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Atlanta Film Director Hopes Melanin Documentary Will Change Perception of Blacks

Atlanta film director launches Kickstarter CampaignAtlanta film director Lee Green recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for his latest project, Melanin: The God Particle. Green hopes that by educating people about all the things melanin really does, he can alter the negative perception of Blacks that surrounds their darker skin complexion.

Ever since grade school we have been taught melanin is what determines a person’s skin complexion.

The more melanin a person has, the darker that person’s skin is.

What fewer education systems have revealed, however, is the variety of different theories and mysteries behind melanin that have caused it to be in very high demand.

This is where Green’s film would step in.

According to the film’s Kickstarter website, “If the claims that are made in this film are in fact true, this could completely reconstruct the [psychological] damage that plagues the entire Black race.”

Green refers to melanin as a “God particle” because of the vast possibilities of what it might be able to do.

“There are many theories associated with melanin by scholars, such as melanin allowing people of color to receive sound in its fullness, allowing them to see color in its fullness, allowing them to develop spiritually at a much faster rate and the claim that diamonds are a result of melanin and carbon fusing together, just to name a few,” the Kickstarter page explains. “… Many melanin scholars claim that melanin is a superconductor and that it absorbs all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. They claim it can convert sound energy to light energy reversibly and that it can function as a minicomputer to process information.”

Green added that some groups have found the particle so valuable that they have even started stealing organs from graves in order to obtain melanin from them.

His theory is that if Black kids knew that the very particle that gives them their skin complexion was so valuable, they might feel “prettier and smarter.”

“Many Black children go through life with that same belief which causes them to feel inferior in this society,” the Kickstarter page continued. “This film will be an attempt to restore that confidence.”

The documentary will reach out to top metaphysical teachers including Phil Valentine, Taj Tariq Bey and Supreme Understanding.

As of Sunday morning, the campaign had raised a little over $600 from 10 different backers.

Green hopes to raise at least $25,000 by Aug. 8 to purchase the equipment necessary to produce the documentary.

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8 thoughts on “Atlanta Film Director Hopes Melanin Documentary Will Change Perception of Blacks

  1. What a great film this will be. Once this gets out there, Mr. Green should have the donations rolling in from blacks all over the place. I am talking lots of money. The athletes, music millionaires, just as important, blacks in general, don't forget the churches. We can do this. I am sending my donation today. Even though I pretty much know all about melanin, but it would be, the healing, the self esteem booster, I mean everything, in fact many will want to be darker, no matter what color they are already. Melanin is everything. Thank you so much. Our children will grow up to be proud of their blackness, no more skin bleaching. They will do better in school, even though the schools are racist, but then they will have a reason to understand why the schools are racist. The powers that be, do not want their group to know who we really are. Learning about melanin is a great start, and we move on to Afuraka, to find out who we really are. I am excited people.

  2. Where do we send donations? Why am I just finding out about this?

  3. I am ready to donate, hit me up. This will be the biggest film since shaka zulu.

  4. i will be one of the first people to buy it when it comes out on dvd. movies like this and the hidden colors series are doing something positive and inspiring for black people, especially for these young black kids who need positive programming like this in these days.

  5. Marzuwq Abdullah Muhammad says:

    Everyone interested in the subject matter should pickup Hidden Colors 2…I'm going to donate though sounds interesting

  6. but also hidden colors 1,2and 3 have alot of information if you didn't know already with good speakers they speak on melanin as well.

  7. Sister nzingah shabaka, I see your excitement sister, we need more black women like you. This is going to be big.

  8. Sister erykah Wright, yes I seen hidden colors already, it's a great film.

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