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You Will Never Believe What Has Been Killing Millions of African-Americans

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Celebrated anti-racism activist Tim Wise, author of Between Barack and a Hard Place: Challenging Racism, Privilege and Denial in the Age of Obama, will appear at Villanova University March 29 to share his insights and wit, and to issue challenging calls to action.

Videos courtesy of Villanova University.

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19 thoughts on “You Will Never Believe What Has Been Killing Millions of African-Americans

  1. …and now the white man is a scholar authority on …"how racism contributes to the senseless deaths of millions of Black people in America" instead of those that actually carry and bear the scars……GRADE F……..

    P.S. Get some dignity and self respect about yourself black people.

  2. Coy Bush IV says:

    I don't understand what he said that was wrong. Or are you more caught up in WHO said it?

  3. John Davis says:

    I understand his point but I prefer to hear more of the video vice just two minutes!

  4. Enoch Mubarak Really? Is that why I made this video appeal towards gamers in a dumb-down format, rather than gloze it as a black man,lol:

  5. Enoch Mubarak Your're describing the Hollywood Syndrome.

  6. Lost in translation..Unless you know another version……

    Hollywood Syndrome
    "Popular health A term referring to a person who was once glamourous but whose face and body have suffered the ravages of age, poor diet and neglect
    Psychology A term for the delusion that many people, especially women, have of finding a perfect mate and having a ‘Hollywood ending’ in which they live 'happily ever after'

  7. Enoch Mubarak Not lost in translation, I have my own version. Hollywood and mainstream media in general assume a position that the relevance of any and everything that happens is based on its affect on maintaining the white power structure. Hollywood has brainwashed people, not just many Black people, but most people worldwide, into believing that if an act or idea can't somehow be parlayed into a tool to be used to maintain the status quo then it is of no relevance. Thus, many Black folks look to white people for ques of acceptance of their acts and ideas before ascribing it as their own. I personally refer to this mind set as the Hollywood Syndrome, my version accepted or not.

  8. I can respect that.

  9. Mar Edwards says:

    Enoch appears to be the same black bloggers' he bashing. on top of that, Enoch don't disagree with the content, he appears to be against it being delivered by a white man. SMH.

  10. Joan Coulter says:

    What are you, Enoch? You look like a Black man to me. "Get some dignity and self respect about yourself…" How does this relate. Black people already know that we do not get the same treatment and services that white people get. What is to be done about it, except on an individual basis where people have to advocate for their own care? Clue me in.

  11. Joan Coulter says:

    Julie Williams Dr. De Gruy also has a book of that same title.

  12. Nice and concise. Just the way I like my clichéd, self serving rambling.

  13. April Mason says:

    It doesn't matter who the message comes from, pay attention to the MESSAGE!!! This is how people miss the mark, majoring in the minor!!!

  14. Michael Fox says:

    There is a story told by by Malcom X that I believe that I read in the auto biography. By Alex Haley were Malcom says that his one regret in life life was, while he was visiting Harvard to deliver a speech, a young female approached him enthusiastically and tells him I want help with your cause, I believe in what it is that you are saying. Malcom responds with there is nothing that you can do and walks away from her leaving her standing there. In the court yard at Harvard. He says that until the day he dies he wished that he had said to her yes you can help, you can help but you can not join my organization. But what you can do is go back yo your people in your community and in your circles at Harvard , and speak about my message. Which breaks down to exactly what Tim Wise is doing. Tim Wise is doing exactly what Malcom X wished he had responded to the white girl on the day in the Harvard court yard .

  15. Michael Fox says:

    Malcom is speaking about his encounter with a young white female.While visiting Harvard university.

  16. Eric Floyd says:

    Enoch Mubarak…did it even occur to you that Tim Wise is trying to enlighten his OWN base.

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