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10 Celebrities With Physical Deformities You May Have Never Noticed

denzel washington crooked thumb

Denzel Washington’s Crooked Finger

As a child, Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington broke his pinkie playing basketball. Washington never had it set properly resulting in an awkwardly crooked finger bent permanently at about a 45-degree angle.



Oprah Extra Toe

Oprah Winfrey’s Extra Toe

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey was photographed sporting sandals and the image appears to reveal she possesses a  sixth toe on her left foot. However, it has not been confirmed whether Oprah really has an extra appendage, or if it’s just an unsightly bulge.


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6 thoughts on “10 Celebrities With Physical Deformities You May Have Never Noticed

  1. AD Kirsty says:

    and they are all blessed and highly favoured

  2. TheLove Thinguk says:

    What a despicable article!
    How about focusing on something edifying instead?

  3. Brandon Paxton says:

    calm down. the article could serve as a catalyst for folks who think that because they have a deformity, they are inferior.

  4. TheLove Thinguk says:

    I suppose the people I know or I have come across on a professional basis have challenges far more obvious and/or difficult for the general public to accept.
    I hope that people are able to look at what they put their minds to achieve their goals.
    I'm sure some of the situations mentioned above are not even real, but a Photoshopped image. And how many photos have been used with the artists permission or confirmation that the information is correct.
    However, I will take heed and calm down; thank you for your concern

  5. Linda Giles says:

    Very inspirational article not only for those with physical deformities, but also those without. Shortcomings (whatever the type) don't have to stop someone from reaching their goals. So, just in case you thought only the "perfect" make it.

  6. Sambo Jallo says:

    I don't think people hadn't notice Seal's facial scars

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