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Barbados Welcome to do Business in China Through New Agreement

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – China’s market is open to Barbados.

That is the message from the People’s Republic of China’s Ambassador to Barbados, Wang Ke, who yesterday told officials of both the private and public sectors that China invites Barbados to explore the business opportunities that exist in that Asian nation and expand the bilateral business link that exists.

She made the call as she addressed a seminar yesterday, which was hosted by the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) at the Bagnall Point Gallery, under the theme “Doing Business with China”.

“It is in this context and with the aim of further promoting the bilateral economic trade co-operation, we invited 20 participants from both public and private sector to China from March 5th to 24th to attend a special, large-scale economic trade seminar just for Barbados. During this visit, the Chinese side gave introductions focusing on various topics and arranged visits to cities outside Beijing where they met with local government officials and visited enterprises,” she noted.

Referring to the 60-page report on that visit, the ambassador said there were a number of valuable comments and suggestions made in the document. She added that she was impressed by the recommendations to establish a China focal point within the BIDC to better engage the relevant Chinese institutions and to attend trade fairs in China; the proposal for the adoption of a collective approach to the marketing and promotion of Barbadian brands in China; as well as the proposal for a Barbadian trade officer to be assigned to China, or that a Barbadian trade office be established there.

“I also want to take this opportunity to reiterate that the Chinese government is willing to continue to hold this kind of seminar, especially for Barbados in the area that is best needed by the Barbadian side. The Chinese Embassy will continue to do its efforts to facilitate this kind of seminar,” she said.

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