Jamaican Accounting Practitioners Unite to Form New Company, Serve Customers and Broaden Operations

Campbell-AdamsJamaican accounting practitioners Oliver Campbell and Leroy Adams decided to merge their operations. This new partnership, Campbell Adams and Company, will work to provide stability to the organization’s internal operations while exploring short- and long-term expansionary plans.

“In the accounting business, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for sole practitioners to function in Jamaica,” Campbell said to the Jamaica Observer. “Included among the reasons are the international financial reporting standards and the international auditing standards.”

Based in Kingston, Campbell Adams and Company offers auditing and budget reports, financial projections, corporate secretarial services and more.

Following the January merger, the company acquired another accounting firm, GE Thomas and Co. in the Mandeville section of Jamaica, along with corporate secretarial services firm Company Consultants Limited.

“It would have been extremely difficult if we were sole practitioners for either of us to expand into Mandeville on our own, so we took advantage of the opportunity to broaden our operations,” Campbell said.

The company has 15 employees, and Adams says there are plans to expand, but, for now, the focus is on improving internal operations to attract clients.

“I believe that the work will come; you don’t have to actively pursue it,” Campbell said. “And in any case, there is a fine line between pursuing new clients that the profession wants you to walk. You can’t go soliciting other people’s clients. ”

Campbell insists that the merger was not done to catapult the firm to the top of the accounting market. The goal is to serve clients, he told the Jamaica Observer.

“We are looking forward; people are accustomed to us because of who we were, but they need to get accustomed to the idea that we are Campbell Adams and Company,” Campbell said.

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