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9 thoughts on “Time For Change: Even Tea Party Extremists Have Come Around on This Racist Issue Facing Black Community 

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    him and his dad are segregationists. so you think all of a sudden they care about black folks. sheeit. ask american indians how they feel about white peoples words, cause evidently after 500 years you nigras still need a lesson in who to trust.

  2. Brian Nash Other than the Mayans is there solid evidence that those people were like that 'before' europeans made contact with them? If so please advise me on where to find such information.

  3. Nicol L Lami says:

    bless you heart brother. I will try not to reply to his arrogance/ignorance; 'cause if I won't be as nice as you put it!

  4. Brian Nash says:

    I've said my peace, and it's not I who is ignorant. Continue your racist and hateful existences, I'm sure Christ would approve.

  5. Nicol L Lami says:

    Brian Nash non of these come remotely close to hat your people have done to other people and our planet!

  6. Nicol L Lami says:

    Brian Nash and continue to do. By your people I mean whites..the Christ you talk about will not approve of what your people continue to do to other's! especially HIS people! oh and by the way OUR Messiah was never white. but your people have made HIS people to worship a white guy for generations men! this is crazy. thats why your people must be held accountable for the atrocities and evil deeds to colored people and the planet.. the diseases, wars, rape, slavery, robbery, greed for gold, colonization men where can I even start. make me want to throw up every time I think of if!

  7. Brian Nash says:

    Nicol L Lami you can again refer to my last statement, also you should spend more time reflecting on Christ's teachings instead of being hateful and racist trying to ignorantly blame someone for all of the atrocities in the world instead of doing something with your life to try and make the world a better place. Your time and effort would be better spent on love rather than on hatred.

  8. Milagros Garcia Villamil says:

    Never ever take what Rand Paul or any of the weird 8 are infamous for WORDS!

  9. John Hunter says:

    Paul wants to still call it a mistake that I choose marijuana over other drugs and pain killers then you sir will not have my Vote… an here I was thinking I would finally be able to vote Christian again. oh well.

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