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One Positive Thing to Come From Jay Z, Solange Elevator Fiasco


Jay Z and Solange’s feud was the fight that was heard and seen around the world. And while people perpetually continue to speculate what exactly drove Solange to go ballistic on Jay in that elevator, there is one shred of good news that has come from this scandal: Music sales. As reported by

“According to data by Nielsen SoundScan, Solange’s sales rose from 600 to 2,000 the week ending 18 May. Nielsen does not report which tracks sold the most, but the boost in sales could have been prompted by publicity following news of an altercation between Solange and her brother-in-law, Jay Z, in a lift while leaving the Met Ball in New York.”

This is relatively good news for Solange. Although she’s always been popular, her fame has never translated into huge record sales. As also noted by

“Sales of Solange’s music, which has been described as ‘translating its art-school, Afro-inflected R&B back into actual R&B,’ have always been significantly lower than those of her sister’s [Beyonce]. According to Nielsen SoundScan, Solange’s debut album, ‘Solo Star,’ sold 112,000 copies and dropped off the chart five weeks after its debut. Her second full-length recording, ‘Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams’ in 2008, was her first U.S. top 10 album.”

Jay Z and Solange have reportedly put the fight behind them. Now Solange can focus, put out some more music and possibly sell more records than she ever has.



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One thought on “One Positive Thing to Come From Jay Z, Solange Elevator Fiasco

  1. I wish I understood why that happened, because it says to me, as a black female, it is okay to attack a man. Never, as this may prompt women to start attacking men more, and more women will be getting their block knocked off, and more black men going to prison, like Cris Brown, even though I feel Rehannia attacked him first, remeber she is from the same group. I am just saying, and I would suggest to women to not be influnced, by the support for Solange attacking J Z., as he surely was a class act, most men will not stand by and be attacked by a woman. Look what is happening in Florida, the woman firing a weapon, in self defense, and she is facing 60 years, in prison. They should have suggest Solage get mental health. As a female, I really felt sorry for J Z, she really was trying to hurt him, and he never even displayed any anger. I would not be suprised, if these sales came from white males, think about it sisters.

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