not the president of Black America…stop complaining and take action…

  22. Charles Reaves…. I say nonprofit to put the bulk of the profits back into our community…. Education assistance, business ventures a total revamp of our community. In 20 yrs at 2 Billion a year can you imagine what changes we could make in our community. We have to think future. There's enough black leaders taking our money. This would give it back.

  23. Raven Phillips says:

    Hey I'm very interested about chiming in on this. Add me on Facebook

  24. Don Perry says:

    This is pathetic!

  25. De Fu-Ski says:

    I agree with all he said, but we can never reach any of these ideas because our belief in white folks is our God. And I can guarantee that 99% of the black folks the read this will swear up and down that don't. But can't explain how we came here as, who knows, but end up believing in the same things as our oppressor. This is why we can't get out of the basement.

  26. Herb Coleman says:

    If marching "never changed anything", he wouldn't have been able to make this video. Marching changed a lot. I'm not saying it's the best tactic for today but those who forget the past…What marching did was take our message to the larger where it couldn't be ignored. We need to do everything he said but there are also other ways to challenge or access the system.

  27. Ok family… go to It gives us some info on how to get started. We can start it for $1000.00. Spread the word and let's do more than run our mouths and complain

  28. Troy Malone says:

    instant gratification today.."Everybody knows the price,but nobody knows the value""…cars,clothing,WEAVE and the list goes on…..wake up

  29. Hi I'm interested … add me as well.

  30. Who would decide how the money would be spent, and how would they be held accountable?

  31. I would like for us to do it as a true democracy. We are family. I would say first and foremost the $40 a year donation should get you a vote on the things that we decide are the most pressing. Personally I think we should buy a sports franchise so we would have a constant income stream. Take those profits yearly and provide education assistance on all levels, profitable business ventures like grocery stores in our own community. Better schools and training programs. Substance abuse counciling. I know everyone's looking for what they can get out of this. With our current situation it won't be easy to decide where funds go. Some will feel left out just like we are now. We should press our wealthy athletes actors and business leaders to put their money in our bank. If they don't we ask our folks to stop purchasing their products. Yeah I know that will be tough. These Are Some Ideas. I don't have all the answers. We have to do something. I would love to hear some of your thoughts on how as well.

  32. All those interested in working on this with me add me. I will look forward to hearing your ideas tomorrow…. hmul

  33. Erika Mitchell Lockhart says:

    I believe the trust issues amongst us started from slavery. Everyone was just trying to survive trying to stay above ground didn't trust anyone always thought someone was going to take what we had and it got past down to generations. But the devil is a lye!

  34. Deseri BoydFigaro says:

    it is know as the Jim Crow effect. mental slavery is doing well and brainwashing our young has become easier.

  35. I agree people do nothing but run their mouths instead of posting solutions. I'm working towards the reinventing if community centers that generates profits and educates.

  36. Mr. Green you might have something there we need to form an organization for each community and through face book what will we call it THE TIME IS NOW let get the word out to the communities.

  37. I actually have a plan in place that is within a year away from being more than just a plan. My main goal is the reinvention of community centers to be profitable and educational. It is a for profit business because I think its important to generate funds so you don't have to depend on getting if from other sources. Large corporations are large because they generate funds and use non profits for tax loop holes. If you would like I could send you a copy of my plans would love to get your thoughts.

  38. after looking at the site I got more questions than answers, is this your business?

  39. Andre L. Miller ,
    I commend them on that, But I live in the Pacific Northwest.

  40. Andre L. Miller ,
    I commend them on that, But I live in the Pacific Northwest.

  41. Sabrina Wright-Fleming says:

    Valid points however there is SOME power to marching, protest, grassroots, etc…

  42. What are you willing to do, to get what you want? If you put in the work, the results will come, unfortunately most do not want to work that hard.

  43. Bruce Watson says:

    Sounds good and if it was possible I would do it in the blink of an eye. But we, Black people do not trust each other. Also, Black people have fallen from grace. The problem in our community is a spiritual issue 'Foremost'. If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicket ways…. I will hear from heaven, I'll forgive their sins and heal their lands. Until we repair our relationship with God, we can't move forward in peace.

  44. It's called the Willie Lynch Syndrome/Crab Syndorme. We were taught as slaves to not trust each other. That is why Harriett Tubman would shoot the slaves who she did not trust because they would run to the master.

  45. I disagree with you Bruce. The European tribes have committed the most horrific crimes against humanity ever recorded. So have the Chinese and the Japanese, and neither of these cultures are Christian nations. Do you think God is pleased with their behavior? I think not. Yet, these groups are very successful. Our relationship with God has really nothing at all to do with it. I think we suffer from cultural immaturity among both our men and women. And yes I have read Deut. 28 and 29.

  46. There is no difference in the economic behavior of non-profits or for-profits, except the type of tax return they file. I have a lot experience with both. The issue is the economic philosophy either type follow, and that is a function of the people who lead them.

  47. Twana Davis-Traylor says:

    For real well said.

  48. Andre L. Miller says:

    Yvonne Majette yeah THAT WOULD be a problem right? LOL!

  49. Matthew Fears- I would love to see your plan. @Charles Reaves- what would you do to c gang e our situation or plan do you have in mind.

  50. DB Cooper says:

    Stop blaming white people.

  51. LeaMarie Ave' says:

    We need to listen to what hDr. Anderson was saying, he laid it out for us floor by floor, our problem is we are at each other. We can't seem to be there for each other, we don't have each others back. Listen to him again and figure out what is meant by what he suggested, start with the first floor and then build up. What he meant by marching hasn't brought us anything is, some of us haven't moved forward at all, you marched but what else have we done. Speaking about Obama hasn't done anything for Black people, what was it he was suppose to do he's a President for all people. And if you notice Obama has a Congress and a Senate to get pass, and it hasn't happened his own party left him to swim with these sharks. We have to stand up and be heard and the only way to do that is to listen to a person like Dr. Anderson and start with the first floor and move on up. We must to stop pissing and moaning about what Obama hasn't done and think about what he has tried to do. Put the blame where it suppose to be on ourselves we need to come together and fight this fight…This started long before this President came into office, it's all about who has the most money…Money brings power not sitting back and blaming, look at all of the money making Rap/ Music Mogels…could they not invest in a bank….justsayin…

  52. Kirk Wheeler says:

    ALL we need 2 do as black folk r the exact same things that other groups have done. Find a way to increase ur net worth. And NEWS FLASH….It will NOT be by working a 9-5. Our BIGGEST problem is that our people do not know how to NETWORK with each other. This is what I do and this is how we create very successful people in less than a year. But we as black folk don't think like the other groups. We r scared to step out of our little box. We love living paycheck to paycheck. Well living that way will NEVER put u into any position to make a change for your family or our people In general. We need to Increase our wealth collectively. If u truly want to make a difference then I suggest that u also INCREASE UR NET WORTH. Traditional 9-5- jobs will not do it for u. If anyone is Interested on how I do this…and a lot of other successful black people r doing this then simply friend me on Facebook as Kirk Wheeler. (5linx). Or email me at [email protected]

  53. Matthew Fears I'm very interested in the plan you have developed, as well … I'm interested in promoting and supporting any effort in the right direction.

  54. Keith Earlé says:

    He is referring to marching "now" after desegregation. It serves no purpose because the pendulum for our economic growth has stopped. Marches are only relevant when you have discipline and the numbers to follow though and an economic base. Dr. Anderson has been teaching this for well over 20 years and its sad Negroes still can not comprehend.

  55. Keith Earlé says:

    Any jar head from his bed room can make a decent looking web page. A bank requires much more and be brick and mortar. It needs a mission with officers and a charter. So I would suggest investing in your own dream before selling others on it first.

  56. Keith Earlé says:

    There are a lot of disadvantages to a non-profit bank especially in the limited means for generating revenue and investing. Just because you call yourself a non-profit does not limit your collateral risk as so many people believe. You also narrow your scope or capabilities for fund raising.

  57. Keith Earlé says:

    Dr. Anderson has been teaching PowerNomics for well over 20 years. As a people… Black folks are not ready. Too many of us are still on the tits. We have been physically freed of slavery but that means nothing because our minds are still on the plantation. We do not see things holistically as a people. We only see life as individuals. We suffer from Stockholm syndrom… badly. We are too busy being distracted by trinkets. Just like children with new toys. Things will have to get much worst before we have to face the obvious. We need each other. But it won't happen even in my grandchildren' lifetime. People ask why are there no A.G. Gastons in our livetime? Because it takes a community to produce Black billionaires. There is no Black community any more. Desegregation destroyed the Black community. Gave us delusions of grandeur. Sure there will always be a Magic Johnson here or an Oprah there, always "rich" people… but they are not products of a Black community. To be wealthy is entirely something different. Their worth has been sustained from diversification. Which is great for an individual… but their is no accountability to the Black community or Black dollar bouncing there. This does not mean we stop trying… but in order to change or correct any form of bad behavior you must first be honest and admit there is a problem. Find a solution and give yourself a realistic expectation with milestones and a timeline. We are not anywhere close to that.

  58. Rod Warren says:

    I think that technology, innovation and supporting entrepreneurs within the "Black Community" is lacking. We should teach more kids to code, innovate and solve problems. This creates more economic power. How many of us have herd of NewME Accelerator or crowd funding?

  59. I hear exactly what he's saying. I am fighting former employer for breaking into my car because I wanted a union. The politics is crazy.

  60. Brandy Smith says:

    We know all the answers but don't put them to use!

  61. Kizzie Instyle says:

    On point on point… the truth just hit the wind out of me

  62. Who has a plan to infuse $1-2 billion in our community annually.

  63. I created a group on FB African Family for Change. Let's share our ideas and knowledge and try to make a difference

  64. Yvonne Majette Why do we TEAR it DOWN, before we BUILD IT UP.

  65. And, you are another problem. Your type. You give all negatives. A pessimist. Don't beive in positives, all the negatives.

  66. Nina Joyce Oliver turner!????? Since you have all the answer to our problem, you speak of my type as if you have everything figure out maybe you could help us out with all the the wealth of knowledge you got. Since you is the creator of the universe n everything in it, including me. Obvious to me that being positive is just not enough.

  67. Yvonne Majette, this is 2014 and we live in a technologically advanced society, so your locale should not be an issue. I would imagine that customers would have access to ATMs and electronic banking just like any other banking institution.

    Nina Joyce Oliver Turner, we tear it down before we build it up because most people lack VISION. The majority of black people have been taught to work FOR someone and not for OURSELVES. Most do not have entrepreneurial inclinations, and are therefore afraid to venture outside of what's viewed as safe.

  68. Bruce Watson says:

    I understand that Charles, but it's not the Europeans, Japanese or Chinese people that are selling drugs in my community. It's other Black men and women, and their children. It's not other people that are making the streets in my neighborhood so dangerous that my sons can't play on the streets like I use to. We, Black people will never fix anything as long as our reaction to Our problems is to point out the problem of others. Knowing what 'they' have done wrong isn't going to help us. It's not a Japanese man running through my back yard and shooting at someone over some drugs, it's a Black man. Our relationship with God is the first step in correcting the ills of our community. I'm sorry you can't see that. But you are not alone.

  69. Well the first help I can give you is READING; ACCURATELY. What I had to say above was "short" and about "one" single subject.TRY TRY. AND BELEIVE. Every succesfull person belives they can do it NOW, according to you…I SAID I have "ALL" the answers. I have everything figured out. OH YES. "I think I have a wealth of knowledge" And, I think I am the creator of the universe n everything in it, including you. ACCORDING TO YOU. I SAID ALL OF THAT……now, do you see what your problem is?????? PROBABLY NOT!!

  70. Bryan Miller says:

    This is the plan laid out by the most impressive black man to walk the earth.. Malcolm X. Black nationalism

  71. Bryan Miller says:

    This is the plan laid out by the most impressive black man to walk the earth.. Malcolm X. Black nationalism

  72. Bryan Miller says:

    President Obama has put the nail in our coffin as black people with his amnesty of illegals from the southern boarder. They'll come here and look out for themselves, it's you who don't have sense enough to look out for yourselves. Free education, housing, health care, utilities, transportation and an allowance all under federal police protection. I mean, you can't make this shit up. While you're being attacked by 3 police who put you in a choke hold and you can't breathe… a black man stands and watches you be killed.. meanwhile the gate hoppers got police protection wherever they're taken to… you niggas are crazy

  73. Don Leonard says:

    inequality = violence and it no longer has anything to do with color. Poor people get murdered by the police. So do the middle class. Because the police serve the rich.

  74. Bryan Miller says:

    Come be black for a while my friend Don Leonard. .there is a difference

  75. @ Nina Joyce Oliver Turner, I do not do online banking with my on local bank. That has nothing to do with having no vision. Hacking is my biggest fear. Not racially motivated either.

  76. Jaz Taylor says:

    Bruce Watson I agree and disagree with you on some of your points. True we don't see other groups running around our neighborhoods doing those things, but what we do see are the effects of a system that has been put in place. We have to understand that everything is a system. A system in it's simplest definition is a means of generating a predictable result. Drugs were introduced to our communities as tool in a system whose purpose was to hinder if not destroy growth, but to make the drugs more attractive the educational system had to be tampered with as well as our sense of unity. As a result, too many of us don't have any skills or trades or the know how to use them to generate a decent income. So the attraction to drugs as a means of therapy and income become more attractive. If drugs don't work, look at entertainment ( music and sports), where a larger number of the professionals are black and where over 70% go broke after retirement. Not saying all these other races are working as a collective, but with the income opportunity so attractive, most ( including our own) can't resist getting a piece of the pie. In order to get out of this, we need a system.

  77. Bruce Watson says:

    Jaz Taylor, I do understand what you are saying. I really do. Maybe it's just me, and I'm not making clear my point because it gets clouded among everything else I'm saying. So here it is, simple and plain….
    We, Black people in these United States of America will never see our full potential realized until We get right with God. There is no political party or process that will help us. There is no economic process or program that will bring us out of this hole we are in. And all these fake preachers with their sermons of give to the church and God will prosper you is a lie from the pit of hell. Our relationship with God has everything to do with our condition. Until we get this first step right, we will continue to be marginalized by the rest of the world, and used and exploited by this country, 'the government' for our numbers to vote and the business & industry, 'for our blind devotion to everything that glitters' we must buy it.
    Don't get me wrong, because I understand the systems in place to keep us in our place, but the systems only work because We are making poor choices. What kind of person see a junky and decides to try heroine anyway? Or sees a crackhead in the street and chooses to smoke crack anyway? It's no secret who many Black men and women are jailed each year, but everyday more young men and women choose to take to the streets and sell drugs.

  78. I really love to read Dr. Claude Anderson's work he makes so much sense to me..

  79. I really love to read Dr. Claude Anderson's work he makes so much sense to me..

  80. Cheryl Lewis Pickard says:

    Start with yourself – start where you are, doing whatever it is you can do to make the situation better. Yes, black people do own business – we've (husband and I) have had a very successful one for the past 28 years so when you say "we" it's not all of us who "don't do this or that." It's fine to bring out the facts but let me add mine – Hardly any of us know our true names, cultural heritage, place of origin,etc. Why? Because it was stripped from us when we arrived on these shores. Not so with any other group that we are being compared to There is a certain internal pride that comes from knowing where you're from (and I don't mean the cotton fields, because that was just a step in our journey). So essentially we are a people who are "orphaned" from our cultural heritage and fed so much negative propaganda about our "Motherland" that many are ashamed to even own it. And once you strip that from a people, what else do they have besides a constant search to find themselves in a culture that is completely foreign? That, I'm sure, was the plan and while it has been very effective, it has not totally destroyed us. Never give up on your people – continue to do whatever it is you can to improve the community / village where you are. Negative prognosticating is not the answer. DO WHAT YOU CAN – each one teach one. We can make it better.

  81. Unfortunately it is true and we still believe in lack.

  82. Jaz Taylor says:

    Bruce Watson Yes, more and more take to the streets mainly because that's all that they see is working. People in those life styles are flashy and appear to be loving life so why not when all they see in their environments are people unhappy with life. Our lovely entertainment industry definitely pushes that image in their minds very well. But, unlike many other cultures where there is at least an uncle that has acquired some level of success that the up coming youth have as a reference, we are lacking. Even when they fall off the path ( which many of them do at some point), they know who to go to get back in step. Our community doesn't have that in enough abundance to make a noticeable difference to the race as a whole…I don't count the entertainment industry. We lost our sense of family, unity, and brotherly and sister love and it got replaced by Mr.and Mrs. Independent and I don't need anyone. As nice as all that sounds on a CD, it just doesn't work in real life. It will for some, but not for most.
    We also have a lot of "do as I say and not as I do" and not enough " each one teach one". It's a hard sell to tell someone to stop doing something that is at least feeding them to stop without showing an alternative. I'm not condoning the "business" , I just understand some of the mentality behind it.
    There are some prisons where they have a program for the inmates, its' not required so most of them don't do it, but it teaches them a trade and how to turn that trade into a business. The few inmates that I know of that completed it, have completely turned their life around. Honest living, good business, pride in their work. We have to establish a foundation to stand on. That, to me at least, is a good example. Now if it can be done on a larger scale, before prison, now that's a blessing.
    In closing, as a people we are in survival mode where the only thing that is going to reach many of us are solutions where an immediate or attainable result is in arms reach. Once we are out of survival mode, then the mind is open. Basic fight or flight psychology.
    Since your passion is in matters of the church , perhaps a system which has a ministry which incorporates economic education would be a solution. Just a thought.

  83. Brelynn Thomas says:

    10% interest on loans? nah.

  84. Jaz Taylor says:

    Meant to ask, why 10% and why wait 5 years to begin the rebuilding process? Not being negative or anything, just wondering why those numbers. With a fund that size, there would definitely be a need to have strict oversight and rules to prevent greed from turning a great concept into a failed effort.

  85. Jaz Taylor says:

    Meant to ask, why 10% and why wait 5 years to begin the rebuilding process? Not being negative or anything, just wondering why those numbers. With a fund that size, there would definitely be a need to have strict oversight and rules to prevent greed from turning a great concept into a failed effort.

  86. Carolyn Mcgee says:

    No then The Big Dogs will be out from Scandal THE GLADIATORS!

  87. Gwendolyn Carter says:

    Dr. Anderson identifies the appropriate issues; however, his solutions are wrong! If you listen to his solutions, and consider our collective history you will realize we, black people, have accomplished each of his suggested solutions at some point in our history in America. What we must do now is to make sure we do not allow our success to be taken from us collectively. We must VOTE! We must not isolate ourselves, we must join our nation, and DEMAND our rights. Yes, blacks populate the prisons at higher proportions than others. This is a direct failure of our justice system. We must demand our rights, and participate in governing this nation. As a people, and a culture, we are most identifiable. We must trust each other, and KNOW our rights as citizens of this nation. We have an OUTSTANDING history in this nation. We must exercise our rights, and remind this nation of our contributions. Don't let the negative views stop our progress. Let's KEEP THE FAITH!

  88. Gwendolyn Carter says:

    Keith Earlé , I am someone who has marched in the 60s, and in the 2000s! I KNOW marching works. It worked in the 60s, and it works today. We must use EVERY tool in our utility bag. We must be careful who we listen to, and who we follow. Sometimes there are individuals who steer us in the wrong direction.

  89. Larry Dwayne says:

    It's called "uniphobia". We feel like in order to accept and respect one another we would have to adopt another lifestyle. We are divided thru financial status, rank, religion, educational status, sexuality, so on and so forth…

  90. Larry Dwayne says:

    It's called "uniphobia". We feel like in order to accept and respect one another we would have to adopt another lifestyle. We are divided thru financial status, rank, religion, educational status, sexuality, so on and so forth…

  91. Wave Taylor says:

    Gwendolyn Carter Name one concrete gain that marching has achieved for blacks in the last 20 years?

  92. Wave Taylor says:

    Chemeka Riley Good question. I like the idea though.

  93. Keith Earlé says:

    Much respect on what you have done… but I still disagree. The only thing a march does in this day and age is brings awareness and only if you have huge numbers. Economic sanctions, strikes, and boycotts… are much more effective tools but again you must have huge numbers. All these things require a plan, solidarity, and a united front which most Blacks these days are not concerned with. In most non-primary elections we rarely account for 15% of our numbers at the polls. Your most fundamental and sacred right as a citizen and Black people do not care. Million man march, Million woman march on Washington are prime examples. No measurable outcomes… just talk. The next day is business as usual after the speeches. Just a bunch of pictures for media hype. Black people have protested and marched more than any other race of people and we are still oppressed because we use the wrong tools. Marches do not make anyone uncomfortable except for the people walking around in the heat losing a day or two of much needed work… while the oppressors plan an alternate route in and from work as not to be caught in traffic. Until the oppressor is made physically uncomfortable and have to do without a liberty on a measurable economic scale is the only thing that changes anything… and marching does neither. An educated man yielding the proper tools of knowledge, purpose, discipline, self worth, and commitment are much more dangerous to the oppressor than a few million Black folks having church service on his lawn. But y'all continue to march.

  94. His framework makes no mention of investing in, and valuing education above all, as part of the solution. #fail

  95. I might get a lot of negative feedback from what I am about to say: I think we are TOO RELIGIOUS for our own good. I am not anti-religion. I just think we've got our heads so far in the "HEAVENS" that we are no longer in touch with EARTHLY REALITY.

  96. Erins Jay says:

    I will start my own cable company

  97. Gwendolyn Carter says:

    I marched to get affordable healthcare. President Obama signed the ACA, and many people who look like me (black people) got better healthcare insurance and healthcare insurance for the first time. Marching works!

  98. Let’s get real, Institutional Racism has played a significant role in the economic plight of blacks worldwide. To not mention that in the first few words out of his mouth is a travesty. Blacks here in America started business; including black Wall Street’s like in Oklahoma. Black business flourished in spite of the opposing forces and road blocks. We have and continue to face the ugly face of racism, so the fact that he leaves that out is a clear indication that he’s not rooted in reality. Can we do better, Of Course, but do not minimize the forces opposing us. Not facing ones’ past is to ensure no future.

  99. Dude!!! Understand what he means. he dosent have to totally spell it out!

  100. Wave Taylor says:

    Gwendolyn Carter Still marching for handouts. How does that benefit black folk, economically? Has that changed the position of black folk in this society? Others marched for that too, besides blacks. If that were just a black issue, it would have been ignored. You really need to watch the clip and listen to what Mr Anderson is saying.

  101. Cassandra Deas says:

    We don't as a community want to build each other's up but are eager to tear one another down and run rapid fulfilling someone else success, by choosing to spend our money trying to impress with lack of dignity or respect for our own kind. Sad but true !!!!!!

  102. Cathey Henderson says:

    This conversation is elementary my father me this when I was a babe. From that day forward I have discovered who I am and have prepare for my destiny. The problem with our people is we have no real leaders that are will to lay down there lives for our people. Most important many of us do not know who we are and have no idea where we are going. Doctor Anderson talk a good talk but is he will to lead the black people out of their stupor.

  103. Frank Ozomah says:

    He is so correct. Take the gay movement. They started of being an economic bloc. Single white males, began to influence politicians who pushed their agenda, influence the courts to pass judgements overturning the will of the people like in California, and they control the media (Hollywood) who now produce films pushing their lifestyle making it seem normal. Modern family etc. we have to wake up as blacks and take control of our destiny and quit quibbling about the slave trade that ended over 200 years ago.

  104. Charles Reaves, non profit is a tax shelter, and a write off.

  105. I think thats inherent to owning businesses and industries.

  106. Gwendolyn Carter says:

    Perhaps, we are getting caught up in language. I agree with much of what Dr. Anderson, and all of the commenters are saying. If you go back to my initial post, you will see that I am trying to say "VOTE!" Yes, the tools we used have been used and re-used. Those tools work. All of us can march. Not everyone is equipped to do some of the other things we must do for success in America. The most important thing all of us can do is to VOTE in November. Voting won't solve all of our issues. But, VOTING keeps us in the game. We must have patience, and be willing to work hard. We live in a democratic republic. If we wish to advance the goals of our community, we have to work to change rules to benefit us. It is a slow process that requires hard work and smarts. What is awesome is that we all have ideas, and we are willing to work to advance our community. To accomplish our goals, there must be those of us willing to march, those of us willing to develop ideas, and those of us who invent the next big thing. It takes all of us to get to that "promised land." Actually, I have done my best! I am 67 years old, and marching is it for me. I do encourage all young people to take their rightful places at the leadership. We must continue to fight for all.

  107. Anne Braxton says:

    That's the problem some of our people have had free housing, free food, free health care for so long we think if it's given to someone else we can't survive. We have created a permanent underclass for ourselves. When we begin to cleanse our people from drugs and alcohol and focus on education and teach our children about respect and directing our dollars into our communities we will see some positive changes.

  108. Bryan Miller says:

    Anne Braxton its not about free things.. its about communities… they will build theirs… we won't

  109. Bryan Miller says:

    Anne Braxton he says… in the video.. you're being set up to get wiped out…. thats what I'm talking about

  110. Bill Poleon says:

    I am helpless to do anything. I am an Engineer but I try to start business but I lack that skill. They all failed. I borrow $2000.00 to a friend that was to be paid back in 2 weeks and only got $200.00 back. Now I don't want to help any one. I want to do the right thing. I want to start a business. I want to help black business. Some times they are rude and have very very poor customer service. I will try and forget and give people and businesses a second chance.

  111. Bill Poleon says:

    I am guilty of leaving my black community and building a house elsewhere. I am part of the problem. I did not realize this. We are powerless.

  112. Bill Poleon says:

    How could something like this get started? I would open an account. How much money is needed to do this?

  113. Bill Poleon says:

    You are correct. Don't verbalize it. Other races, Jews, Cubans, Koreans, ect don't go around saying proud to be Chines they just support their community stores.

  114. Bill Poleon says:

    True when Cosby said that black parents need to be better they tried to crucify him.

  115. Bill Poleon says:

    True. But we can do something right?

  116. Bill Poleon says:

    I hope the Dr has some business. It takes special skill to start a business. I thought I was smart but I failed. I do very well fixing cars, building things, working as an Engineer but I see that starting a successful business is a different skill. I would have to be mentored.

  117. Dr. Anderson comments have merit. Although his perspective is necessary for soul searching it is not sufficient for liberation and domination. There is need for organization and a method that moves a people from the the ghetto to a condo. There is need to operationalize the theory by distinct steps to be taken to break the vicious cycle of black poverty. The rich are rich because they do not lose money and the poor are poor because they lose and do not know how to make enough money. In these simply statements lies a system of belief and lifestyle changes that are necessary for developing the wealthy blacks. People who are skilled hardly live in poverty and people who live in poverty are hardly skilled. As they say in my business skilled labor is not cheap and cheap labour is not skilled. It is time for blacks to value education by that I mean skill acquisition and an understanding of the political and economic system. The endeavour call for leadership how many people here are ready and willing to form an organization based on the principles outlined by Dr. Anderson and if you do just get together and make it real. I am waiting for the call my email is [email protected]

  118. Invest in Africa or other Countries if America is a Burden .. That is the only way a Black man not only and American Black can meet up with whities seriously. Just look at the Chinese all of them are Running to Africa for resources. If ten black Americans can come up with some amount of money and move to Africa invest in agriculture or any thing you will realize great profit and you can even start exporting to America to brodas who will then sell it to brudas and even whities . Blacks have to get into the international trade , invest even in China .. All those second grade and poor grade goods china is manufacturing is making loads of money because many people on earth can easily afford them. Also African Americans should start thinking of trading with African nations. There a many things in America that can be sold to Africa and other poor nations. Used clothing for example , used items all this things will sell in poor countries. Invest and capitalize in those things and you will make millions seriously brudas , we have to look on how to play a part on international businesses , Even those kids selling drugs can think of using that money to invest in area where it safer and more profitable. And last thing Black Americans do not know is you guys are respected everywhere on Earth only just in America. for example rap music is the most copied form of music ever and it is created by blacks. You guys can move to Europe or some poor countries and still start a studio there and start producing music .. You will still make loath of money .Sign local artist and you be the producer your music will still sell.

    Finally brothers , whites are gaining because they have investments everywhere on earth not only in America because literally right now America has nothing left for new comers. That is why when anything new emerges , the old players will come to you with loath of cash and purchase it. Once you sell you can only eat up the money , because there is no place for you to invest the money.

  119. Black Americans should run to African and get their own share of the wealth … You should forget about tarzan and simba there are no such things in African.. This people will welcome you and because you look like them . You can make enough to feed all blacks in America. Go and exploit the lands my brothers . With 20thousand dollars you can start something and by the end of that year you will have double. If Europeans are fighting with Chinese then there must be something worthy in Africa which Black Americans are not exploiting.

  120. Tony Daniels says:

    I concur to some degree with most of Dr. Anderson's analysis. However, in my humble opinion he left out two very important components to the building project. A strong sturdy building can only stand on a firm foundation. The building's foundation must be built upon the "Rock" Jesus Christ and strong Black families. A building project without these two components will not stand. It will crumble and collapse. We are witnessing it now!

  121. I've read a lot of the posts here, some I agree with and some I don't. A black owned bank is an excellent idea, but why not open up black owned banks in various states. Each bank would belong to one larger conglomerate and include a stipulation that all the banks must remain black owned. I agree that they should be "for-profit" versus "nonprofit". I also think that for the first year or so these banks should focus mainly on building wealth because if you use the money as you get it you will never get anywhere. The boards of each of these banks should at the lease include a black attorney, a black accountant, a black financial expert, a black economist, and a black banker. I could be missing some however I am throwing ideas out there. I would be interested in being involved in this and am willing to work with those in New Jersey who are also interested. I also believe that we need to keep religion out of this. This is a business and we are in the business of making money to improve our race. Religion belongs in church or wherever you practice. Yes I am a Christian and God helps those who help themselves. We need to teach our children the right way so they grow up the right way and stop waiting till everybody gets "right with the Lord". We keep waiting and we will never get anywhere as a people. Money is power and power will improve things for our race. I can definitely be reached through facebook but my email is [email protected]

  122. Bryan Miller says:

    Black people I'm trying to tell you.. this is not a debate.. you're setting yourselves, ourselves to be wiped out. It's tough.. this Obama is a waste of space on earth, but these white, racist, religious, narrow minded, xenophobic reactionaries hate him so much because he's black, that you kind of have to support him (where you can). But this guy who controls nothing has put a black face on our coming extinction unless we get serious. To the 40 niggas standing around filming 4 nyc cops choke an innocent black man to death…. put the phone down and take action… two people film to assist you in court.. 38 take action. The Ferguson "riots" were down right embarrassing.

  123. Yes there are black owned banks. The problem as I see it is that they are not taking the profits and building industries and corporations that help black people. I want all profits to go to building an economic system to support our people. We have so many people out of work and so many coming out of jail with no skills and a record. We need to put those back in the workforce.

  124. this brother knows what he is talking about, i agree with him 100%

  125. @Jaz Taylor…. 10% is a flat rate. I think you misunderstood the 5yrs. I would like to start immediately. An internet bank can be opened with as little as $1000.00. There are so many skeptics out there. We need to start some kind of industry that we use as a people to turn all profits back into creating more jobs for us.

  126. Disturbingly simplistic. Ask yourself what it is that Anderson claims black communities, once they gain economic power, can pressure politicians to change. Notice that he is strategically vague at this point, because if he mentions poor job prospects, low wages, mass incarceration, legal profiling, crime rates, bureaucracy, complicated business codes, poor schools, or low funding for social programs,to name a few, then his entire argument would dissolve.

    Anderson is too far removed from poverty to realize that it and ineffective policy funnels minorities into self destructive life styles. It is called behaviorist logic, and he pushes it out because it makes him look more successful.

    He's actually telling minorities to not VOTE or ASSEMBLE! To me this is red flag and sign that Anderson is paid by right wing think tanks who try to repress minority votes.

  127. First you have to have the change from the bottom to enable enough black people to follow this advice. If you don't have good education offered to blacks and get them out of poverty to establish this way of doing things, where do they start. Also do you have any idea how hard it is for even rich blacks to be able to get the permits required to have these media outlets. Bet took years to get these permits, the white establishment is not going to give up this power to anyone easily , I have been preaching for years that blacks need to empower them selves not only in media but also financial institutions, I believe that blacks are waking up to this, but it takes a long time. Also when these institutions are available to us, we MUST SUPPORT THEM !!!!! WE MUST unite and support each other to get ahead like every other race does. It takes centuries to get rid of the slave mentality imposed on our ancestors by the enslavers. People try to compare blacks to other races that come and succeed, what other race was brought here as slaves and had these things engraved on their minds, no one, the others come here with a great deal of money willingly, why would they not be able to succeed, give us time, we are getting a lot smarter and the slave mentality is gradually being washed out with each generation. The struggle will soon be over, thank God

  128. He's wrong because of a faulty foundation. Matthew 6:33

  129. Sad truth and a experience, I've encountered more often then not!
    "Some times they are rude and have very very poor customer service."
    Guy cursed me out, while as a customer supporting his store?
    Discouraging to say the least!

  130. said the same thing on Black Knowledge and on this forum… people called me bitter, angry and rude. lol. But, I own my own… and I didn't pay anyone, or sleep with anyone to get it. He's right about that group/community financial economics. Build businesses. Hold YOUR money. Banks. Spend WITHIN! Control YOUR OWN WEALTH! However, in my opinion, you will lose sleeping with and whoring around with the very corrupt political, policing, and judicial systems. Remember it's all about lust, greed, power, domination and manipulation. Anytime you shake hands with corruption, you will bound to be corrupt.End of the day, they are like snakes, they will eventually destroy each other on the way to the top. I would rather get about 100 honest, sincere, fearless black men and women with vision and execution, then to ever cast my pearls to swine. Words I live by: OWN YOUR OWN, TELL YOUR OWN STORY. KNOW YOUR OWN HISTORY. CONTROL YOUR OWN IMAGE, NAME, BRAND. KNOW YOUR TRUTH. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. BE BOLD. BE COURAGEOUS. MOVE FORWARD.

  131. Why is there no infrastructure and who do you expect to build it? Where are the "resourced" leaders? Where are the "natural" and internal support systems? There is a forum and its called hip hop, rap, jazz, film, literature, fashion, culture…the $$$ is there, what is missing?

  132. White Supremacy's, War of Black Annihilation is here.

  133. Sam Rose says:

    I hope what he meant by the marching comment is that it doesn't change anything much or long term without all the aforementioned components. Marching, when done with a purpose does things on at least a small level to bring awareness to the public on the particular issue, since like he said, media isn't gonna a do it.
    "Buy black owned" isn't just a catchy saying, it's the base, the important component that is missing today.

  134. Mr, Anderson what is your point. ……

  135. I like it when people really think marches in the 60's changed something. Ever asked yourselves what role Russia played in the civil rights movement. Do some more research on recently declassified documents.

  136. Dave Mills says:

    I have deep respect for Dr Anderson. However when we as Black people talk about group economics its becomes taboo to many. Lots of us have heard stories of when Black People pool their money, and someone, somewhere gets ripped off. Those incidents may be minuscule, but word of mouth travels far and fast. We need to modify the principle of Black Group Ec to incorporate ways where we take trust out of the picture. What the hell is wrong with us that we don't get this. WE CANNOT REPLICATE WHAT OTHER GROUPS DO, they did not have a slavery system of mistrust built into their history, and if you could replace their history with what we had, they wouldn't be too far behind us now. WE NEED TO TAKE TRUST OUT! we don't need it for now, whilst in the building process. I have a good relationship with my bank they don't trust me any more than when I walked through the door to open my account. YET WE STILL MAKE MONEY. I borrow – they ask to secure – you secure – purchase and sell your item and pay back their money – NO TRUST REQUIRED BUT BOTH BENEFIT. Take the trust out of it and we will glide like a bird (financially). Peace and Love.

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