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149 thoughts on “White Man Encounters Shocking Racism After He Disguises Himself as Black in Germany

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    glad he came up with this video. cause other than 500 years of living in hell under white supremacy i wouldn't have any clue that white people hated me for no fuckin reason.
    what a relief.

  2. I'm always shocked, and I still don't understand why. Sooo disgusting. A black man in the White House or mixed man..and still these idiiots are racists.

  3. Kimberly Bradley says:

    Germany right land of Nazi's Nothings changed since 1933

  4. Chale Willie says:

    amen my brother…we never do this to them

  5. Anonymous says:

    Man them muthafuckas really hate us!!! When we gonna wake up and realize that we don't have no friends everybody's our enemy!!! The best thing that we can do is unite as a race, but it seems like it'll never happen until we get our got damn minds right!!!! WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Chale Willie They have an inferiority complex, so of course they're gonna feel the way they feel about us

  7. Russell Lawrence Benford says:

    Not shocked in the least bit. But all those white folks that like to put on black face around Halloween and what not need to get a reality check.

  8. Cheryl Hinnant says:

    Simple solution! People of color need to rent from each other, buy from each other and learn how to build our own affordable housing, grow our own healthy organic foods, trade with each other… Not a big deal. We act as those we are dependent on white people? Learn how to create free housing and edible gardens for all!

  9. Cheryl Hinnant says:

    Racism is a learned behavior. The truth is people of color make up 9/10th of the worlds population and white people make up 1/10th. Also, the black woman was the first human on earth and we created so many amazing inventions. The problem is we don't know our worth and how powerful we really are. Everyone knows how people of color are treated. So, do something about it–stop giving them your money and time.

  10. Remember they rather be a monkeys uncle. I would like the good Christians see how racist their white church members are.

  11. Siyabulela Zizi Ka Dingilizwe says:

    i always say racism has nothing to do with the person receiving it,

    if we pay it less attention it just might dissipate.

    having said that there's no extreme racial slurs or sentiments on this video. white people react differently to us.

  12. Dale Myrie says:

    We go through so much as people of color and when we try to speak out on inequalities they call us racist. Who is the racist, we who are being oppressed and rejected or those who choose to oppress and reject us?

  13. Mannin Marsh says:

    that is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

  14. Anyone who assumes racism against black people only existed in the states is completely delusional and in denial. We seem to forget that the white people who live in America CAME FROM EUROPE, so Europe is the birth place of this ideology against black/African, so why assume that for some reason it doesn't exist there or less than in America? It would make sense that it's infact worse over there. In this video it was extremely blatant.

  15. racism doesn't go away by not talking about it or ignoring just like a disease doesn't go away by not addressing it; it actually festers and gets worse. Racism is a disease and its a disease of white people because they created it and have since exercised it to the fullest

  16. Obama's presence in the white house is just pacifism; to try to get black people to think that racism is no longer a problem while at the same time making it more apparent instead of masking it, which is what white folks have been trying to do the past couple decades

  17. I like seeing the weird people acting racist, I have been knowing these weird things did this for a very long time. It is amazing, had it not been for African people, Europe would be third world. They did not have nothing when they came to Africa looking for black people to be held as slaves. I believe they hate us, not so much our healthy skin color, and our strong hair, but, we were on our continent, long time ago, and no other race of people but us, our continent is rich, richer than all the other continents put together. All the other races, groups, were on one continent, Asia, every last one of them, were together, except African people. I think that would be enough to hate someone. When they got to Africa, saw all that we had, they did not want us to share a little with them, they took the position, we are going to take all their stuff, and kill them all. The only reason they did not kill us all, because they knew they would need us, for slavery, all over the world.

  18. Cheryl Hinnant You nailed it. With reparations, that is far over due, we could be about what you speak. We still could do it in the meantime, but we cannot get any help, like whites got. But we do what we have to do. Next problem, we have to come together, love one another, trust one another, we can do just what Garvey had started, he and the people. All praise to Marcus Garvey, and the Africans, who supported him, and themselves.

  19. woodyhill Do not get caught up on them hating us, we know who they are, they have neber done nothing for us, we have done more for Europeans and others, it is unbelievebla, we we here today on this planet suffering, because we cannot get anywhere living under white supremancy. This sh.. about we are freeloaders, and criminals, they hated us when they first came to Africa, they hated us why holding us in slavery, they hated us after they had to lease us from slavery. Were we freeloaders in Africa? Who were the freeloaders while holding us in slavery? Were we free loaders after being held in slavery? I care less about these vicious racist liking me, I do not want them to like me, I know who I am, they need to ask themselves who are they, who has contributed more to the planet, than any other group, than the Africans? And they want to hate us, and make up all those lies and excuses why they hate us. They can kiss where the sun dosen't shine. I wish I could write the word out.

  20. An old racist white …. will die, thinking she is superior to blacks.

  21. Vero Veronika I have news for you, if you could check back, right before the end of the planet, more than a billion years from now, they still will not have changed. If …. they are still around.

  22. Theodora Anagor says:

    The man was behaving normally, sitting on a bench quite close that is a 3 person bench, what was he supposed to do sit on the edge? Seriously Zoe your whole diatribe is utter nonsense.

  23. Marc Francois says:

    This is brilliant!

  24. The counter argument is to throw you off, don't feed into it, just say something like you cant counter a claim by making the same claim, they don't have an good reply so they do what's next put it on you to answer it.

  25. it could be so easy to talk about this struggle as an outsider, but it must be terribly hard as a black person to go on without having this need for acceptance met. I can see that because of this need not being met, someone would even try to dissociate themselves from their color, even a bit. Being lighter = more acceptance in society. I wonder what it must be like to experience this kind of dynamic in my own life, how I would find ways to deal with not seeing my need for acceptance met.

    What could I do willingly that would meet your need for acceptance?

  26. Ørjan Berre says:

    You realize that by saying that all most germans are racists you are being racist yourself?

  27. Arne Grüber says:

    yeah, right. we are disgusting, every last one of us! when we're not busy, making plans for the 4th reich, we like to smother immigrants with sauerkraut. prejudice goes both ways I guess…

  28. Arne Grüber says:

    yeah, right. we are disgusting, every last one of us! when we're not busy, making plans for the 4th reich, we like to smother immigrants with sauerkraut. prejudice goes both ways I guess…

  29. Kimberly Bradley says:

    Arne Grüber no it doesn't since when did any of those immigrants discriminate against any German? And no not all people are racist or prejudiced just a large number that remember their struggle.

  30. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Kimberly Bradley Sorry I have lived in England, the US and Germany. While there is racism in Germany I find it mild when compared to the States.

  31. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Kimberly Bradley Sorry I have lived in England, the US and Germany. While there is racism in Germany I find it mild when compared to the States.

  32. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Kimberly Bradley Sorry I have lived in England, the US and Germany. While there is racism in Germany I find it mild when compared to the States.

  33. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Kimberly Bradley Sorry I have lived in England, the US and Germany. While there is racism in Germany I find it mild when compared to the States.

  34. Muhammad Abd'Al-Aziz Bin Hayis says:

    This must only be shocking to white people as black and brown people know this story all too well .

  35. This isn't shocking at all and he looked like a white guy wearing makeup but those racist pricks are so caught up in their hate they couldn't see what was right in front of them. Like "The Watermelon Man" racist people should just wake up black, I take it that would be a punishment worse than death for them. Wake up black and live our lives with people like yourself to survive for the rest of your days.

  36. Michael Pinson says:

    Say it so that this great world that we live in as blacks and any other race other then white people can get the same respect, y'all know that they really believe we are beneath them, but majority of whites want to sweep the past under the rug as if it had never happen, I don't blame them either denial is the best form for most, but I still love you all.

  37. I like black people 😀 And I'm sorry so many of you have to go through this =)!"(#ing shit. What can I do to change stuff?

  38. Proud to be who I am no matter what wouldn't change it for the world. I just wish we were more united as a race. We been through so much just because of our colour, now our race doesn't like them self because of it, not me. I wont be going Germany.

  39. Why should the film a sound charismatic, "ordinary" black man to encounter what they would encounter every day in that country to prove what we already know, I would hope the only reason for the "white" man to do this is to experience first hand. Nothing bizarre about that experiment just another hurtful truth as to racism.

  40. Doug Brown says:

    Old news and current news, and I've got some news for you. It's never going to end. It is just the nature of the inhabitants on this planet. It is for that reason that the struggle must continue. Every sane person, regardless of skin color must do their part to make sure that the ignorance of 'hitler' is not reborn.

  41. Doug Brown says:

    Old news and current news, and I've got some news for you. It's never going to end. It is just the nature of the inhabitants on this planet. It is for that reason that the struggle must continue. Every sane person, regardless of skin color must do their part to make sure that the ignorance of 'hitler' is not reborn.

  42. Eyu Gesese says:

    This doesn't surprise me at all. We, blacks or any minorities, must continue to educate ourselves and the next generation. Racism comes in so many different forms. Blacks or minorities around the world keep up fight, we have seen so much progress since the 60s. Let the ignorants be ignorants.

  43. Tabitha Miller says:

    Sad…..very sad. We as humans probably make God cry.

  44. Arne Grüber I lived in Munchen 10 years 17 years total never had to deal with people like that, not even in the east, Bautzen, Leipzig or Dresden.

  45. Susie Dean says:

    Everyday God cries for us!

  46. Susie Dean says:

    When I come back I do it want gobs black. My insides were literally drawing up on every encounter! . At least he can take it off. An you wonder why Muhammad Ali an others doesn't wanna fight the white mans war!!!

  47. Koch Jnr says:

    I love my blackness to death. Nothing and nobody can hold me down. I've achieved more than any racists will ever achieve! #blackisbeautiful

  48. Didier Chabi says:

    They can't wake up Black. Coz Black is a privilege. It's not a punishment Bro.

  49. Need more white people to do the same. So they can see how it feels to be judged by the color of your skin.

  50. Braun Shuga says:

    Indeed! But, there IS hope & this life is not all ther is!! He has a purpose for all humble and obedient mankind right here on earth! All is not lost simply because Adam & Eve sold all of us into the slavery of sin and thus THIS messed up life. THIS life is not what the TRUE God purposed. We are sidetracked but Jehovah, the living God, will right all wrongs.

  51. Damn shame. They are so blinded by their racism and bigotry that they can't even look at this man long enough to tell he is a white man wearing a black face. If he was in America he would have been spotted almost immediately and called out. Just the thought of black skin irritates these people. They still feel that they are superior to black people. What you saw in this video is ignorant, uneducated racism at it's clearest.

  52. Hasn't changed in USA either..

  53. Benjamin Akie Palmer says:

    So sad but am not suprised..Have been livin in Germany for almost 12 years. I know what it means to br black period….

  54. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Kimberly Bradley I have lived in The states and Germany, I will tell you that although there is racism here it pales in comparison to the States.

  55. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Kimberly Bradley I have lived in The states and Germany, I will tell you that although there is racism here it pales in comparison to the States.

  56. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Kimberly Bradley I have lived in The states and Germany, I will tell you that although there is racism here it pales in comparison to the States.

  57. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Kimberly Bradley I have lived in The states and Germany, I will tell you that although there is racism here it pales in comparison to the States.

  58. HELLO says:

    Kimberly Bradley I have lived in The states and Germany, I will tell you that although there is racism here it pales in comparison to the States.

  59. God please forgive them.

  60. Alisha Nichole says:

    Truly, this is no offense to you. But let's first start with getting to know ourselves.and with that, you will no people of colors, or black, as they all are of African decent, are not minorities!! We make up 75 percent of the world population. More over it is a blessing to be black. Having melanin is wonderful. Which is the real reason they hate us. It gives us a relationship with the sun, rythm, strength it is the light of the earth. Tell me, Melanin is found in everything on this earth, yet, white people?? But they hold themselves in such high regards and even put GOD in their image. We birthed them, fed them gave them education, world travel,culture, medicine and the list goes on. Lol, we got to wake up. This is nothing but over compensation for the self hate of white people. They can't have what we have naturally so they deflect their hate onto us to make us seem inferior. We are Gods and GODDESSES and it's time we start acting as such!!!

  61. Claudia Garcia says:

    WOW but hey at least they're honest about it not like the US whites

  62. Kimmy Lawson says:

    please tell that asshole with his ignorant stupid self "one of the apes from "AFRICA" says that he is the reason that contraception was invented……. his mother should have smothered him at birth, #pissed.

  63. Weca Prince says:

    Take a walk in my shoes to understand where im coming from. If everybody did this. Did a little something like this would you then understand? Then would you feel how we, black and latino, feel. It isnt a nice feeling and that man experienced it first hand. But when he goes home tonight, he can wash the makeup off. You cant wash the color of your skin off as easily as makeup. He got to taste just alittle bit it of it. Compared to the states and other places, that was like being hit with a marshmallow.

  64. Riri White says:

    this is nothing am here in Germany and it is worse than that.

  65. Why is it that we care what white people think about are color as black people we should stop trying to please people who don't like or care about us because of the color of our skin?

  66. Sherry Cole says:

    What he is doing was done years ago, and RACISM toward darker skinned people is common, and proven! It's ignored by people who are not discriminated against because they have never endured it! Life to them is like having a club membership, because of their none pigmented skin!

  67. Very sad!! If your not strong as a African American things like this will bring you down. I don't blame this women racism is taugh

  68. The book "Black Like Me" did this in the 1960s in the US, so it's nothing new. The experiment continues to open up the eyes of those who have doubts…about other white people.

  69. Anna Bovell says:

    I'm sorry this video put me in a very hateful mood , a part of me wishes somebody would just wreck Germany all over again. Clearly they have NOT learned that racism and discrimination does not pay. Their country was literally destroyed for it and earned a terrible reputation as a result but yet they continue. Makes me wish that after the WAR GERMANY WAS NOTHING TO REBUILD! Why couldn't Churchill and the other leaders be more cruel and just ensured that there was no Germany at the end of that war….literally no Germany! returning to a more intellectual , logical , tolerant and humane mood in…3…..2….1! #RantOver

  70. I say people care when they need a home or a car and can't get one because of their race. then you're homeless or jobless without the right tools any white person could've gotten easily.

  71. You sound like a good friend to have then. Stay classy

  72. David Reed says:

    I'm white and I try not to judge anyone by their color. I think that everyone has stereotypes I had a black 1st sergeant in the Army that said that too.I wish that we all could get along better and understand everyone better.

  73. Everybody knows that white people are devil's that's why they burn in the sun!!

  74. It breaks my heart to see how we are hated all over the world because of the color of our skin. They hated Jesus too and he was our Savior! Black people matter and we have Devine purpose period!

  75. It is not nature it is learned. Don't get it twisted because that is just as damaging as racism. It is learned behavior, not the nature of humanity. Watch very young children interact. No racism at all until people plant fear, hate and ignorance in them.

  76. Because we are surrounded.

  77. I lived all my life in Germany and only experience true racism on time,I couldn't rent a hotel room in the country.
    Every country has their knuckle heads, but I have to say the racism and discrimination I have experienced in the US,I have not experienced in europe. Sure things might change of time with the economy not being what it used to,I remember people not liking people from the east when the WALL fell,due to them getting anything for free or cheap even an apartment. And it was not a black and white thing.
    Every c

  78. Dann Tha Mann says:

    God bless this white man. Exposing the evil, cause it's not about race but equality for all. There are many amazing white people in the world.

  79. This comment is wrong and not factual. If you don't live their don't judge,worry about how your country treats their people and how the African American community treats each other. My country hated me so much that they paid for my education,gave me a place to live for free,food and cloth oh and I was a single mother so they helped me with furniture and haircuts for my child. I was born and raised in Germany and didn't come to the US till my mid 20th and that is when I experienced true racism for the first time and a consistent bases. Not just from Caucasians but the African American community. I am high hella,not black enough,not like them … da I am from Europe, I am stuck up think I am better than the rest ,I got good hair etc etc
    Don't talk about a place you have no clue about and continue a lie you heard on social network

  80. Doug Brown says:

    Good point. Hatred is learned. The imperfect nature of humanity is what I speak of. this will always be a factor, and as a result there will always be struggle.

  81. Marcellus McCoy says:

    Every were in the World Black people are hated!

  82. Evita Diaz says:

    It's not this way for only one non- Caucasian race. It's this way for most… I experience it even on airplanes- AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE TO SAY ONE WORD, COUGH, SNEEZE OR EVEN SNIFFLE. Dirty looks of disgust (I shower daily-use perfumes and deodorants and don't look "odd" in way), mean loud demanding tones (while I use low calm and polite tones as I question or make statements), and degrading treatment-whether it be in a gas station, on a two hour plane ride or clothing store in any mall, and at any high end jewelry store-those are the worst; however, I ALWAYS remain calm and let it go after my initial impulse to ask each offender "Why such hate towards me? What have I done to you? WHAT'S YOUR F****** PROBLEM? , I just pause, gather myself and walk away….. In case you are curious-I'm hispanic and native american and have been asked if I am of asian or middle eastern descent also.Love begets Love / Hate begets Hate – there should be no question why the world is the way it is today…. BUT we can change it by changing ourselves and teaching our children non-discriminating love instead of pre-programming them with hate. Even with the bad seeds of every race-those bad seed don't represent the faces of their entire race- this is something that should be common sense-key word SHOULD, it's sad to see this is not so…. I must add- although it's not "this way" everywhere. It's this way in more places than it should be and it makes me sad for the innocent all loving children like my son who will have to deal with this same hate and rejection when this shouldn't have ever been a way for anyone or place to be. We are a living, breathing, beings-who will all die someday and should not ever have to tolerate such mistreatment because we were born into the skin we're in period.

  83. Really unimpressive and unfortunate, but I believe we can say, "Eff those 6 dummies in Germany."

  84. If that old sea hag, could trade in her pasty, maggot white skin, for a Melanin Blessed, sun kissed complexion, she would trade her soul for it. Just imagine, no more burning in the sun.

  85. Basil Malik says:

    Susie Dean Hi Susie… with all due respect after almost 500 years you can't believe God has an interest in our well being. After all we are the only people that have been taught the "turn the other cheek" and "suffer here so and you will go to heaven" form of Christianity. Other Christians are free to hate, enslave and murder and we have historically have been the recipients of those actions. Our invocation of God when we should at the very least examine other methods of gaining equality and justice is by design. I mean, honestly, how long have you been a witness to the evil directed towards us? Either God doesn't care, doesn't exist or s a racist at this point.

  86. Basil Malik says:

    I would suggest, for many blacks, the issue isn't acceptance as much as it is equality. Equal access to justice, jobs, education and financial opportunities and the right to walk down the street without being murdered. Black people could manage just fine without being "accepted". It is the systemic racism woven into every aspect of American life that is stifling yet with a population of over 40 million, many still overcome this.

  87. Mamie Benson says:

    I hope each one of those bigots and all of their relatives see this video.

  88. Leon Coleman says:

    It's more than being black. It's about the history of what many blacks (mainly poor) have done. From stealing to robbery to other unwanted behavior. There is a higher relative frequency of this behavior among blacks than other races (especially whites). But there is a reason for this and it's not inborn.

  89. Riri White says:

    what even funny is one is not supposed to talk about it (silenced) and it is said we are the ones who are racist.

  90. Read the book, "Black Like Me".

  91. Don"t be pissed my man! Think. Let us all think. They(whites)are afraid of us. Pointblank…. If you was running a race, the objective would be to win, right? Now the people you are running from lets say you had a 500 year head start on them, and to give yourself an even bigger advantage you tried to destroy them both physically and mentally. You tried to rape them off, lynch them off, starve them off. You broke up there families by selling them off to other people who had no GODLY rights , like yourself, to own another human being….Selling men, women and children: doing absolutely unthinkable to those people, only because they was different than yourself. GOD! MY GOD! Yet 500 years latter these people are right in your footsteps about to finish the race ahead of you, because still they stand. Unbrakeable! Unmoveable! Unshakeable! And now they contain multitudes..Would it not frighten the HELL out of you? Let us continue to run. LET US WIN THIS RACE! BUT! BUT LET US TREAT EVERY MAN FAIRLY. WE ALL DESERVE THAT.

  92. Kevin Thomas says:

    What kills me is how so many hate us so much but in each and every facet they mimic us.. They want to dance like us in there youth, be tough like us and excel in sports…Then create new extreme ones that are just strange and expensive (LOL) so we won't compete… Then there's the music, the talk they paint themselves Orange! and say OOOooo it's just a tan! I'm not trying to be BLACK! Just need some color Yeah OK….What's up with pantyhose? Don't like them Lilly white legs? Even there make-up…Why do you put on foundation? And Butts are in! White women by the droves are doing anything and everything to have an ass these days…I mean even going all the way back to there Great White Hope in boxing…Yet every Bullshit fabricated war this country America has ever fought in we have helped save there ass…Yeah those elite squads do there jobs and them boys are good…But Country's fear the Marines! made up mostly of America's minority's….Dance, Music, Sports, each and every facet of life we excel in if given the opportunity…There new weapon is just that…Deniable access to equal opportunities they purposely price things out knowing that is a boundary for us…Things they don't want us to have they price them out…It's there new way of being a bigots, hypocrites, racists filled with jealousy, envy and discontent of themselves….Not us…. Here white people watch this video if your extreme enough to deal with the man in the mirror …Be real men ! and women GET OVER YOUR RACISM Get over yourselves….

  93. wow! this is something I haven't live often.Where I'm from if you're racist you get your ass kick we don't tolerate that.i'm so glad to be canadian!

  94. Just be the man GOD want and ask you to be for the glory of all. Don"t ignore injustice. To ignore injustice anywhere is to ignore injustice everywhere.

  95. Just keep being the awesome person you already are.

  96. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU"RE TALKING ABOUT? You don"t feel the bondage of other human beings is a case of unwanted behavior? We have been raped, lynched stareved: had our men, women and children taken from us. We have been lied to, denied basic education, jobs housing. What more can I say? We should feel some kind of way and so should you. YOU TELL ME WHAT HAVE THE WHITE NOT STOLEN! THIS WHOLE COUNTRY WAS STOLEN AND BUILT ON LIES. DO YOUR HOMEWORK PLEASE. PLEASE…..

  97. This is Germany. I predominately white country people. If I walked thru parts of Africa or Harlem I would be treated the same. Our president if half black attorney general has been black. Black leaders and CEO of businesses. Act right dress right and respect others and you will be respected. Stop using this crybaby shot of they have never done anything for us. Start your own path and succeed like so many black people before you have. God is crying at you not with you. Someone in his shoes will not support pity which pity is the basis of the most of these comments I am reading. Next time I drive through a black neighborhood and get stopped by the police or spit at and yes I know what that means then I will look at myself more intelligent and well rounded than that person which is what you should be doing. Have a good day!

  98. It shows that nothing much has changed 53 years after the publication of 'Black Like Me', a nonfiction book by white journalist John Howard Griffin, first published in 1961.

  99. Racism & Stereotyping someone are two very different things.

  100. Leon Coleman says:

    To terrell
    I was giving the reason why whites feel uneasy about blacks in the video and in general. I wasn't justifying anything. Lots of Whites are afraid of blacks, and it's not because of their skin color alone.

  101. Just trying to protect there home and there culture from foreign intruders…nothing wrong with that

  102. As a white person, this is shocking to me, and its also shocking to learn that this isn't shocking to brown and black people, so thanks for saying that.

  103. Eady Trice says:

    Eric Pride Young. Did you think that black people were just making it up? Playing a fake race card?

  104. Eady Trice Morgan, I don't think that at all. Obviously racism exists. Even where I live where racism probably isn't as bad as the places in the video racism exists, but it seems like its often more subtle and institutionalized. As a white person, I've never had another white person come up to me and say outright that they were treating a black person differently because they were black, like the lady at the end of the video.

    Most people I know and have contact with make efforts to fight racism, and don't have intentions to perpetuate racist beliefs and systems.

    What was shock to me was how these people were all racist and seemed to be fine with that.

    And it really shouldn't be shocking to me, because I know that people like that exist. I've just never seen it before. Unfortunately I think its easy for white people like me to not realize the extent that racism effects people of color. Its not something I'm proud of, but I probably am naive to a certain degree because I don't see the effects of racism usually like this video showed.

  105. Eady Trice says:

    Unfortunately, That's how racism works. "I haven't seem it" therefore. It's tconcluded that it doesn't exist or greatly exaggerated. I don't know what it's like to be white or male so I can never minimize their observations or experience. It is always perplexing to me when a white person makes statements like, " they're using the race card" . We play with the cards dealt to us.

  106. Laurence Bob says:

    say it loud………… I AM BLACK AND I AM PROUD…………

  107. Eady Trice Morgan Yeah I get that Eady, and I'm sure that's frustrating for you, and I'm sorry that you have to deal with that. I don't ever tell people that they're "playing the race card" and I do my best to understand what's its like for people of different races and genders. I'm in a weekly group where we talk about race and privilege, where the whole point is to try to understand racism better so we can fight against it.

    Even with the efforts that I make to understand others, I still have moved through the world as a white male, and its easy for me to forget and be ignorant of what its like to move through the world for other people. Once again, I'm not proud of that, or saying that that is a good thing, its hard to really know what its like to move through the world for a black female (for instance), because I haven't actually had that experience.

    I do my best to try to understand and appreciate the experiences of others, and support efforts to stop racism, sexism, homophobia, and prejudice in general, and I still have my blind spots and am ignorant sometimes because as much as I read about other races and genders, all of my experience is of being a white male.

    I am sorry if being shocked by that video is offensive to you, I can see why that could be frustrating for you, but that was my honest reaction to the video. I have rarely (if ever) seen racism that blatant and unapologetic. I have known for many many years that there are many blatant and unapologetic racists out in the world, I just haven't interacted with anyone like that and it was shocking to see for me.

  108. Eric Pride Young Your comments make smile, and give me a sliver of hope for humanity…..<3.

  109. I was going to write a long synopsis to respond to your answer, however I thought I would let one of your fellow brethren explain it.

  110. You have to be trolling… You work at a University where there are books that you could obviously read to educate yourself… I'll just leave this link for you as well.. Maybe you will believe it since a "White" man is telling you.. smh

  111. Very sad we don't live forever.

  112. Shelia Smith says:

    Okay Todd Forrester I hear you talking but do you hear what your saying… this guy was not acting in a bad way nor was he dress inappropriately but it didn't stop your kind from stereo typing him…. you just making an excuse…..I'm not one that's is looking for a pity party, I'm a six figure chic I have an education… and God has been gooooooood to me…I received my education just so I can tell your kind to kiss my [email protected]#ss a thousand times….I have a side kick that I happen to love with all my heart and he goes by the name GOD….He's express it a thousand times how in the end you DEVILS will be delivered to us and we must destroy your kind… he states in DUETERONOMY apparently you don't read the real bible…..But Ill be waiting ttyls……

  113. Yet another expert on something he can't possibly have a clue about. When was the last time you were Black? For that matter, when was the last time you were in Harlem or Africa. Perhaps you were spit upon because your contempt shows on your face. Harlem is no longer a Black area. You will never feel what you think you know because you are white. You are the weakest link.

  114. Anita Brokaw says:

    That is easy for some to say. We should not judging other period. Most white people behave as they do because its acceptable amongst them in their social structures. They lie cheat steal and kill . they are lazy ignorant and selfish as well.however,I would not go so far as to say all white people or any other populations ot people behave this way. It is true that racism is a learned behavior. If it were not true than way do the stereotype black people in ways that depicts them as criminals thugs,unemployed,drug dealers.etc. where would they find this type of vocabulary. We defend our African-American brother's and sister's our cousins mother's fathers they worked long and hard under some of the worst conditions imaginable. So when we incounter them where ever they may be stop adding insult to injury by continuing with this type of behaviour. I've experienced it myself however,it was after I seen with my own eyes the pain and suffering that slavery and racism and the impact it has on their life's even today the African-American in our society today are in no way uneducated lazy thugs or drug dealers. They were forced to live or die and they choose life. Their are better ways to express anger and frustration without lynching and burning people because we don't know how to express ourselves. Hate is a symptom of underlying emotional issues. If we dont address our emotional health it will only get worse. Don't ever feel that things will never change. Trust and believe all thing change. Its when we reject it then we have entered a cycle of outward aggression. However,there are many other reason beside our emotions that we act out on. So we have the opportunity to create within ourselves a better attitude about who we are and what our purpose is in life. We should want to teach our children how to love by showing what it is to be loved it not easy at first but each time we step towards others in any manner especially when people have been abused and hurt by ruthlessness carelessness. Money and material things only distract us from dealing with our true need to be whole and to be loved and cared for. This is something we can do and the more we do the better we become at expressing ourselves.

  115. White people want to prove to themselves that racism is alive and well.

    "Thanx, but we know this already"
    -black people-

  116. Jim Robinson says:

    Jacqueline Johnson As a veteran I have traveled around the world. The racism I have seen is because they fear us as human beings and don't understand that we are survivors after they has done the worst they could. God put my spirit in this body and I am here for the long hard ride. I praise him for the strength and understanding that I don't feel left out of things made of man.

  117. Solo Habib says:

    I've been to Germany before, not surprised by this at all. I know it is a racist country. People there are very open about it.

  118. Robyn Gerard says:

    All I see is an ad for Xbox. Video never loaded.

  119. sad but true, but the younger generation is far less racist, so there is hope.

  120. Brit Tany says:

    I've seen this video before somewhere… there's way more to it. It gets worse. And this is coming from a country which is thought to be quite progressive. We need more white people to do this in the US, because it is easy for them to remain oblivious to it.

  121. This happens everywhere in the world, the watch bit makes me laugh. Racism is the dumbest invention known to man.

  122. This is no shock to me. I have witnessed even more. The favoritism, the discrimination when shopping, and the differences made at school. All people aren't like that. But all my life in Southaven, Mississippi especially Germantown Tennessee. I work there and people don't want you touching them when exchanging money. They are very rude. It's still the normal and I have no help at work. My other managers just say, I'm sorry or Oh they are like that out here. My coworkers act like they care but they aren't black so they can't relate to the problem. It's very difficult especially when you just accept the abuse to make an honest living.
    I was telling someone I know at Firehouse Sub about my new job at the sandwhich shop near by and the surprising racism issues I endure at work. (while having lunch in Germantown, TN.) After I ordered I sat right by the register. I got my fountain drink and I sat down. I didn't move until the young lady and I were done talking. I got up for a refill. I sat next to an old white guy who was reading the paper. I was the only black customer there at this time. (That means nothing to me because I don't see in color.) Well after I was done talking to the employee I got up and turned around for about 1 minute to get a refill. There was no line and I was done quickly. I sat down and my car keys were gone. The man that sat next to me was gone also. I was frustrated. I needed to get to the school for my son in 1 hour for his next dose of medicine. I had to look through the trash 3 times. No keys. I told the staff and owner I believe that man was offended by the fact that i was sharing how rude and racist the customers are at my job in Germantown. The owner said Oh I doubt that because they are not like that out here in Germantown. People don't do those things out here. Really??? Well I had searched outside for 2 hours. I was stranded and late picking up my son. I had to wait almost 5 hours for a pop a lock. I paid for a plain key and now I no longer exists have my factory key with the remote.
    This was beginning to be a terrible day but to GOD be all the glory because the owner took me to get my son from school, and she gave us food. The bank was closed and I left my cards at home. I had lunch money and a check that I was saving in my glove box. I had to get a hanger from the near by dry cleaners and get in the car. The alarm kept going off. People thought I was stealing a car. I got my check and walked to Kroger to cash it. It was still an amazing day over all.
    When went into Panera Bread in Cordova TN it was very cold and windy. I had never been there so I went in with my family to eat. I went to pick the table but the employees kept staring at me and leaning all over the counter and following me. I just ignored them. I spoke to an employee and she just looked at me. And yes she heard me.
    I spoke when we made eye contact while I walked by. I found a table and there was an older white lady around 48-55 years old. She clutched her purse as she appeared uneasy with me picking the table next to her. I came in wearing my hooded toggle coat. I also had on a cute pink knitted hat. My husband and family was almost next in line and I told him let's go. Do you see how they are looking and following me? He said yeah I do. Let's go. I was going to leave my coat at the table with my hat so we'd have a table. That made me upset. It was angry for a few minutes.
    I was headed to work on a Sunday with my son. I don't know what happened to this older white guy about 42-46 years old. He had a teenager in this old 1980's truck. At a red light with little traffic, He rolled down the window and said You ignorant stupid ass black mother f*@$in Nigger. I was furious and hated for my son to witness that. This was about October 2014 in Cordova TN. Which is a part of Memphis, TN. It was difficult for me to drive to work.
    In Southaven, MS as a teenager, I had a good friend who's father was the chief of police there. I asked for her number and she told me that she couldn't give me her number because her dad doesn't like black people and that we had to be friends at school. I was sad and confused. How could he be chief of police and not like black people??? Well I wasn't angry just confused. My history teacher called me an Ignorant Nigger. It was crazy. I was only in 10th grade. That was a difficult year for me.
    I also experience so much more when shopping and so much more. I simply say Father forgive them for they know not what they do. I have grow. To love my skin which I hated growing up. I wanted to be white because people treated me different as a little child. I love who I am and who GOD says I AM. I feel sorry for people who are stuck on colors. WE ARE ALL THE SAME AS PEOPLE. WE NEED TO BE NEEDED, APPRECIATED , LOVED , AND RESPECTED. I hope one day GOD gives the people who hate a good shocking experience from the people they hold prejudice against. Racism is here. And shockingly I work with Mexicans and Latinos who don't like black people. They told me they are afraid that they will get killed or robbed by black people. Not all Latinos are that way as my brother in law is Latino. We just need to pray. Sad about this video but I have seen and experience much worse especially for the males in my family.

  123. People should think how they would feel if they were treated these ways. So what ever happened to if the shoe was on the other foot?

  124. This is not the first time this has been done. There was a well known book out in 1961, published in 1961, written by John Howard Griffin, also made into a movie. It is not surprising to ones who have followed past history to observe that black skin people are the most hated people of all nations. JESUS said that when he walk the earth, he just wasn't talking about the walk of persecution as a follower, he was also referring to his outside skin color as well, for most of his followers as he looked in the future is black skin people who indeed are the most down trodden and meek. Peace and Love.

  125. Pani Booyah says:

    love Germany and Germans for their friendliness… but I shouldn't be surprised (though I am) I got Turkish friends who've come to the UK because of racial abuse suffered in Germany.

  126. Smh, I'm not shocked at all! Racism is just a part of society. However we weren't the only ones enslaved before it was blacks it was whites. The behavior is this video is what it is. Which is why now you see so many murders and crimes committed by Caucasian because they already know most likely their not gonna be a suspect! They just blow up schools and murder they parents. Blacks just kill each other and degrade they own city . I'm not defined by that video. Just like all blacks are not the same neither are white people.

  127. Kapris James says:

    So where is the shocking part? We get this everyday in America smh

  128. Blacks are the true jews

  129. How recent was this?

  130. Ralph Mack says:

    "Post racial society" my ass.

  131. Bill Henske says:

    wait- Germany has racism?

  132. Then black men turn around and do the same to black women…guess that doesnt happen too huh? That will be the next experiment.

  133. Although I'm not surprised inwouldnlobe to see the whole unscripted video of every person he encountered. For example; let's say he spoke with 100 people. How many white people reacted in a racist or ignorant way?

  134. Gene Myers says:

    big deal, they don't like niggers over there either.

  135. Why does this shock anyone? It shouldn't. You can't read minds or see into a person's soul or heart. This video was just the tip of the iceberg(and it's a big ass iceberg) in terms of how some things(not all) really are and how some people(not all) really think. It's sad to say that in this day and age we're still grappling with this issue, but it won't go away. It's the 800 pound gorilla in the corner of the room that everyone tries to ignore exists.

  136. Something to think about. I recently came across some information about the color of skin. I don't know if any of it's true but thought I'd share. (I'll try and be as brief as possible). Firstly, I'm not some "religious fanatic" etc. Anyway, it's my understanding that god is Black. And that his most beautiful, most talented and most intelligent angel (Michaelangelo) was also Black. Due to Michaelangelo's arrogance, he/she felt that he/she should be god instead and he/she recruited a lot of other angels who thought like him/her. When god found out about it, god gave Michaelangelo's and the other angels (Michaelangelo's followers) a disease known as lepers (which turned them white). At that point they were kicked out of heaven and Michaelangelo was given dominion (rule) over the earth, while god kept dominance over the heavens. As a result Michaelangelo has been mocking god by placing and keeping white people into power. This is supposedly why white people have so much power and black people are constantly scorned. Again, I don't know whether or not it's true as I wasn't present when all of this supposedly happened. I was just shocked and found it quite interesting if only a fable.

  137. This is horrible and wrong in all ways, I can not understand this primitivism… If you love life and all living beings, you will understand my thoughts here and sadness. What are people , children guilty for being born as black?!

  138. How did the filmmakers do their research? Were they neutral or did they choose to only show the negative things? And go to places that are know for their racism?

  139. This isn't new. The book and subsequent movie "Black Like Me' is a nonfiction account of a white journalist who darkened his skin to become black in the south. I highly recommend it.

  140. La Layla says:

    Europeans are the biggest racist on earth. It's a disease they carry to every generation sadly. They don't even know they are only hurting their own selves.

  141. Until we get our shit together , grow our economies and embrace our own , black people will always be treated as second class citizens.I'm from Kenya.

  142. Bill Jopling says:

    47 of the top 50 poorest countries in the world are black African countries. Why is that? No white control, no white slavery, no white racism. Black owned and controlled show the least amount of success.

  143. Africa is a beautiful place…the politicians may be a bunch of miscreants but its a paradise.

  144. it only adds to fact that people of color are still discriminated against all over the world where white people are the majority. thanks for the reminder.

  145. Even though this isn't surprising it still brought me to tears.

  146. David Livous says:

    I did not encounter that degree of racism in Germany. However in Europe I did notice people were a lot more openly racist. Perhaps because I spent most of my time in Berlin.

  147. It's disgusting how people still judge by skin color. Doesn't matter if you're white, black, yellow or brown – only thing you should judge a person by is his mentality and his heart.

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