10 Celebrities With Physical Deformities You May Have Never Noticed


denzel washington crooked thumb

Denzel Washington’s Crooked Finger

As a child, Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington broke his pinkie playing basketball. Washington never had it set properly resulting in an awkwardly crooked finger bent permanently at about a 45-degree angle.



Oprah Extra Toe

Oprah Winfrey’s Extra Toe

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey was photographed sporting sandals and the image appears to reveal she possesses a  sixth toe on her left foot. However, it has not been confirmed whether Oprah really has an extra appendage, or if it’s just an unsightly bulge.



lebron james toes

LeBron James’ Mangled Toes

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James is the best player in the league. It’s amazing that his abnormal toes, captured in the beach photo above, do not hamper his athletic ability on the basketball court.



sanaa lathan clubbed thumb

Sanaa Lathan’s Clubbed Thumbs 

It’s hard to believe Sanaa Lathan has any physical imperfections, but the actress has a common deformity known as clubbed thumb, or brachydactyly. It’s a genetic condition characterized by short, bulbous thumbs and wide nail beds.



damon waynes

Damon Wayans’ Clubbed Foot 

Funnyman Damon Wayans was born with a clubbed foot, a relatively common birth defect affecting nearly one in 1,000 people. The actor-comedian underwent treatment to correct his childhood deformity.

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