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2 thoughts on “Emory Professor Gives One Of The Most Intelligent Responses To Why Race Still Matters

  1. It's not a matter of numbers in that sense. It's about who has power, leverage, money, resources, etc., Asia has very few developed nations. China, Japan, Korea, and India are all doing well comparatively. However, China and India who have huge populations have very large systemic issues of poverty, hunger, poor health, and unsafe violence. The U.S. has these issues too, but they're concentrated in "browner" areas,

    If you want another idea, look at TV for a day, or scroll through a bunch of magazine and try to pick out every time you see a non-White person in a photo or role. Pay special attention to advertising and high-rating TV shows. After that you can look at any of those people of color and see their color gradation and how close their features align with Europeans.

  2. John English says:

    She points to results of various races such as wealth, lifespan, educational opportunities, likelihood to be incarcerated and more and points to that as evidence of racism in America. But I don't see where she factors behavior into her conclusions.

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