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84 thoughts on “Racism in Australia Has Black Man in Fear For His Life

  1. Lisa Dobrowolski says:

    what research is that Reggie?

  2. You're Australian if my memory serves me correct, so I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

  3. Lisa Dobrowolski says:

    lol I know am Australian so please explain – I want to hear what u are talking about and how it applies to this?????

  4. Rad Dot says:

    Why are you on this site?

  5. Lisa Dobrowolski says:

    Why not? I live just outside of Chicago Rad Dot – I just happen to be Australian lol Didn't know there was prerequisites to be on here. WHy are you on here??

  6. Rad Dot says:

    I'm here because this site is about my people. Again why are YOU here?

  7. Lisa Dobrowolski says:

    Umm a tad racist? Well maybe I am here about MY people and cos I am white I can't have an opinion on anything??? WOW way to spread ignorance and hate yourself

  8. I'm not going spend a bunch of time typing or debating, I am simply that I like to put things historical context. I going to assume that you are fully aware of the history of your native land, and if you don't, look into it. That's really all I'm going to say.

  9. Lisa Dobrowolski says:

    Great cop out Reggie – if u cant explain yourself you obviously are talking about something that you know nothing about. This guy while probably born in Australia is not native Australia/aborigine so I have no idea what you are talking about. Don't insult my intelligence by telling me to "look into my history" when I am more aware of it no doubt than you are. I adore your wife and would never ever talk about her or you. But seriously I can not believe that you are married to a beautiful white woman, have fathered a adorable child with another white woman, have some white inlaws as family yet you have so much hate towards so many white people – especially those that disagree with you . You are right – I refuse to argue or debate with people that refuse to back up their words with cold hard facts. It is now that we should part our ways. I love you Melanie but I know you will stand behind your man 🙂

  10. Abena Greene says:

    I wish people learn they're nationality right his dark but not black and if they're wasn't so much evil and hateirzed around it wouldn't be a problem.

  11. Robert Scott says:

    Untl 1967 Aboriginies in Australia were considered as game and could be shot for sport under the Flora and Fauna Act!!

  12. OMG lol I am just as pro black as the next person, but excluding someone white from reading about black news is a bit harsh and stupid.

  13. Whoever said that he isn't black is misinformed. He is black. He is a Dravidian.

  14. Lisa Dobrowolski says:

    Thanks April. I am not here to bash anyone in particular – this article took my eye due to the content etc. There is wrong in my eyes for both parties in this particular story and I was not condoning the behavior of any of them. Just stating my opinion and as I said I didn't realize there were "prerequisites" to read and comment on a news article. lol

  15. Lisa Dobrowolski says:

    Hmm where did u find that Robert? I found this with respect to the act …It is also often stated the 1967 Referendum overturned the "Flora and Fauna Act," mandating that Indigenous Australians were governed and managed under the same portfolio as Australian wildlife. For instance, the Australian Broadcasting Commission's Mark Colvin said in 2007: "before that vote [the 1967 Referendum], Aboriginal people weren't counted as people, they came under the Flora and Fauna Act."[6] This statement is not correct. The 1967 Referendum did not repeal any such "Flora and Fauna Act"; indeed, no federal legislation existed under that name.[7]

  16. Danny Graves says:

    Dravidian is Indian.

  17. Yes. They are the ancient Africans of India. They are a very old people.

  18. Guercy Elan says:

    Racism is a problem worldwide. Humans are not safe.

  19. Traci Stanley-Williams says:

    I"m a black Australian. Aboriginal Australian. This guy is of South Asian (Indian, Sri Lankan or Bangla origin). A Current Affair is a tabloid TV program which thrives on stories like this. I'm also a journalist formerly with the national broadcaster and former diplomat having lived in the US, UK and Asia. It's stories like this that embarrass me so much about my country when they appear on international websites such as this. And evidence the "bogan" culture in my country. HOw on earth this ended up on this site when there are so many other stories which tell the real racism experienced by original Black Australians…. I know. I can give you guys a hundred better stories to run on your site than this……

  20. Lisa Dobrowolski says:

    Rad Dot that's fine I feel exactly the same way but not because we are of different races – its because you are hate monger and spreader and not worth wasting my breath on – why did u have to bring race into it??? Sorry that you are that uneducated and feel so crap about your sorry self you had to resort to a racial comeback.

  21. Lisa Dobrowolski says:

    Love your response Traci Stanley Williams. You are so correct in what you said. I don't really believe that CUrent affair really made this piece about race, but the Atlanta Black Star served it that way.

  22. Lisa Dobrowolski says:

    In the 1960s, genetic anthropologist Stanley Marion Garn considered the entirety of the Indian subcontinent to be a "race" genetically distinct from other populations.[13][14] The geneticist L.L. Cavalli-Sforza of Stanford, based on work done in the 1980s, classified Indians as being genetically Caucasian. Cavalli-Sforza theorised that Indians are about three times closer to West Europeans than to East Asians.[13] More recently, other geneticists, such as Lynn B. Jorde and Stephen P. Wooding, demonstrated that South Indians are genetic intermediaries between Europeans and East Asians.[15][16][17]

  23. Are you saying that the story is fake? What I saw seemed pretty real to me. That is not say that all Australians are racist like that, of course not. It was horrific what was done to the Aboriginal people. I even saw that movie Rabbit Proof Fence. Very disturbing stuff. I agree that this in no way compares to that.

  24. Danny Graves says:

    I could as the same question the other way around, no matter how you spin it, people hate people. So my short answer to that is they dont. The people in the video are mentally handicapped, and honestly I dont know why they are so pissed, i mean, look at those houses. To you directly, I dont know you, but I know I LOVE YOU.
    What good does hate do, other than breed more hate. The children of God are more powerful than hate.

  25. Laquince Johnson says:

    I did not know black was a race can you enlighten me please?

  26. Laquince Johnson says:

    I did not know black was a race can you all who keep saying this "black" race enlighten me please? I have read many history books and done years of research and have not seen this "Black" race come up until about 50 years ago. Where did they come from how did they originate.

  27. Jenetta Johnson says:

    Cuz, I've been wondering the same thing…

  28. Sundiata Keita says:

    Tanya Doomey Ellis she's white and somehow she found an off the radar black website to tell black people how to think in the comment section. of course bitch is intentionally lying.
    also,good comment, do your thang sistah

  29. Sundiata Keita says:

    pay attention to how this devil tried to play you. he's a white person that came out of nowhere to find a no name black website to tell you to forgive and forget. dont fall for these demons tricks my sistah.
    these demons dont believe in god but they tell you to just forget the evil they done.

  30. Sundiata Keita says:

    ask yourself how this demon found this website? and why would he be over here?

  31. these are some real RACIST'S bastards…

  32. Jessica Mason says:

    Black or not this is wrong And they should be prosecuted for their threats police are really dropping the ball on this one

  33. Don Burrus says:

    Aborigine. This is Australia

  34. Tom Huynh says:

    Racism is to distract people from classism (racial bribe look it up), but when many people (especially whites) don't realize the effect of racial psychological conditioning, the origins of stereotypes, and the cultural racism( behaviors, attitudes, wealth, and beneficial institutions that is passed onto one generation to the next in subtle ways), It will continue to be light skin versus dark skin instead of poor folks versus rich sociopath who control many cultures to pit people against one another..

  35. Bob Evans says:

    Okay Ryan DeVon so what is black? He's certainly non white! No where near it! Most blacks in America are mixed with European and Native American yet they still call us black and care not about our mixed heritages! Black is black to a white supremacist!

  36. Bob Evans says:

    Danny Graves Typical white supremacist answer…You all never own up to your racism because that's how y'all keep it perpetuating to you all's benefits. You all's doctrine is to practice Injustices based on skin color.

  37. Noun 1. Black race – a dark-skinned raceBlack race – a dark-skinned race
    Negro race, Negroid race

    race – people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock; "some biologists doubt that there are important genetic differences between races of human beings"

  38. No you are wrong. White people are the lepers….a leper colony that grew. The original man is the black man.

  39. Tess McDuffy says:

    Renee Matthews Jackson He looks to be Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi or Indian. He is definitely NOT an Aborigne.

  40. Penny Childs says:

    Danny You Have Lost Your Damn Mind- you sound like a hick from the sticks.. That Ghetto was Where poor whites lived first and they seemed to be safe there to me. Then any Black man in the trailer park stop side line talking-do you even realize what is coming out your mouth? There is know safety for a man of color..

  41. dravidians are black people, dna test done by national geographic, showed that they are descendants of africans that migrated out of africa, they are really the first inhabitants of india, india, is not the original name, that name came from the genocide man himself, columbus, the original name is ethiopia. do your research people.

  42. Ricky Negus says:

    Whether he's indian or aborigine. They are both a set of black people When I say Indian I mean Dalit or Dravidian. Not the so called Aryan Indian. I mean the original inhabitants of India. Black goes beyond what we in America see it as. All black people don't have nappy hair, big lips, and big noses, These are West African traits. This man is black. He looks like a south indian. These people have always been black until the indo European moved in and exploited the caste system. And as far as Aborigines go. They know they are black and don't try to hide it. Black comes in many different forms. Don't Be fooled. This dude is black. He has African blood flowing through his veins. Hell probably more than what I got. lol

  43. Ricky Negus says:

    Bob Evans Exactly. people think Black is only what we see in America and West Africa. Black goes Waaay Beyond That. There are multiple phenotypes of Black People. My God folks can be so ignorant.

  44. Ricky Negus says:

    Reginald Johnson Thanx man. Im glad somebody takes time out their day to educate themselves. Some of these comments were just too ignorant to let live.

  45. Ricky Negus says:

    Lisa Dobrowolski So those millions of blacks in the indian subcontinent who hve been there since man started migrating out of Africa who knew they were black and saw black as a color of divinity. So loved was black to them that when their babies were born they would bathe them in sesame seed oil to get their skin darker than what it already was. You mean to tell me they are no longer black because some guy comes and say that they aren't! Wow that has got to be the dumbest thing I ever heard in a longtime.


  46. Ricky Negus says:

    Im right beside you brotha. I like Dr. Runoko Rashidi's works on this particular subject. When I first stumbled across him my ignorance said to me "when will I this ever be useul to me?" This post is just one of the many reasons why Dr. Runoko Rashidi has done nothing short of saving my life from ignorance. Him and many others

  47. Brother Ryan Devon, he is black African Indian, he is a dravidian, or untouchable, untouchables are black people.

  48. Brother Ricky Negus, yes I follow brother rashidi, and a few others. A Dravidian brother told the story of his people, that's how I found out, and also brother rashidi.

  49. Ryan DeVon says:

    Antonio Martin ok my bad

  50. Ryan DeVon says:

    Ricky Negus i can be ignorant. I did go to public school in America. My bad . Carry on

  51. Ryan DeVon says:

    Bob Evans yeah, i guess

  52. Laquince Johnson says:

    Actually I am a male lol. The name Laquince is due to Im the 15th grand child and my grandfather was born on the 15th. Also it's known for being the forbidden fruit the quince fruit. People called themselves black becuase they did not know there culture or where they came from.

  53. Laquince Johnson says:

    I know my history. My Dads side of the family last name is Johnson which derived from hebrew Jousoun which means God favored, by the way of Cameroon from the Falanie tribe and my mothers maden name was Allison which her Dads family was from Cuba by the way of Jamica becuase of the transfer of slaves for suger cane in the late and early 1700 and 1800'sby the way of Maracco and the Canery island deriving from the Mandee and Berber tribes. No one in Africa before the 1200's called themselves African's you were indetified by your tribe. You can thank AfriKanas an Italain from rome for the name AFRICA. Before then land was named for what tribe was there at the time. Please do your research before you give information on why things are the way they are.

  54. Von Omari says:

    Laquince Johnson Did not know you were male. It happens to me all the time. Glad you know your personal history. But I was specifically referring the the STATES, not africa or a place known today as africa…..And you're absolutely right, this is why Black was designated as a "Culture" because no one really knew our history…..Black was created out the little that we knew about ourselves. And what a powerful culture it became. Unfortunately it's slipping by the wayside. BTW, we never gave it a race label. White people did. Because they label white a race, they gave every man of color a race label..Think about it. ….Have you every challenged them. Oh and I am very aware of the history of names and how the continent got it's names. I'm up on a lot of shit when it comes to Black culture and world history when it comes to us. From ancient khemet, pre-christain ethiopia, the connection to the blacks of india and aboriginals ( who btw, think they are not connected to the rest of us by way of a traditional creation story), and then some. Like I said, nice of you to know who you are and where you come from, however, Black is used today to connect those of us who have very similar experiences based on the fact that we share a dominant genetic code that gives us melanin ( which is Black) outside the body and a certain hair texture. Black has now gone way beyond culture or ethnicity. It's all about the metaphysics and esoteric……….Now, do you really know who you are……

  55. Laquince Johnson says:

    People of European ancestry derive from the mother land as well. And sadly most of them do not know there original tribes or clans and they go with the next thing and use a color. That's why it is important for all people no matter what color to know where they come from. Now living in the Middle East it's the norm to know your culture all the way back 20 generations. They identify by there people. Bahraining, or jordaining, or ethiopain, Eygption no matter what the color. It's funny when people of color tell them I'm "black or a euro say I'm white. They look at still waiting for them to explain where there from. So over all Europeans don't have a excuse either. Note I did not say cacusian due to none of them came from the caccus mountains. This lie was written by a professor who sadly could not identify himself and came up with this fares. Indians from India and afghans and have been there for years. That's where the Germains got there famous swaztica from India.

  56. Fergie Tony says:

    They just jealous of the guy's success and why is that guy able to say that he can kill a man on television and is not arrested. If that guy ever call me a black anything, I would deal with him in an extreme manner, no matter what, far less being confrontational. These assholes can only do this when they are like 10 to 1. No balls, come try that shit in the Caribbean bro!!!

  57. Fergie Tony says:

    They just jealous of the guy's success and why is that guy able to say that he can kill a man on television and is not arrested. If that guy ever call me a black anything, I would deal with him in an extreme manner, no matter what, far less being confrontational. These assholes can only do this when they are like 10 to 1. No balls, come try that shit in the Caribbean bro!!!

  58. Iris Lennox says:

    Renee Matthews Jackson The Australian Aboriginal would be worst of the raciest, I have aboriginal one side and Asian's the other side and we had nothing but trouble with them, the police and ambulance were there all the time………..give me an asian any day……………………..and I am not raciest, 3 generations back im my fsmily tree is Australian Native.

  59. Iris Lennox says:

    I wouldn't be to sure of yourself there MATE, who do you think you are, come here to Australia to stir more trouble……………………….don't you think we have enough here, with adding another raciest, as you have just made your self to be………………..good onya have a good one chsmp.

  60. DiLon Mitchell says:

    Danny Graves "And white America indeed as I could never get my family wellfare/food stamp help because "minorities" need it more, denied nearly everytime." you say Minorities need it more right? Then I will leave this with you!,9171,156084,00.html

  61. Bryant C Johnson Sr. says:

    Black is COLOR. What we have to know is our identity. THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT NATIONS OF blacks. That's WHAT AFRICAN AMERICANS have to UNDERSTAND. They STRIPPED us of OUR NATIONALITIES. WE LOST OUR HISTORY! DRIVIDIAN is ANOTHER NATION of AFRICANS! So according to JIM CROW LAW that is to considered BLACK! Undestand! Salaam Alaikum!

  62. Farntella Graham says:

    same problem all over the world from the minority whites. I am so tired of them. Lord deliver us.

  63. Farntella Graham says:

    from a minority race of people who are in negative birth to death ratio. time will heal all of this, eventually.

  64. Farntella Graham says:

    Lisa Dobrowolski I rarely hear white people talk to their own like you are talking to this person. if white people sanctioned their own for their racist behavior, there would be less of it but that is not the case, therefore you hold collective responsibility for outcomes.

  65. Farntella Graham says:

    April Arkiesha Goodwin that's right, the lighter you are from my color, the less human and more neanderthal.

  66. Farntella Graham says:

    April Arkiesha Goodwin that's right, the lighter you are from my color, the less human and more neanderthal.

  67. Kai Beverly says:

    He isn't black

  68. Sandra Brown says:

    HUMAN–man with a hue–try to understand it, and stop playing in their box of crayons.

  69. Danny Graves says:

    Ah'mir SunnyCosign Mack Typical Bigoted insecure racist, you are a monster among humanity, you are a beast of the field and nothing more.

  70. Terry Moore says:

    Danny Graves, you could ask the same thing, but you would get a laundry list of answers as to why whites are hated. We are hated solely for the way God made us!

  71. Terry Moore says:

    There you go Danny, now you are showing you true self! Beast of the fields and nothing more! Now you know!

  72. Omega Cooper says:

    I believe he's an aboriginal.I have heard that many White Australians don't like them, but here's what's weird, I went to Australia a few yers ago and people were nice and I hung out with many of them and they told me they didn't like the aboriginals but had nothing against black people, like me.

  73. Ah'mir SunnyCosign Mack says:

    White supremacy is real and it's always being practiced! But even without racism there'd still be misfits, deviants, miscreants, and criminals of all shades and colors still doing dumb, and or, horrible shit to people, and or, to themselves!

    Bottomline! Don't try an mask the white supremacy and racism of people who're classified as white under the ill shit that's going to happen in the world regardless of race! In reference to you people out here who like to draw some kind of comparisons as if to mock black people's protests against injustice when the regardless of; still isn't an incuse for you all to mistreat black people!

  74. Danny Graves says:

    Terry Moore youare right, I spoke out of turn and immaturity and for that I apologize.

  75. Uhhm-he's not black. He looks like an Aboriginal Australian.

  76. He's black if Caucasians say that he is! African people aren't black either but Caucasians say that's the color of our skin! No matter how dark we can get there's no "black person" that's really the color black! Nor are white people really white! Their skin is the color of swin!

  77. Caucasians there called Aboriginals niggers and classified them as foliage as if they weren't even human!

  78. Thuh GoldenRobed King Seems like a perfect place for all the American racists, KKK, Tea Partyers, and most of the Republican't party to relocate.

  79. no. hes Indian.

  80. I believe Indians are technically Caucasian.

  81. This is so dumb and backward. I think they think that he is better of than them. Grudge.

  82. Fergie Tony says:

    I just saw a documentary of what the white Australians did to the Aborigianese, and I'm talking about up to 20 years ago. They had organized militia to basically genocide these people. What gives them the right to hate anyonewhen they are the ones who started all the violence forcefully encroaching on other people's lands. The crimes that have been commited against all people of colour continue today but mark my words, even the longest rope has an end…..

  83. SherOn Bala says:

    hes either sri lankan or indian

  84. SherOn Bala says:

    either indian or sri lankan. You can tell by the accent

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