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‘The Boondocks’ Season 4, Episode 7: ‘Freedomland’

The Boondocks Season 4 premiere date

“The Boondocks” season 4, episode 7: “Freedomland” airs tonight on Adult Swim.

The Freemans are trapped in a slavery theme park.

“The Boondocks” is based on the satiric Aaron McGruder comic strip of the same name. The show follows the adventures of two Black boys, Riley and Huey Freeman, who experience a culture clash when they move from South Side Chicago to the “boondocks” to live with their grandfather.

“The Boondocks” season 4, episode 7 airs June 2 at 10:30 p.m. EDT on Adult Swim. Preview below:

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5 thoughts on “‘The Boondocks’ Season 4, Episode 7: ‘Freedomland’

  1. he won't be back because this is the last season and to be honest, it just feels like same old Boondocks to me, it's no worse than when they had MLK go on a rant and drop the N-Word several times, and the only real difference between the current and previous seasons is that this seasons episodes are part of one single plot

  2. Morgan Brandon says:

    The difference between this season and the first 3 is that… The first three seasons of the show were used to exploit issues going on in pop culture and society in general. There was alway some type of underlying message or stand that was made. Whereas in this season the characters themselves are the ones being exploited. Even Huey has half (if that) the depth and prospective that was shown previously. Each character is playing into a certain. Instead of exposing ridiculous stereotype… (Sorry that was a bit of a rant….it wasn't intended to be so…but I've been a fan of the Boondocks since 2000…this season just makes me sad…this season has totally deviated from it's origins.)

  3. Morgan Brandon says:

    Certain stereotype*

  4. George GeeGee Folarin says:

    this season has been terrible point blank period. Obviously we can't expect it to live up to the hype the first 3 created especially with how long we waited.. but its tasteless and the lack of Mcgruders influence is obvious. Maybe I'm maturing but I dont think that's it. I'll still watch it because I love the show on a whole, but it sucks.. all I see is terrible depictions of race relations.

  5. The more powerful the message, the more people dislike it. You should be disturbed by the episode, as you should be disturbed by the realities of life. That's the entire point, but, as the episode eluded: people are too comfortable and stupid to take notice, or too cowardly too do anything if they did.

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