Jamaica Set to Launch Internet Exchange Point in August

jamaica-internetKINGSTON, Jamaica  — Jamaica is expected to benefit significantly from an Internet exchange point facility, which the ministry of science, technology, energy and mining expects to have in place by August.

The IXP enables Internet traffic-routing within the country where the provision exists, instead of through external providers, as currently is the case with Jamaica.

State minister in the ministry, Julian Robinson, said the ministry is currently working with an entity, the Packet Clearing House, to have Jamaica’s IXP established by August, adding,“We have already done the initial design.”

Robinson gave details of the IXP during his 2014 -2015 Sectoral Debate presentation in the House of Representatives on June 11, under the theme, “Information and Communication Technologies as Enablers for Growth and Development.”

The state minister told the House that Jamaica will benefit from significant cost savings upon the IXP’s implementation, as well as increased Internet speed access for providers in the market.

“This is important, because it will allow for those companies that are involved in developing products and solutions that require heavy use of the Internet, to locate in areas close to where an IXP is. So those, for example, in animation and other areas, can create a hub around which those (entities) can be located,” he pointed out.

Robinson said Jamaica is “not alone” in this regard, as several other Caribbean countries are progressing along that path.

“There are many other countries in the region which are ahead of us. As such, we are moving quickly, and we intend to have an IXP launch by August,” the state minister noted.

Source: caribbeannewsnow.com

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