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Eddie Murphy Shopping a ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Sequel TV Series

The next generation Beverly Hills Cop — that is a hot hour-long pitch from Beverly Hills Cop star Eddie Murphy and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan, which is making the rounds right now. I’ve learned that the project is envisioned as a sequel to the hit movie franchise which chronicled the exploits of wise-cracking Detroit detective Axel Foley (Murphy) in Los Angeles. The proposed series has a similar fish-out-of-water setup and centers on Foley’s son who moves to Beverly Hills to escape the shadow of his legendary dad. Murphy is set to reprise his role as Axel in occasional recurring guest appearances.

ABC and Fox heard the pitch today, with NBC and CBS slated to take the meeting with Murphy and Ryan tomorrow. All four networks will likely make a play for the project, described as a light procedural. Sony Pictures TV, where Ryan is under an overall deal, is producing. (The teaming of Murphy and Ryan was first reported by Vulture.) Sony TV’s involvement is somewhat surprising given the fact that the movie franchise was produced by Paramount Pictures, which, though not a direct corporate sibling to CBS TV Studios anymore, still has an affiliation with the the TV studio and the eye network via their Viacom lineage. As a character-driven procedural with comedic elements with a pre-sold title, Beverly Hills Cop hits CBS’ sweet spot much like its upcoming series Elementary. Also surprisingly, a Beverly Hills Cop offshoot comes with no involvement from Warner Bros. TV-based Jerry Bruckheimer who made his mark as a producer with the 1984 breakout. Meanwhile, the long-gestating Beverly Hills Cop 4 movie, which would’ve reunited all the original auspices, plus director Brett Ratner, never got off the ground. Ryan, co-creator/executive producer of the upcoming ABC drama Last Resort, will write the Beverly Hills Cop TV reboot and executive produce it with Murphy.

Source: Nellie Andreeva, Deadline

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