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11 thoughts on “Talib Kweli Breaks Downs Why a Post-Racial America Will Never Exist

  1. I bet if we sit down and listen and talk to our elders (people in their 70's.80s and older you will find that there was a GOOD side to SEGREGATION. Black people were ACTUALLY PROSPERING!

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    you're misinformed about your last statement.

  3. Kevin Smith BLACK WALL STREET


  5. No I am not misinformed. I am OLD enough to have lived at the edge of that period. My elders and their contemporaries bore witness to that. Yes segregation was a bad time but because of it Black People were more DEPENDENT ON ONE ANOTHER thus forming our own economy.

  6. Amp Jones says:

    During segregation our dollars circulated throughout the community, we practiced Group Economics, buying and selling with each other…. and I ain't talkin drugs…. Like SaQuita said #BlackWallStreet

  7. Constance Simms says:

    It is critical to be well versed in our history but what is more pressing is the attention we give our present state.

  8. Even though the interview was short, it was a great interview. Well spoken

  9. There are to many issues dividing us all!

    Poverty, misogyny, racism, nationalism, and the current wars, are distracting us from addressing the real problems of global Inequality. If we cannot agree on the basic principles that should govern us, and continue to support a system that is fundamentally unfair, then we are as much a part of the problem as those who oppress us.

    The plight of the worlds peoples is in our hands, and it is up to us to circumvent Our Governments, and unite!

    "Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere".

  10. Show the world that we are about good business and trade. Trade = Peace. Prove the adversary wrong and make him obsolete. If you know your adversary is a deceiver then your adversary's deceptions cannot harm you because you have perception. Use your mind and stop looking for physical war. We are not on the grounds for physical war and it will further defeat the cause. Beat them in economics and trade. Its what matters on the world's stage. After all everything is a business.

  11. Footnote: Before WELFARE CHILD SUPPORT became law most of us grew up with our FATHERS.

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