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20 Actors Best Suited to Play Marvel’s Black Panther

Rumors that Marvel Studios is moving forward with a Black Panther movie are still running rampant around the Web. Despite the studio’s denial that a project about the African prince is in the works, many feel that a film about one of Marvel’s Black superheroes is well overdue.

For those who don’t follow the comics, Black Panther is an Oxford University-educated African prince named T’Challa. He is the son of T’Chaka, the chief of the Panther Tribe in the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

When T’Chaka is killed by the villain Ulysses Klaw, T’Challa is crowned king of Wakanda and becomes Black Panther. He then uses his superior intellect and superhuman strength and agility to fight against evil. Sometimes T’Challa teams up with the Fantastic Four or the Avengers to save the world.

The T’Challa character would be a major feat for any Black actor, potentially becoming the breakout role for many of them who are enjoying D-list careers. Here’s a short list of actors who could be given strong consideration for the Black Panther role. Idris Elba, Jamie Foxx, Samuel Jackson, Anthony Mackie and Edi Gathegi have all played prominent roles in Marvel films already, so they were not included.


denzel washington book of eli

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington would bring unmatched star power to the role. His ability has already been demonstrated and Marvel would surely want an actor of this caliber to play the Black Panther. But Washington has one strike against him — he’s 59 years old. The veteran actor would be a perfect fit for T’Chaka though.


Djimon Hounsou

Djimon Hounsou

Djimon Hounsou played Korath in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but he is an exception on this list because he was also featured as the Black Panther in the 2011 animated television series on BET.

Despite pushing 50, the “Amistad” actor would still be a safe bet because many viewers would find him believable as the African prince  T’Challa. Marvel would be crazy not to cast him.



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74 thoughts on “20 Actors Best Suited to Play Marvel’s Black Panther

  1. Jelani Myztik says:

    Marvel Studios has never said a BP film was not in the works. They have repeatedly said they are comitted to doing the film, and have commissioned writers to pen a script. Don't know where this guy got this misinformation.

  2. Muma Ouch says:

    micheal jai white for sure..voice body and he played spawn before oh yeah he wud be perfect..

  3. Gyneshia Davis says:

    Coley mustafa speaks should play Marvel…he is a fresh face and had the experience to play the role. Goggle his name as is.

  4. Bryan Paul says:

    $100 dollars say they're going to to him white just like they did Green Lantern

  5. Chris Sava says:

    Michael Jai White has SEVEN BLACK BELTS and has acting skillz….. I don't need to say anything else.

  6. I thought Morris Chestnut was preparing for the role?? Personally, I would like to see Djimon Hounsou play the 'Panther' and have Angela Bassett play "Storm". #theblindinglightofmisinformationmustend

  7. Nate Word says:

    green lantern IS white

  8. Meontre Byrd says:

    Michael b Jordan is in the fantastic four movie

  9. Baba Olaitan Osagbemileke says:

    Where is my main man Lamman Rucker???? He should be right after Denzel's senior behind.

  10. Kasim Bey says:

    Here's a novel idea, why not cast an actual African for the role and not just a body then try to get someone to teach him to speak with a bad accent. I'm sure it would have been believable that Storm would have lost her accent after years of not being around her people, but totally not cool to leave this important factor out with T'Challa.

  11. Gee Flex says:

    Hal Jordan is white and was replaced by a Black Lantern.

  12. Nate Word says:

    no he wasn't replaced

  13. Haston Adeyemi Lowman says:

    There will be some thick competition for this role… Djimon definitely has a leg up on everyone… can't believe he's 50!

  14. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Gee Flex The Black Green Lantern is John Stewart.

  15. Bryan Paul says:

    @nate word the green lantern was black on the cartoon "the justice league"

  16. Nate Word says:

    I know Bryan,but it still wasn't the original,people go by the toon thinking that Stewart is the main Lantern

  17. Fred Brooks says:

    If this we're 10-15 years ago Hounsou would be the top choice hands down. If not for his role as Korath The Purser in GOTG he would be perfect for T'Chaka, if not him Denzel would be great too for that role. Boseman would be my top choice for the role and I hope rumors of him getting the role turns out to be true. Parker, Hodge and Hardwick wouldn't be bad choices either. However two names you foolishly failed to mention as candidates are Chiwetel Ejiofor and Gbenga Akinnagbe. Rumors have been that Boseman and Ejiofor we're the top two candidates on Marvel's list of choices for the role of BLACK PANTHER, and I'm so sure Marvel hasn't already picked one of these guys for the role, if so he could have a cameo or after credits scene if not both in 'Age Of Ultron', time will tell. And while he's now too old for the role T'Challa, Wesley Snipes wouldn't be bad for the role of T'Chaka or someone else in the film.

  18. I love Denzel, but not for this role – lets give our younger African-American, African brothers an opportunity twenty or thirty something the panther story is about a very young man – plus our younger black male actors need the work too!

  19. Walter Shakespearean Ude says:

    '…not just a body then try to get someone to teach him to speak with a bad accent.' LOL. Good one.

  20. Tony Jackson says:

    How old is Robert Downey Jr? How old was Clooney? The Panther isn't a teen hero anyway.

  21. Tony Jackson says:

    How old is Robert Downey Jr? How old was Clooney? The Panther isn't a teen hero anyway.

  22. Justice Hunt says:

    Chadwick boseman would be a perfect young t'challa he has the look emotion and voice..also micheal jai white would be a good t'challa but might be too old for him

  23. Justice Hunt says:

    He wasnt replaced thats just a rumor

  24. Mykhael Earl says:

    There are I believe 4 Green Lanterns from earth. The OG GL, who's name I don't know, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner and John Stewart. John Stewart is the only one who's black. Far as the BP role. Elba's a good choice imo and surprised not to see him, Jeffery Wright or Columbus Short mentioned. Far as the supposed age factor, that shouldn't be a factor unless they want to go young with the role. I'm cool with that though. I just hope the movie gets made and I hope its made well. Movies though have no problem deviating from the original content and in some cases have pulled it off.

  25. Aftan Miller says:

    What about Chiwetel Ejiofor?

  26. Kim Rashad Watkins says:

    this is just a list of the top black male actors in Hollywood, no real thought into it.

  27. Sess Linsey says:

    Does the writer actually read comics? Most of these choices are asinine
    Will, denzel, early? Cmon. There's really only 4 known actors who could play tchalla unless we add his father…

  28. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised that Idris Alba was not on this list. I know he is older too, but most actors are much older than the roles they play. I think he would be great and could totally pull it off. After watching him in the series Luther. I am am even bigger fan of his work.

  29. Anonymous says:

    It cant just be about the look either. The actor that is going to play black panther as to be on point with their acting skills.

  30. Jeff Carroll says:

    I'm down with either Mehcad Brooks or Djimon Hounsou.

  31. Mark Batson says:

    C'mon.. the Black Panther is African from Wakanda. Do we really want an American with a fake accent? Djimon is too old and Adewale has already played to many bad guys to be an altruistic hero. I DEMAND young genius actor from Sierra Leone.. Adetokumboh M'Cormack !!!!!

  32. Mark Batson says:

    C'mon.. the Black Panther is African from Wakanda. Do we really want an American with a fake accent? Djimon is too old and Adewale has already played to many bad guys to be an altruistic hero. I DEMAND young genius actor from Sierra Leone.. Adetokumboh M'Cormack !!!!!

  33. Ontell Leto Atreides Babbitt says:

    so we just said FUCK Henry Simmons huh…?

  34. Ontell Leto Atreides Babbitt says:

    Storm actually is from Harlem , she was born an American , her parents, David and N'dare moved to Egypt when she was around 6, she was orphaned soon after

  35. Baha Uddin says:

    The knife cuts both way …an African with a fake African American accent was good for '12 Years a Slave

  36. Hamin Khatib says:

    Peace be on you, the Boys ! Devil ! have began to disrespect us so much now they do Slave movies and Black people history in American without African Americans playing majors roles in the movie! The Plot of Satan is to get rid of they're American Negroes at all cost! This puts another layer for us to fight for jobs! The Africans are working against us for the Boys !!!!!1 They have not had the experience of living the Pain of Slavery in this Country we build for free! People who know , when watching these imposers Can't feel them. How can you make a movie about Slavery and not put a African American in some sort of major role! All Africans !!! Even a Crack Head in the Hood no Africans means us no good !! they are in our hoods with the Arabs sucking us Dead , Dry !!!! Women & Money !!! You Heard !!!

  37. The-Magnificent Jeremy Holloway says:

    In my opinion, Derek Luke, David Oyelowo, and Chadwick Boseman are the best contenders for black panther. Djimon or Peter Mensah could be good T-Chaka and Michael Jai White is better suited to play Luke Cage or John Stewart (Green Lantern). Morris Chestnut MIGHT be good for Cyborg but he seems more suited to drama than action. The rest of the actors are NO-go for reasons mentioned below. (Especially those high-yellow dudes. They would never pass as Native Africans)

  38. Mohammed Shakur the african-american lantern. black lanterns are a whole another thing

  39. we need a super withe man to play him. there are withes that live in africa so the skin color will not be an issue. if the human torch can be black when his sister is withe then there won't be any problem

  40. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Mario Santangelo I know. Thus, the Black GREEN Lantern: John Steward.

  41. Ray Celiare says:

    Wheres Idris Elba in this list? doesnt matter that he has been in the Thor Films.. they replaced Terrance Howard with Don Chidle in Iron Man and didnt miss a beat. They could replace Elba's Heimdal from Thor with another Actor, because i think he would be the best choice for Panther.

  42. What does that gave to do with it npne of the actrs are near their charaters ages…. and secondly black panther isnt young hes an older cat. Marvels bruce waye with a country and storm is older also.

  43. Black panther isnt a younng dude???? Hes an older cat wtf everybody talkin bout i can tell who dont read black comic book characters. Need to learn your fictional heroes

  44. Jelani DaMystic says:


  45. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Marcus T Covington Marvel Studios has not cast a single character with that ridiculous of an age difference, and outside of Magneto, Fox Studios nor any other studio has done it either. So you're talking pure nonsense.

    Christian Bale was 28-29 years old when they were shooting Batman Begins (around 2003). He's only 40 now and he's been done with the part for 3 years.

    Halle Berry was 32 when they shot the first X-Men (around 1998).

    Robert Downey Jr is a bit on the old side…and he STILL wasn't yet 40 when they cast him for Iron Man.

    Tell me again how they cast people in their MID FITFTIES to play these roles.

    You obviously don't know what in God's name you're babbling about. Luckily, Marvel Studios has shown they have enough sense and foresight to cast someone that can play the part in multiple movies over a decade, unlike you public that are too shortsighted to see past any actor you don't already know. They did it with Thor and they'll do it here.

  46. Jelani DaMystic says:

    He WAS a a young "dude" when he BECAME Black Panther…and anytime they introduce a character with his own movie, they give it an origin story. You might read comics but you obviously don't pay attention to movie-making. They're not making a story about Black Panther when he's 50 years into his life. They're gonna start at the BEGINNING.

  47. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Ontell Leto Atreides Babbitt Either way, there is nothing American about Storm other than her birth. Anyone moving to the other side of the world at that early an age would not retain anything from the land they left.

  48. So they gave toney stark a young introduction no!!!. So why would they wit BP hes been around for ages YOU dont know anything about movie making. Im in the business shot my own video and all. Written a couple drafts and hosted tv shows locally. I know wtf im talking about any REAL director would understand … what im sayin you ignorant non-fans dont.

  49. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Marcus T Covington Tony Stark…and Bruce Banner….and Thor…and Captain America…and Peter Quill (Guardins)….and the Defenders (Netflix series)….and Agent Carter/SHIELD…and Ant-Man….and Dr. Strange soon to come….but sure, they won't do an origin story with *this* one character. Mhm.

    You've shot *one* video and a *couple* of drafts hmm? How cute! Not that your show of braggadocio means a damn thing, but I've written and directed 10 of my own videos, done a few more for other artists, have written *dozens* of scripts for future projects, and have written and directed a few plays as well. How does this have any bearing on how Marvel Studios has treated stand-alone projects?

    Batman, Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic four, Wolverine, Blade, Spawn…every one has gotten an origin story to introduce the character, along with all the others I named earlier. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Hulk have gotten multiple. Why? Because it's the only thing that makes any gotdamn sense! You really think they're just gonna drop Black Panther into the MC universe and not give any backstory or show where the hell he came from? What kinda dumb shit is that?

  50. Simple my comprehension skills are higher than yours you may have did more but i comprehend better and have a better understanding of storyline plot points that i can foreshadow better than you writw better than you, and direct better than you. Because i can visualize better than you. So i can see how there plotting these movies stories and scripts being an advit comic reader i can summarize there movie direction without even having to read the next script so yeah mulla fucca i know more. And i knw more about the black panther history and character that i can tell what type of characteer w poo uld be needed for the movie. And i know the black panther origin better than you! So what the fucc is your arguement you done more shit but im still a superior person(…shrugs) your pint is unvalidated.

  51. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Kasim Bey You hit the nail on the head boss. The thing that's different about Marvel Studios is they have repeatedly shown they just want to tell the best story they can with the right actors. They cast a relative unknown with Thor because he was the right guy for the role, and this was before they had multiple billions of dollars of success to fall back on. They just dug deep into Marvel lore and gave us a talking raccoon and a mostly mute tree; it's just illogical that they would suddenly lose nerve and take a "safe" popular route with a character as important as the Panther.

  52. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Kasim Bey And you're so right about it being a shame we can't make *our own* projects like this on this level. I had high hopes that Danny Glover was gonna be able to make that Touissant/Haitian Revolution movie. Starting to look like that's never gonna materialize.

  53. Kasim Bey says:

    I think what I will like about so many Marvel/DC movies coming out is that the studios will eventually start to move away from "Origins" type of super hero flicks. I'm a comic book head from way back and actually still have the comics I bought back in the late 70's-early 80's when I was a kid. So it bugs me that these studios dumb down these movies for people too lazy to Google these characters before they watch the movies.

  54. Kasim Bey says:

    Jelani, there's a saying that's as old as the two of us; "When you point your finger, you have three others pointing back at you." Meaning, you and I must make the difference, and not expect others to do it for us.

  55. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Idris is already a character in the Marvel Universe, Heimdall in the Thor movies.

  56. Jelani DaMystic says:

    He's already a character in Agents Of Shield, not to mention he's too old and too American. Not that this would've stopped this idiotic writer from adding him to this pointlessly misguided list.

  57. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Marcus T Covington Well, for all your long moronic talk….the announcement came today (how timely), and it is an actor in his 30s….NOT one in his upper 40s and 50s. Thanks for playing, you lose, good night.

  58. Chadwick boseman is 37 years old how the fucc you sound he aint no yung dude so what you happy bout it stillk sticks t my movie synopsis so u still wrong lkin stupid wit the dick face

  59. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Marcus T Covington Dude, here is MY original comment that YOU choose to comment on — 4 months late:
    "Sorry people, but Michael Jai White, Djimon Hounson and all of your other suggested actors are too old. The Black Panther origin story takes places IN HIS LATE TEENS AND EARLY TWENTIES. A 50 year old playing 20? Stop the madness. Does anyone bother to learn the Black Panther story before commenting?"

    So how the fuck is that suddenly YOUR point? I said all them dudes in their upper 40s and 50s are not getting the role. Now YOU wanna cop MY point as yours? LMAO

  60. Jelani DaMystic says:

    And Chadwick has so recently been in not one but 2 movies — 42 and Get On Up — where he portrayed a character beginning in his 20s.

  61. That still changes nothing…you dont base an actor age on characters hes played you base it on whats needed for the role. T'challa character age compared to all the others has t match up… if you were so great like you claim you would know this stuff… smh…

  62. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Marcus T Covington Again, THIS was my comment — from 4 months ago — that you suddenly started this whole debate on:
    "Sorry people, but Michael Jai White, Djimon Hounson and all of your other suggested actors are too old. The Black Panther origin story takes places IN HIS LATE TEENS AND EARLY TWENTIES. A 50 year old playing 20? Stop the madness."

    So keep on telling me how Chadwick being in his 30s was YOUR point. Thief. LOL. I said no in their FIFTIES was gonna be playing the part. Now you acting like that was YOUR point? LMAO

  63. Jelani DaMystic says:

    AND I posted this two days ago:
    "Robert Downey Jr is a bit on the old side…and he STILL wasn't yet 40 when they cast him for Iron Man.

    Tell me again how they cast people in their MID FITFTIES to play these roles."

    Now, ironically, Boseman is chosen at the same exact age that RDJ was when they cast him. BUT PLEASE tell me again how they were gonna cast someone IN THEIR FIFTIES. I'll wait.

  64. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Marcus T Covington "you dont base an actor age on characters hes played you base it on whats needed for the role." Yes, and as I just showed, Chadwick can play a role of a character in his 20s…which is likely what they'll do with the Black Panther ORIGIN STORY. Thanks for agreeing with me. smh.

  65. There is no black panther origin story the black panther origin story would have to be about the 1st black panther you dumbass, think about what y o u sayin and his story wuld be about his father. Not him he did read carefully "he did not become the black panther until later on in his life" there is no such thing as an oprigin story for the black panther its a Title not a person. Use your brain for once and learn something…. once again he did not inherit the title of black panther he earned it, as every wakandan king does…. stop tryna guess at shit ignorance dont make you smart it make you look even more stupid.

  66. Ken Ejemai says:

    Please let an actual African be cast not an American with a bad accent!!!

  67. Jelani DaMystic says:

    Marcus T Covington I am so OBVIOUSLY talking about an origin story for T'Challa, not for the whole damn history of the Panther lineage and of Wakanda. Now you're just being an argumentative ass. Are we not CLEARLY talking about who they're casting for T'Challa? And he was nowhere near "later on in his life" when he took the mantle of the Panther from his uncle S'yan after returning from university abroad.

    As far as what the movie will entail: "Feige said the movie will “tap into the advanced African nation of Wakanda, the family drama, and all that comes with it. He’s a prince, but he may become a king." So, the head of Marvel Studios said today that it will focus at least as much on when T'Challa was prince, and maybe the transition. That is very much an origin story for T'Challa as Black Panther.

  68. Read what i said and let it sink in

  69. This role belongs to Michael Jai White period! He has the physical build, has a 7 degree black belt and he has acting skills. I don't buy that too old crap that the author mentioned, hell the guy they hired Bosemann is 40. So stop the BS. Rrobert downey Jr. is no spring chicken and age was not an issue. Chris Evans played CPT America and Human Torch of the fantastic 4 was the same actor but their was no problem in with him playing two main character super heroes. I think that the hollywood producers are dulling down the first black and not giving the character ihis just due. Don't want to show up all the white super heroes. I am disappointed. This film is doomed from the start and feel that it will not be done justice. It is a shame. I am no longer excited about seeing this film now.

  70. Wade Long says:

    Funny, only white guys. Marvel is changing the race and gender of so many other characters…..but only white men are losing their place in the franchise.

    Stan Lee had it right – if you want to see more characters from your own private little special interest group, WRITE YOUR OWN.

  71. Michael Maxie says:

    There is an additional candidate for the role of T’Challa the Black Panther — Alfred Enoch. He was part of a large movie franchise (Harry Potter) before. He has big and small screen (How To Get Away With Murder) experience.

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