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50 thoughts on “Video: You Won’t Believe How Far the Brazilian Government Went to Rid The Country of Black People

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    naw the white man always creates a mulatto or immigrant buffer class to help subjagte the blacks and keep their eyes off of them. they did it with the jewish lancados in africa and south america, and they did it with the Stolen Generations in Australia.
    also, fuck that Skip Gates character, taking money from Bank of America, the original slave bankers, to go all around Africa to come back and tell black folks here we sold ourselves into slavery.

  2. It is indeed a fact. There are numerous sources that confirm this plan and the entry of 4 million European immigrants is also documented. The shame is that when walking through the streets of Brazil one will note how it seems to be working. Afro-Brazilians didn't disappear by 2011 as they had planned, but everyday one sees black parents with white or lighter-skinned children. In Brazil, there was no widespread black pride movement to challenge the deeply-rooted belief in whitening one's offspring. As such, it's common in black families to hear that they must "improve the race" by lightening the skin of the next generation.

  3. Dew Time says:

    Such is the state of affairs. There are very few exceptions to the rule that wherever you see a large population of black people, violent crime, poverty, illegitimacy, and illiteracy rates go up. Indeed it appears that blacks as a whole are predisposed to be uncivilized. Now you can come up with elaborate excuses for why there are no model black societies in the world, but until we can actually find a model black society, we can only conclude that the presence of blacks hinders the development of modern civilization.

  4. Hendricks Monica says:

    Dew Time,

    Your grasp of world history, the undeniable legacies of slavery, and the reality of the modern day oppression and discrimination faced by Black people in Africa and the Americas is ignorant on too many levels. You've internalized racism to such a degree that everything you wrote is a cry for assimilation and approval from white society. I'm embarrassed for you. Your post argues that Black people hold back modern society, but you excuse existing external factors that are due to the continued intentional bad acts of others, which just makes me shake my head.

    Growing up a young Black male, wherever you're from, may have been a very trying and alienating experience for you, but don't blame the rest of us because you can't handle the pressure that society puts on you as a person of color. Instead of fighting negative stereotypes, you want to point them out, comparing yourself favorably, to convince mainstream society you belong with them. There's nothing sadder than you, a weak, broken Black man who'll do anything to belong.

    Regarding your rant, Black people have no need for excuses for today's state of affairs. The state of the world is, and always has been, a result of people in power. Also, you need to look up every single definition of "civility" that you can find, because you apparently don't know what it is.

    Once you actually know what civility means, please recognize that, regardless of race–which is a social construct–the humans who invaded Africa, participated in the African slave trade, created and enforced segregation and apartheid, and promote racial or ethnic supremacy are the only people on the planet whose behavior has historically, and consistently, been uncivilized.

    That might be hard for you, though, acknowledging your idols have feet of clay.

    FYI, AFRICA is the birthplace of "civilization"…

  5. Dam'n good response!

  6. And we see Brazil paying Afurakan countries some kind of reparations. Why are they not paying the Afurakan people in Brazil reparations. I believe they wish to be on very friendly terms with Afurakan countries, so that they will be able to get the much needed resources they need, which cannot be found any other place but Afuraka. I do not believe they are pay ing Afurakan countries, reparations out of the goodness of their evil hearts. The Afurakan people in Brazil, are owed reparations.

  7. Sundiate Keita Very good post. I do not like the sell out either. Nothing but sell outs, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, all black lawmakers, the NAACP, no end to the sell outs, Obama.

  8. My man you cant be serious…
    You do realize blacks have civilized societies which aren't publicized and sensationalized as saythe hood in "Chiraq"…Brother I assume you avoid your own kind frown upon them and search for acceptance elsewhere. Sad when an intelligent brother.couldn't imagine there were more like he among his people that he sees himself as an anomaly and feels such a way he was willing to express this in a public internet setting despite how truly IGNORANT it makes.him look…Brother Dew Time…In due time you'll see the error of your ways…Until then keep trying to fit in where you're the odd man out…I pity you and your shadow existence, for I'm sure it's quite lonesome…

  9. You are what a white identified black person sounds like, physically identifiably black, but sees black folks through the eyes of white folks. Clearly, white supremacy has done a number on you, but what will you think of your children?

  10. Oh, and Dew, If you do have children, make sure you tell them about the black wall streets that sprung up around U.S around the early 20th century, but were terrorized and bombed by jealous poor white folks and the U.S government because they couldn't stand to see prosperous civilized black folks.

  11. Joshua Smashy Bailey says:

    Dew Time go educate your self and stop spewing rubbish

  12. Dew Time says:

    Collin Johnson Black wall street… what else you got? Why are there so few prosperous black cities in the world?

  13. Dew Time says:

    Hendricks Monica Why is it that its so incredibly hard to find any prosperous black cities in the world? More often that not, when you see a high concentration of black people, violent crime goes up and standards of living goes down.

  14. Dew Time I see a point… but, In my country instead of black people its another type of people that (if put in a high concentration) will make the crime rates go up. etc.

    I think, you consider your fellow blacks as a burden, when they arent. they're all cool. Just generalized by people, such as yourself.. and ofcourse white people ( I consider myself white )

  15. Dew Time says:

    Arjen Lawless You didn't address any of my points, and yet you said I'm wrong.

  16. Dew Time says:

    Look at reality bruh. Stop basing your beliefs on what makes you feel good. Let me ask you this. If it were true that blacks are genetically predisposed to be less civilized, would you admit it?

  17. Dew Time Bro you have obviously not taken any time to do any research especially in sociology. You have done no research on institutions and laws that directly affect the socioeconomic statues of black people around the world. You have not looked into the fact that the media demonizes black people any chance that they get, and when they do to whites they make excuses for it, " well the white man that slaughtered his family and then kills himself, must of done it because of his child hood and or mental state" but the media never makes excuses when a brotha does a crime that is probably economically related. You are probably one of those people that watches the news and completely eats what ever bullshit they feed you. I would suggest you do some research on all the atrocities that have been committed in America and abroad, and I grantee you there is some European nation at that has something to do with it. I don't have people of European decent, shit some of my friends are of European decent, but I'm not going to lie and say that their people are not leading cause to why the world is a chaotic as it is.. history is GOLD! and I think you need to get you some wealth bruh. I'm not saying black folks in a America shouldn't be held responsible for some of the things that we do to each other, but to over look the people that have systemically oppressed us for at least 400 years is pure nonsense.

  18. Dew Time Ok Dew time, first, there were no civilized black folks now we have few civilized black folks. lol. You know what , like you said, black folks are "inferior" and "uncivilized", then what should be done with black folks? Is the solution for black folks to become less black as this video entails? Is that what you're implying? "Educate"us.

  19. Dew Time says:

    Collin Johnson I said "there are very few exceptions to the rule" so I am open to the possibility of there being one or two black cities in the world that are nice to live in. But in my research I have not even found one.

    As for solutions, I don't know what the solution is. But I think we should all be open to knowledge for knowledge sake. We can all make better decisions when we see the world for what it is, not by living in denial.

    I am not advocating for the extermination of the black race.

  20. Dew Time Living in denial? So, what this video is showing isn't reality? It's feel good information? What are blacks folks in denial of and how does this video demonstrate this denial?
    Another thing, you don't know what the solution is ? This video is showing what whites folks have done to black folks in the past and how it affects us now, and how many of these practices continue today. And here you are talking about black folks are "predisposed to being uncivilized"and deflecting from the problem by essentially blaming the victim. The solution comes about by identifying the problem. The problem black folks are dealing with is clear as day in this video.

  21. Dew Time says:

    Collin Johnson But that's a half truth. I don't care how many videos you show of whites holding down blacks. You can't blame whitey for the shortcomings of blacks on every corner of the globe. Everywhere you look on planet earth, blacks are living in misery. Whites are responsible for all of that? You're in denial.

  22. Dew Time You can't blame white folks for shortcomings of black folks in every corner of the world? Okay, what part of the globe have white folks not colonized or don't have a significant influence ? The answer to that question will give you a clue to who's in denial. Another thing, as you say, if black folks are "predisposed to being uncivilized"how can we make the right decisions when faced with your so called "knowledge for knowledge sake?"

  23. Dew Time says:

    Collin Johnson White domination only plays part of it. You can't use it as an excuse for everything. All the countries in africa under white domination became worst off after they left it to the blacks. Look at zimbabwe and south africa. Look at what happened when whites gave Detroit to the Blacks. It's a national disgrace.

    Blacks like to sit around and blame the legacy of slavery on everything.

    " if black folks are "predisposed to being uncivilized"how can we make the right decisions when faced with your so called "knowledge for knowledge sake?""

    More knowledge will do us good versus less knowledge or by living in a fantasy land.

  24. Michelle Kirkwood says:

    Dew Time

    Honestly, you sound exactly like these white supremacists who are always spouting about how black people supposedly ruin everything—ever heard of Atlanta,Georgia, which is mostly black and one of the South's most successful cities for black and white alike? Did you even bother to do any research before making that ignorant racist statement? I question whether you're even black or not–just because you have a picture up dosen't mean jack–you could be anybody, including some white supremacist nut talking BS. Go do your homework and read the other posts,please.

  25. Michelle Kirkwood says:

    Dew Time

    Seriously, juts shut up already. You talk as if white people did not have a hand in keeping black people down because it was in their best interest. FYI, this country was built on the backs of black slaves for nearly the first 300 years of this country. I admit, I used to think like you did when I was younger, but that's before I learned about how white supremacy works and how white folks deliberately held us back for their own benefit. Either you want to learn the real reasons behind why black people have these issues, or you just want to come here and start some racist bull****.

  26. Dew Time Read "Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man."To sum the book up, the former colonial powers via the IMF burdened these countries with debt to take their natural resources, this is known as neocolonialism, in other words these countries are still being dominated by whites. What left Detroit was manufacturing jobs via globalization and whites. This means a lot of jobs and a significant tax base left Detroit (whites are a numerical majority in the U.S).

    Are you saying that "the blacks"should encourage whites to reinstitute apartheid in South Africa, and allow whites to overtly dominate their countries to get back to the good old days when "blacks had it good?" Is this the "more knowledge"you're talking about? Is it a fantasy that blacks can't do it on our own and that whites should come back to save us?

    As you say If blacks are "predisposed to being uncivilized"how are we going to understand "more knowledge"and utilize it? By the way do you mean blacks are genetically "predisposed to being uncivilized?"

  27. Michelle Kirkwood It's important for him to go on, because he's exposing his ignorance. He thinks white supremacy stopped at slavery and many black folks think the way he does. It's clear he watches and reads "mainstream news", particularly, the conservative kind. Be easy on him, he's clearly very confused.

  28. Dew Time says:

    Collin Johnson The primary reason why countries in Africa are in such a bad condition is corruption and tribalism. Such is the nature of black people. It is necessary and proper for them to settle disputes with physical violence. Debt from the IMF does not account for this.

    In terms of apartheid, I think apartheid was wrong but I think there should have been a slow transition process. White people should not control blacks but the whites clearly needed to stay in the country (south africa and zimbabwe) so the economy could operate on a world stage.

    I'm afraid I have to admit, I'm not sure if its possible for black people run a country or even a city on their own. They just don't understand how the world works.

    You keep saying that whites have controlled blacks all over the world and so from that comes a legacy of slavery or oppression. I think this legacy of oppression will make it harder for blacks to achieve what white people have. But this legacy of oppression does NOT fully account for the disparity in outcomes among whites and blacks.

    Blacks love to use slavery as an excuse for their own shortcomings. They don't have to work or pick up a book and read anything because they're brainwashed by liberals into believing they can't get anywhere in a white controlled world.

    The failure of black people can be attributed to 3 different things. One, legacy of oppression. Two, a degenerate culture, especially here in america where blacks don't value education. Three, a genetic predisposition to be uncivilized.

  29. Dew Time says:

    Michelle Kirkwood I don't care what I sound like. Atlanta is a terrible example. It's one of the most dangerous cities to live in. Look at the crime rate. Where ever you go on planet earth you will find high rates of violent crime where all the black people are.

  30. Dew Time You might find this quote interesting, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

    Why was apartheid bad? You did say blacks did better under it, right? And, your ideas are identical to the Afrikaners, and many of them have a strong desire to bring apartheid back.

    So, you do think blacks are genetically predisposed to be uncivilized. If that's the case, any educational, cultural or behavioral suggested improvements won't work, because in your mind black folks are "genetically predisposed to be uncivilized." You won't admit to it but this video resonates with you because you agree blacks should either have their blackness bred out of us with "superior white genes", or blacks should be discouraged from procreating and so that we don't spread our "inferior genes"and hold "back modern civilization." These are your words and ideas, and the solution that's inferred from your reasoning is black annihilation.

    And, that means you've aligned yourself with the enemy-therefore-you are the enemy.

  31. Dew Time says:

    Collin Johnson
    "So, you do think blacks are genetically predisposed to be uncivilized. If that's the case, any educational, cultural or behavioral suggested improvements won't work, "

    Although I think genetics provides for a ceiling of what blacks can achieve, I believe right now we have not reached that full potential. I personally know and have talked to many smart and civilized black individuals. I think our genetics makes it harder to achieve a level of civilization and intellectual excellence, but through diligent hard work and by the right influences, we can get there.

    I believe that the mind is like a muscle. It can adapt to work a certain way if you train it, especially at a young age. The problem with black folks is that it takes us a lot more time and effort to understand how to be civilized. We need to accept that our genes are not favorable to form a civilization as easily as whites.

    I don't know what the solution is. But I do know this. When black children are raised in white homes, when they go to white schools, or when they live in white neighborhoods, they have better life outcomes. Perhaps it is something about the way white people think that rubs off on "white washed" blacks that allows them to reach their full genetic potential. When blacks live in a city of other blacks, not only do their genetics hinder them, but so too does their culture.

  32. Let me add my 2cents check the consensus prior to the 1960s black communities had less than 1% illegitimacy, unemployment less than 5% over 60% business owners, teachers, doctors, mechanics etc. and the safest place to live and raise your family. During the 1960s the CIA, FEDs etc devised a plan to destroy these communities starting with drugs and perpetual crime and most of all the destruction of the educational system check it out people!This success was after slavery

  33. Dew Time Dew Time A couple of things, you do know that humans don't fit into the biological definition of races or subspecies, right? And that this social construction of race is a "gift"people who classify themselves as white gave humanity to use as a tool to dominate those they classify as not white. And, the genetic differences that are noted, are based on geography. With that said, what's the superior intellectual and civilizing gene that whites have or have more of that blacks don't have or don't have much of? And how much weight does this "civilizing gene"have against other variables such as discrimination, class, poor environment etc…?

    Secondly, have people that are classified as whites, whom you deem superior, have they always been on top of those they deem not white throughout history?Do peoples and their civilizations/empires rise and fall throughout history? Can people who where once dominant in the world become the people that are dominated? If people classified as black are an inferior stock, the historical record will show that blacks had no note worthy civilization or contribution or INFLUENCE on others, is that a fact?

    Regarding "assimilated blacks having better outcomes",what's the class of the white people adopting these black children? What's the income bracket of blacks attending these all white schools?What resources are available in these white neighborhoods that have been systematically removed by whites from black neighborhoods?

    The problem facing black folks is white supremacy and black folks who have internalized white supremacy and protect it. This is not to say that black folks shouldn't learn from others, but your ideas, which are false, set black folks up for more suffering, humiliation, degradation which all occur under domination. Remember, ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.

  34. Dew Time says:

    Collin Johnson "A couple of things, you do know that humans don't fit into the biological definition of races or subspecies, right?"

    Classifying people by their race goes beyond sociology. I don't care if the definition of race was originated by white supremacists. That doesn't change the fact that racial groups are real.

    Just by looking at a person's skeletal remains we can conclude whether or not he was white, black, or asian, by looking for certain markers on the skeleton that some racial groups are more likely to have than others.

    By taking some of your DNA a scientist can determine if you're black, white, asian, hispanic, and probably exactly what country your ancestors came from.

    From there, there are certain assumptions they can make that are statistically true. For instance black people are more likely to have high blood pressure, have sickle-cell disease, or have longer penises than there asian counterparts.

    And I don't know the exact genes that are responsible for this. That doesn't discredit anything I've said though.

    "Do peoples and their civilizations/empires rise and fall throughout history?"

    That's a good point. I am open to the possibility that Africans will take over the world one day, and thus prove my hypothesis about their genetics wrong. But I find that possibility highly unlikely. We have to look at how the world is today, and how it has been for all our known history.

    Fact of the matter is this. Africans have accomplished very little in this world. They have never built a boat that was sea-worthy. They have never invented the wheel. They have never devised a written language. Such failure is indicative of genes that are different from white's and asians.

    Africans actually start to make some progress when the white man blesses them with infrastructure, schools, food, an economy, and health care. But once the white man leaves africans to their own vices, society collapses. Brotha, there are NO exceptions to this rule. Does that not trouble you?

  35. Dew Time Dew Time According to evolutionary biologist humans do not fit into the category of races or subspecies. All of those phenotypic bio-markers you mentioned-including "bigger penises", LOL, are the result of geographic superficial differences among the HUMAN RACE. These differences don't demonstrate any where close to what evolutionary biologist define as a subspecies or races. If you get a chance, check the work of evolutionary biologist Joseph Graves. So, don't argue with me about what race is, argue with the consensus of evolutionary biologist who have defined what race is, when you do, come back and let us know how it turned out. LOL. So, yes, this information does put a serious wrench in you hypothesis that blacks are genetically inferior, I would say it totally discredits it.

    Speaking of genetics, are you aware that DNA tribes did a DNA analysis of king TUT and other mummies and their results show that their bio-markers are overwhelmingly related to Subsaharan Africans. Of course DNA tribes got some flack for disclosing that info, and fortunately for them other independent genealogy companies confirmed their findings. By the way, the Armana period of Egypt( which king TuT was a part) were considered the pinnacle of ancient Egypt and whites folks weren't doing to well at this time. Looks like the evidence of ancient Egypt being a black African civilization is becoming overwhelming.

    It makes you wonder though, if white folks are blessed with "civilization coming easier to them"than others , why weren't they the first, and how did "genetically inferior" Africans beat them to it?

    There's much for you to ponder and read, but willful ignorance is a beast, isn't ?

  36. Dew Time says:

    Collin Johnson I don't agree with you on human race not being a scientific construct but I will leave the discussion at that. I'm not too sure about who was in Egypt. If it was the Africans then that's great. I hope you are right. But I am still not convinced that all the races are genetically the same since there is no proof for it.

  37. Dew Time "I don't agree with you on human race not being a scientific construct."what does that mean?

    "But I am still not convinced that all the races are genetically the same since there is no proof for it."

    Firstly, there are no races among humans, that's circular reasoning. Secondly, who said humans as a RACE are genetically the same? All species have a degree of genetic variation within them. Among the human species/race, these genetic variations are superficial and minuscule. This is why humans can't be divided into races or subspecies, we don't fit the definition of races/subspecies according to evolutionary biologist. This is why there is only one race when it comes to humans, and that's the HUMAN RACE. Again, read Joseph L Graves PHD work. He has a book titled,"The Race Myth: Why We Pretend Race Exists in America."This book does a very good job of eviscerating the "race realism"ideology that you are espousing.

    I see your a math guy? Are you aware that there's an ancient Egyptian papyrus with the beginnings of calculus dated 1,820 B.C..Shame on the cosmos series for claiming that Isaac Newton created calculus. I think Gerald Massey was on to something when he speculated that Europeans and others borrowed heavily from ancient Egyptians.

    Also Check this video below regarding African achievements:

  38. Steve But says:

    They plan for us to b extinct like they did the Indians of the Americas

  39. What's the name of this documentary

  40. Tiffany Juicypattie Shack says:

    Dew Time is it really hard or are they just barely reported on or thought about because they dont fit in with the idea that black people can have money be successful and civilised? wow the black guilt has got to you and i dont think you can be saved.

  41. Tiffany Juicypattie Shack says:

    Dew Time what was life like BEFORE colonization though?

  42. Dew Time says:

    Tiffany Juicypattie Shack You're right tiffany, I think I have fallen off the deep end.

  43. Tiffany Juicypattie Shack says:

    Dew Time Its a shame though,all of these things you think about 'black' people are the same things people see when they look at you and you want to support them.Its very sad but hey its your life.

  44. Dew Time says:

    Tiffany Juicypattie Shack Life before colonization was worst than it is now. When the europeans blessed africa with modern civilization, nearly every facet of life was better. They had access to health care, education, life expectancy went up, so many things were better.

    Go google or go on youtube and search for testimonies of africans who live in south africa. The majority of them will tell you, life was better under apartheid. Black people are simply incapable of running a city. They don't understand how the world works.

    Same for zimbabwe.

  45. Tiffany Juicypattie Shack says:

    Dew Time I just have a feeling you really arent who you say you are because i cannot comprehend how someone can have so much hate against their own race so im going to leave it at that.

  46. Dew Time says:

    Tiffany Juicypattie Shack
    I know its unfortunate but I will not shy away from what I see as the truth. All my life I have battled through this cognitive dissonance. I used to think that all races were the same. I didn't want to believe that some races had characteristics that set them apart from other races. It scared me to the ends of the earth to even think about it because I wanted to believe one thing but my common sense was telling me the complete opposite.

    I now feel free after having finally accepted the truth.

  47. Dew Time says:

    Tiffany Juicypattie Shack

    I don't have hate for black people. I love them. The fact that I see black people as genetically inferior does not mean I hate them. I think the life of a black person is worth the same as anyone else's. All I'm saying is if you look at black people as a whole, they cannot achieve what races have. Namely, civilization. Black people are not civilized when left to their own vices.

  48. Steve But says:

    By 2100 1 out of every 3 pple in the world will b a person of African decent —–we are not going the way of the Indian

  49. Hen Roc says:


  50. Dew Douglass , you know that we know that you are a white asshole pretending to be black don't you? Please black folks, don't fall for this racist buffoon white impostor.

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