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5 Reasons President Obama Hasn’t Been Able to Create Real Change For Black America


Obama Answers to Higher Powers

Many of the world’s governments are primarily driven by the interests of the rich and powerful people and corporations that are not concerned with Black people’s interests. While this may sound like a conspiracy theory, an April 9, 2014, study from Princeton and Northwestern universities found that the United States’ government more closely resembles an oligarchy or a corporatocracy than a republic or democracy.

The researchers wrote: “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence. Our results provide substantial support for theories of economic elite domination and for theories of biased pluralism, but not for theories of majoritarian electoral democracy or majoritarian pluralism.”

The researchers’ findings also indicate that even when a majority of citizens disagree with the economic elite and call for policy change, they rarely get it.

Therefore, any policies pushed by the Obama administration, including those that would help Black people, only have a good chance of coming into fruition if  they are in line with the interests of the elite.

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14 thoughts on “5 Reasons President Obama Hasn’t Been Able to Create Real Change For Black America

  1. Stop wasting time, money, effort and valuable resources honoring slavery by resisting freedom. Stop naming your children after the European players in honor of chattel slavery.

    Stop resisting freedom by resisting evolution. Stop perpetrating slavery with African American history month and false tributes and honors. Our slave ancestry deserves no such tribute. We were not captured in battle.

    We dishonored ourselves by s submitting to slavery without resistance. African Americans were dishonorably discharged from slavery. The European players dishonorably discharged us for cowardice conduct unbecoming any person with dignity or self-respect.

    There are no reparations due African Americans in lieu of bravery, honor, self-respect and dignity.

    Defined intelligence suggests… Forget about it.

  2. Ibn Askia says:

    Unfortunately, if you really look around at what's going on, the truth is, Black people are in trouble. Globally. The only thing more I'll say is this. People need to read what Professor Adolf Reed said about President Obama back in '96 after he won his first senate race. I think it was very prescient.

  3. To know what I am is to know what water taste like.

  4. Tony Temple says:

    More Cascusains also voted for Obama than any other Democrat in the last few decades.

  5. Tony Temple says:

    Reason 6, the man is just a politicians. Making himself look good is all he cares about. The man sends his kids to private school at over 30k a year, but try to stop other blacks from going to private school. Reason 7, blacks need to go back to God and family and stop thinking politicians can save them.

  6. Del SoitBe says:

    No prezident is gonna help no 1. accept yourself dont hold your breath on government helping 1 go to school stay in school get a degree start your career . but a lot of brown skin ppl dont hear they listen but dont hear 2nd there is no black ppl u say read history if u did u would no there is no such thing as a black or white race u no wht gets me is that well talk behind closed doors but thats its on one on here is really tryin 2 make a contribute 2 the change so if u dont want 2 bring this talk 2 the streets do wht u do best and talk behind closed doors

  7. First, Obama has helped Black women and all women. Second. Obama never said he was going to help Black men. The JEWS donated $400 million, out of total $800 million, for his re-election. The JEWS, do not tolerate supporting Black men. When the GERMAN JEWS came here IN THE 1800'S, they realized our Great-Grandfathers with the Black Wlall St. minded professionals, would eventually financially overrun America. Our G-GRANDPARENTS owned $17 million acres of land. Today its gone by illegal means from the INTERNATIONAL JEWISH BANKERS.

    OBAMA is not one of us. Obama has no SLAVE roots. It takes 250 years of slavery and 150 yrs of JIm-Crow to be one of us. We had 300 banks in 1899. Were going to take them back. That's reparations enough.

  8. How about a Monopoly? JEWS own all discount banks they stole during the depression, in the 1920's. They bought of Woodrow Wilson in December of 1913 and created the Federal Reserve Bank which is defined as," printing the money". WHAT was also in this ACT was the creation of the I.R.S., THE JUSTICE DEPT and the ANTI DAFAMTION LEAGUE. The Federal Reserve is owned by the International Jewish Bankers. Our Great Grand parents owned 17 million acres of land and owned 300 Banks, since 1899. See Black Wall 1921. The Jews put America in debt in 1914 by creating World War I. It was not even a year, since the creation of the FED. Then the JEWS created the, "DEPRESSION". This was disgned to buy up every bank that failed. All or most of them did. There was NO F.D.I.C. Bankers have been taken out ever since. WE NEED OUR BANKS BACK OR WE NEED JOIN THE TALIBAN.!!!!!

  9. OBAMAS' agenda is ALL women, HOMOSEXUALS and ILLEGAL LATINO IMMIGRANTS. Black men were never included. Tell us where and when, did Obama, state he would help Black men Now dont go read "Im my brothers keeper". Its asking JEWISH BANKERS, who received $780 million dollars from Obama for the bank bailouts, six months after the 2008 inaurguration, to donate money for Colored male mentorships approved and managed only by the JEWS. Obama had weddings in the WHITEHOUSE, for gay marrying men. Unemployment for Black men in the U.S is 25%. Check the JEWISH NEWS stations you watch and you will see there is a WAR in LYBIA, EGYPT,SYRIA.UKRAIN, AFRICA and our own boarder the Southwest, all because JEWS, once again, have bought a President.

  10. OBAMA is funded and controlled by the same Homo JEWS that fund OPRAH. THEY are anti-Black male. Find any program that he has designed for Black men." I'm my Brothers keeper", is another "JEWSIH permission package" for JEWS to make a damn fool out of us. Another,so called "helping Black men" is, reducing prison sentences for DRUG dealers. We can not afford ANY PEOPLE who have decided to poison Black folk and their communities by releasing them back in our communities. Those people and I mean ALL who bring narcotics into our community should be put to death by us. Its LAW IN AFRICA.

  11. Bessie Wash-Smith says:


  12. Not Jews, Marxist Zionist there is a difference. The first is a religion, the second a political party. The political party is who you're referring to.

  13. President Obama has put billions into education. He has created job growth in America over 5 Million new jobs under his administration. People think bill Clinton was a savior of black people, no he was not. Obama has pushed for health care for all citizens and he has signed a jobs bill into effect which black owned businesses are benefitting from now. Plus Obama can't nothing for black people that blacks can't do for themselves. Cause the public school is free and the library is free. African-Americans don't need no special help. We ain't a race of cripples that fend for ourselves and we ain't a welfare nation that need handouts. More than 70 percent of black people in this country are middle to upper middle class in this country. We ain't all poor and downtrodden. Success Runs In Our Race.

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