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11 thoughts on “Shopping While Black: What Would You Do If You Saw a Black Woman Being Treated in a Store Like This?

  1. Farntella Graham says:

    this is sick on so many levels. most white people will not speak up. it is called, white privilege. most will shut up and maintain the system because it is in their interest to do so. white people go any place they want whether they are invited or not. white people are the minority in this world and they need to feel the suppression and oppression that they have heaped on others.

  2. Nigel A King Brown says:

    Why the fuck are we always waiting for white folks to help us

  3. It is called racism.

  4. No I don't and never have waited on whites to do naything for me. I would would tell the sales person ….. I cannot put in writing, and call the by standers, and the salesperson racist pigs, and never go in there again. We need our own.

  5. Ricky Negus says:

    My sentiments exactly

  6. Ricky Negus says:

    My sentiments exactly

  7. Tom Dobbins says:

    Give the manager/owner/corporation a large piece of my mind and never spend a penny there again.

  8. Dan Lee says:

    So this "experiment" simply PROVES what many of us already knew. But as MANY of us KNOW the reality is that in real life there are NO "sympathetic" people of other races in most cases coming to our rescue, nor should they have to. If some of us are so much into "integration" that they put up with this type of crap then they get what they get!

  9. the question is, what would you do if you saw a black woman being treated in a store like this? I would help the white security officer push her ass out of the store and then tell her ,'it's time you stop trying to imitate the very people you claimed to hate us and get rid of the fake ass long unnatural hair. Most black goes to stores frequented by rich white people and celebrities because in their mindset is that by wearing expensive clothing at shopping at such places, sets them above all the other black people. given this fact I would have told her also if she insisted ," serves you damn right you 2faced mf," it is time we leave those 2faced negros behind and let them fend for their wanabe ass selves, in hopes they turn a pillar of salt. none but some wishy washy s.o.b.

  10. I agree with you mr tom dobbins but, some people needs to realize that, like there is a time for everything thing, there's also a place. why not lets save
    $5,000 of our hard earnings and go crash at the white house dinners ,taking part in those expensive fries and burgers they serve for $ 4 to $5,000 per plate. there are tons of white people that cares less about those overly expensive stuff and for what reason, just for show. black people needs to wake the hell up, they've been given too many wake up calls yet they seem to complacent with the idea that because they have some money, I'm good to go. if you're not invited then stay the heck away. to heck with Versace and the rest, lets beat down the doors of k-mart, 2 and 3 for the price of 1.

  11. Nigel, most white folks are decent. We may not UNDERSTAND black people well, but few of us are malevolent. Unfortunately, the malevolent ones seek positions of power over others… cops, etc.

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