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10 Facts You May Not Know About John Henrik Clarke

John Henrik Clarke: The Pan-African Scholar

JC1Dr. John Henrik Clarke was born Jan. 1, 1915, in Union Springs, Alabama. He was a professor emeritus at Hunter College in New York City. Clarke did not graduate high school and did not have a doctorate degree.

In fact, Clarke was an eighth-grade dropout who eventually took courses at New York University and Columbia University, but never graduated. Clarke received an honorary doctorate degree from the nonaccredited Pacific Western University in Los Angeles when he was 78.

Clarke was a self-taught man whose mentors included Puerto Rican historian and scholar Arturo Alfonso Schomburg.

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13 thoughts on “10 Facts You May Not Know About John Henrik Clarke

  1. Sgtrock Davis says:

    a great man i love him

  2. Ike McBride says:

    Awesome Scholar, Teacher & Historian

  3. Great scholar.."I only debate with my equals, others I teach."The quote is from the debate with him and Martin Bernal verses Mary Lefkowitz and Guy Maclean

  4. Dr John Henrik Clarke was a titan among scolars of the world. A human computer, a man who needed no notes that could travel through world history like a eagle soaring in the sky. A once in a lifetime african storyteller who could have you on the edge of your chair enraptured in his words mesmerized with the scent, sound and feel of Africa's history.

  5. His recorded video lectures and books should be required viewing and reading particularly among our African descended youth. A powerfully unapologetic master teacher he was.

  6. Oh my God I remember that, did you see how shook those fake scholars were when he said it? There was nothing that they could say either, Mary Lefkowitz hadn't even been to Egypt and she called herself an expert? Hilarious!

  7. Victor L. Anderson II Yes, I took a quick look, she and Guy Maclean were pathetic, they were making concessions most of the time especially on more key points. The one that stood out was Guy Maclean conceding that the Egyptian civilization predated the Mesopotamian civilization.

  8. I love Henry Clarke is was a genius

  9. David Neblett says:

    A Master Teacher!

  10. Doris Beatty says:

    "Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter." African Proverb

  11. Lisa Howard says:

    I agree with you David

  12. Dr. Clarke has awakened and stimulated many minds.

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