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7 thoughts on “Video: Skin Lightening vs The Perm: Are They Both Rooted in Self-Hate?

  1. Blue Moon says:

    All these beautiful women they don't need skin bleaching,because dark women are prettier than the Whites,please don't use it anymore.Take a look at the second picture on this link,with the tekst Tonight under stars .. so beautiful are dark people

  2. Jay Love says:

    totally sad that women are so brain washed that they don't even acknowledge that its self hate. I love my skin color and my natural kinky hair.

  3. Jelani Myztik says:

    Hair-perming began the slippery-slope that led to skin-bleaching, nose-straightening, and all other forms of self-hate. Both Dencia and that news anchor are lying to themselves.

  4. What's perm? Skin bleaching I know what it looks like, but perm I don't. I can only it's another vanity trick some women use to enhance what they believe to be beauty.

  5. So is black the new white? Is white the new black? WTF
    Still black… Still going to be treated black… When their dumb asses get cancer from the chemicals then what. I'm gonna say it loud "I'm Black and I'm Proud". I LOVE ME!

  6. oh well I guess she got her up out here lol do whatever the hell you like, at the end it all goes to dust. so what? It is her life, her body and she can do whatever she wants with it. who gave another human charge over her choices. consequences come with anything you do in life "good or bad".

  7. PG Horvath says:

    Hey it is what it is. Why does everyone sound so surprised? Perming and skin bleaching is trying to look like something you're not….just like tanning.

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