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‘The Shield’ Actor Charged With Murder in Shooting Death of Wife

The Shield actor shoots and kills wife

Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

“The Shield” actor Michael Jace was charged with the murder of his wife of nearly 10 years, April Jace, after he allegedly shot her in their Los Angeles home Monday night.

Both of the couple’s young children were home during the incident, but LAPD has not confirmed whether they witnessed the shooting.

According to police reports, the 51-year-old actor called 911 after he shot April Jace and delivered an extremely grim message: “I shot my wife.”

LAPD says that Jace stayed on the phone with officers until they arrived at the home around 8:30 p.m.

April Jace was dead when police arrived at the home in Hyde Park.

In addition to Jace’s call, neighbors also called the LAPD to report hearing gunshots.

The Shield actor shoots, kills wife of nearly 10 years Reports on exactly how many times April Jace was shot have been inconsistent, however, it has been confirmed that she had multiple gunshot wounds to her upper body.

Jace has not been arraigned yet, but his bail is currently set a $1 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It is unclear what motive Jace could have possibly had or what events could have led to him allegedly pulling the trigger on his wife.

LAPD Detective Sal LaBarbera said they have never received any calls to the home before.

“We have not received any calls here in the past of any domestic abuse or domestic violence,” LaBarbera told NBC Los Angeles. “It’s a pretty quiet neighborhood. This is our first time responding in this area.”

Neighbors told officers that the family was always loving and kind. Marital problems, if there were any, were kept extremely private.

“I didn’t know nothing was going on,” said one neighbor, Hazel Royal.  “I just thought they was the perfect family. That’s why I’m so shocked, I guess.”

The couple’s children, both under the age of 10, are now staying with relatives.

In addition to his television role as police Officer Julien Lowe in “The Shield,” Jace also had several small roles in films including “Forrest Gump” and “State of Play.”

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