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15 thoughts on “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Reveals the Uncomfortable Truth on How the Government Helped Some White People Succeed

  1. Farntella Graham says:

    "SOME", at best you mean, MOST.

  2. The truth hurts doesn't it.

  3. Robin Hughes says:


  4. Khaliduning Hasanur says:


  5. Farntella Graham says:

    I came to learn long ago that the caucasian is not special, he is not smarter than any others, he is not specially gifted with intellect that allows him to have everything because he pulled himself up by his own bootstrap sweat, blood and tears. he is in his position because of affirmative action, set asides, grants, loans, homstead land allotments. they do not fool me. I know how they got what they have.

  6. Sean York says:

    Most blacks have no Clue as to why we live in poverty(Most of us) or of the mechanism that will keep us here.Why isnt this being articulated to our" so called " black President ??? Our chidren are killing eachother at record #s because the future is without hope , promise or even much mention of them.

  7. Trevor Anders says:

    I have never received a handout not anyone in my family. I have struggled and overcome poverty and still get denied for loans and basic needs. This issue is still relevant, but the facts have changed. We do good for future generation when we continue to hate the color of skin rather than the nature of people actions.

  8. Sean York says:

    I'm 100% sure that you like many others dont understand the depth of your statements.Ive heard the lectures by Tim Wise a white author and professor. Every thing you and your kind owns,has had and will have and soooh much more is based on the Exploitation of peoples of color and the indigenous.This is the common denominator here and abroad.

  9. Trevor Anders says:

    Sean York. I don't know what you mean by my kind. My kind are people who love and respect me, my best friend whose casket I carried was black. I would have died for him. I could care less what color someone is, it will never stop me from loving them and helping them.

    I can't even imagine how you believe that all white people are privileged. I have never been able to get ahead because of my color. I have watched my white friends get best by white cops, and had white judges sentence me to the maximum fines and even send me to jail.

    Maybe you should stop adding fuel to the hate, because if your late relative killed someone in my family, I wouldn't judge YOU for it, even though you're directly related.

  10. Sean York says:

    I'm not attacking you at all!!! if what you say is true you should watch the video by Tim Wise "White Priviledge" to get a better or in depth look for your self. Here in America its about the truth of "OUR "s that needs to be exposed and corrected.Would the statement made by myself be any less valid or true if we lived in S.Africa?You being white; would you not be considered "Privileged "?

  11. I love when people pull out old news and inflame the masses with it. It being true weather you believe it or not is irrelevant. The question is what have you done about it? It's been public record for nearly 50 years. Surely you have a plan. Filed a lawsuit? Called a congressman? NothinG?!?!?! Just keep posting it in the comments section and hurting the feelings of people who really don't know. That'll fix it!

  12. understand how we have been dumbed down by the powers in charge with the I have a dream speech of Marti Luther King. He was much more than hat to and for us

  13. Farntella Graham says:

    nothing comes to a dreamer but a dream

  14. Farntella Graham Slavery started it all. King was talking about reparations. These nay sayers against reparations for blacks need to be reminded of this.

  15. Sean York When you work for the participants of the white supremacy system, he cannot talk like that

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