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Top 10 Most Racist States in America

floating sheep most racist states by tweets


Analysts at Floating Sheepa website run by a group of independent cyber-geography researchers, found there was a spike of racist tweets on Twitter during and after President Obama’s 2012 re-election.

The research group took advantage of the tweets’ geo-codes, which is data showing where they originated from in the U.S.  The team searched Twitter for racism-revealing terms and phrases that appeared in the context of tweets mentioning “Obama,” “re-elected,” or “won.”

They then sorted the tweets according to the state they were sent from, and compared the racist tweets to the total number of geocoded tweets coming from that state during the same time period, Nov. 1 to  Nov. 7.

To normalize states across population levels, the team then used a location quotient-inspired measure or LQ score — an economic derivation used to analyze norms across geographical locations — to compare a state’s racist tweets to the national average of racist tweets.

So, per the team’s model, an LQ score of 1.0 indicates that the state’s proportion of racist tweets to non-racist tweets is the same as the overall national proportion. A score above 1.0 indicates that the proportion of racist tweets to non-racist tweets is higher than the national proportion. The results are seen in the map above.

The LQ score was added to the number of Ku Klux Klan organizations known to operate in the state, according to a list compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a watchdog organization that monitors hate groups. The states with the highest combined scores were considered the most racist states in the country. The process was not scientific nor can it be claimed that it gives the most accurate ranking of racism by state.

However, it offers some insight into where some of the most racist people in the United States reside.


illinois state flag10. Illinois

Illinois is the least racist state on this list of 10. The hate-filled tweets sent from this state after Obama’s re-election earned it a score of 1.5 on the LQ scale.  This, in addition to the four KKK organizations known to be operating in the state, makes Illinois the 10th most racist state in the U.S.


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  1. Rob Holmes says:

    Racism in america is a fact of life.."whites hate and fear us because we're black, and black hate whites for doing us wrong"..

  2. Joshua Goldberg Plus your jewish why are you even commenting on this site?

  3. DC Morrison check again, because Illinois is not "North" , Illinois is the Mid-West.

  4. David DK Simmons…am not the one am very vocal in a intelligent way, I'll never let anyone knowingly disrespect me. I would see these racist people engage in this bad behavior all the time when I was in the work force.

  5. Ellis Jones says:

    DC Morrison I read the article and I was just making a statement thank you

  6. Rob Holmes says:

    Read: "Black Rage" by Alan Grier and P. Cobb..Both Psychciatrists. Provide feedback from Patient verbal data..Anyway, dialog in this way allows exchanges of feelings associated with life experiences and challenges in a relationship someone who hate you..I dare say, no easy task..Yet we do it everyday without fail..The authors of Black Rage" suggest "having to fight the main event in madison square every night"..

  7. John Trotta says:

    This is the largest pile of dung that I've ever seen My top 10 are Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan and Oregon.

  8. John Trotta says:

    Did I include Massachusetts? Yes, I did. #1 as I recall.

  9. Joe Stugmyer says:

    Amazing that you even posted this

  10. Joe Stugmyer says:

    For what?

  11. John Trotta says:

    For your awesome acknowledgement of my brilliance.

  12. Joe Stugmyer says:

    Again, for what?

  13. John Trotta says:

    Is this an English-speaking audience?

  14. Joe Stugmyer says:

    Do you see any other languages??

  15. John Trotta says:

    I wrote simple declarative sentences, yet you ask me to repeat myself.

  16. Joe Stugmyer says:

    What is your "brilliance" for?

  17. John Trotta says:

    My first comment You called it "amazing" so I thanked you. In retrospect, it wasn't really amazing, only brilliant. Did you read the flawed methodology of the original article?

  18. Joe Stugmyer says:

    Yea it was very flawed

  19. Joe Stugmyer says:


  20. Everyone speaks about White Racism against Blacks. As a Black person, the most dangerous discrimination in Afro Society in US is Black against Black discrimination, it is everyday in your face. Many blacks here hate other blacks and just cannot tolerate other Afros culturally different from them, with another mentality and other views of the world. About voicing comments about that on National Television, it is never mentioned. The hate between Blacks in this country is extremely atrocious. What in the world is this mentality, if a black is French, Spanish, Portuguese and every other language, they are insulted by Blacks here in USA of "NOT BEING BLACK ENOUGH" I do NOT see White Americans impregnated with this mentality so deeply in Heart and Mind qualify other foreign Whites of " NOT BEING WHITE ENOUGH". White Americans accept other whites who are culturally different, it's no problems for them, ' NOT IN THE BLACK SOCIETY IN USA". Can't we have a minimum of Intelligence and common Sense to understand that Africa, the Black Continent is the most linguistic place on Earth, with so much influences. 60% of Africa is French speaking plus their own native language, more than 3000 languages are spoken by Black populations in Africa, including Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, German. Every single Black man and woman is Africa is systematically minimum bilingual, and have great aptitude learning foreign languages. Furthermore, us Blacks from North, Central, South America, we do NOT speak any African Languages such as Lingala, Swahili, Woolof, Mandingo etc; , Afros on the whole american Continent speak either English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, which are all European Languages. Who than is more black than who? Germany has two million Blacks as German born and raised citizens, and if I take a young Afro-German and bring him or her in a predominantly Black School here in the USA, this young Afro -German will be destroyed by young Blacks here, who absolutely DO NOT accept another Afro speaking with a German accent. Foreign Blacks students enrolled in Afro schools in USA are daily facing very brutal discrimination by other blacks because they are NOT Americanized or Black-Americanized. This reveals even a daily problems, and I do not want to hear any White or Black American acting as if they do NOT acknowledge this issue, or that it is something new, this will be the Heights of Hypocrisy.

    Where are some of the Afro Leaders to debate this issue on National Television, and advise young Afros to accept each other with their cultural differences, to interest themselves considerably more about Africa, especially Ancient African History and learn about the Splendor of our own civilization, what it contributed even today to our modern world? Black Leaders need to voice other types of speeches to the Afro population in USA, rather than " all against us and we against them" theory.

    The Great Reverend-Martin Luther King would be appalled to see us with the type of mentality that we still have today, with all the Race-Baiting of many black Leaders today. The Great Visionary Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King would love to see more Afros in USA interest themselves to foreign languages, a more academic black population, an-open minded Afro population. He was of a Superior Intelligence and Mindset in comparison to those Afro-Leaders of today. Reverend Dr. Martin – Luther King was a Conservative against integration of Afros in so called "government program " , but rather for Self-Empowerment , Responsibility, Not Welfare to economically enslave Afros and culture Dependency Mentality, such as we witness today.

    It is true that Blacks in USA went through a mental and psychological trauma in American History, but guess what," Despite all this trauma, at the end of the day, we are to eliminate this trauma ourselves and not expecting others to become "LESS RACIST", because it is an eternal process that we cannot dwell on and, let us not hold our breath too much on that.

    Before we expect Respect and Harmony and Consideration from other Races and Ethnic Groups, let's establish these among ourselves and it's going to require better treatment consideration, and tolerance among Afros in daily life, because in daily life, we simply do NOT treat each other very good.

  21. Ma'at Vulu says:

    As I couldn't get to the bottom of the article quick enough to see if Texas was first. Cause I knew it. But what's more alarming isn't the racist states. It's how they collected the data for this research. Note Amerikkka is nothing but a big recorder.

  22. Trishonda Washington says:

    Joshua Goldberg, I currently live in Europe and NEVER experience what "you" speak of.

  23. Dave Flick says:

    Amen John


  25. Vivian Simby says:

    Really ! You must not read .

  26. I've always thought alabamer should just be obliterated… I don't understand blacks living there.. Who wants to be subjected to stupidity 24/7? I don't even know why that state still exists. I feel sorry for the blacks that have never life outside of Amerikkka – cause they'll never know what is like to be treated like a human being.

  27. Leave that state of stupidity. Stupid is as stupid does. It's not worth the stress on your health.

  28. Look at Mississippi's license plate… If that isn't telling on itself. I was mad when I realized how close MD was to Kentucky. ..I'm bout to get the "___" outta here! Leave the *Dirty-racists have the *Dirty South!

  29. Texas #1 #NotSurprised One can Never Stop what zone does not address. Denial being the biggest problem. In Mississippi to Alabama, all it takes is one white girl to marry up a well off Black man and the KKK calls off The Posse. But this shyt in Texas is a Never ending cycle

  30. Deanna racism is nation wide…look how they treat our President? 'Running is not the answer law's need to be changed and implement especially in the work place, hold these Manager's and Supv. accountable for their bad behavior terminate their ass take food out of there mouths and their children mouths put a mark on their record then just maybe the person will understand the depth of racism. ..until then thing will continue the way they are.

  31. Gwen GeminiGee Miner says:

    Wisconsin didn't make the list? I'm shocked. Maybe it was #11…?

  32. LayLay Russell says:

    I can't believe that they neglected to place Pennsylvania on this list. With all of the racially motivate murders and assaults that have happened here; I will say that it's a very racist state, and it's not getting better…It's a sick and sad fact that racism is still a part of many Black people's lived experience. It has affected me personally, and I HATE that I can't be known for the content of my character rather than the color of my skin…sigh

  33. LayLay Russell says:

    Sister, don't let them devalue you! If you can move someplace where you can not only survive, but thrive, do it! My sister left the entire country and she is very successful. My other sister had to leave PA due to the racism she experienced in the computer technology and medical fields. I'm sure that I will have to leave here after I finish grad school, but I relish being somewhere progressive rather than oppressive. I'm praying your success!

  34. Maybe in you mind.

  35. Lois Hunter says:

    Antonio Martin
    These individuals that are killing each other do not know what is happening in the world.
    Once again Malcolm said "We have allowed the enemy to educate our children" this is so true.. go to your school district and see where the money is going. line by line. What Black Parent has every done this.
    Do not listen to the administrators you as a taxpayer go and see the line items in the budget. Observe who own the construction company how many times they get paid for the same jobs….

  36. Lois Hunter says:

    Benjamin Franklin debated during the drafting of the Constitution. Slavery will come back and haunt us for generations……

  37. Samuel Hill Jr. says:

    Ms. Coleman it like that in all the Southern States. If you are Black in these States an want to get in a good paying job position they want you to kiss their backside an let them say things to you that the Normal man/woman would not stand for. I never got into those supervisory positions because I didn't bow down to any of them. Racism is alive an well in Amerikkka. If you are aware of the things that is happening since President Obama has been in office Racism is more openly spoken out of the So called Elite Europeans in authority mouths. An to close, the kiss ass Blacks that talk against the President are exposing themselves.

  38. You are so right Samuel Hill Jr. happy you commented on the employment situation…you have so many Blacks that go along with this type of behavior in fear they will lose their jobs. Many times if they report bad behavior by their Managers and Supv. 99.9% these superiors will retaliate against the minority and make employment very difficult. Many Blacks and Hispanics will tuck there tails between their legs and take the insults while being belittled and if you report this behavior to the EEOC mostly likely nothing will be done…therefore it leaves a lot of employees in a no win situation.

  39. Samuel Hill Jr. says:

    Mr. Claude why are you trying to manipulate people's mind with that Rhetoric you spewing? To me, you think you have a solution to what is going on in this Country but you haven't a clue! What about White on Black discrimination that we face everyday? What about the discrimination that we receive in the WHITE own Companies that we are forced to work in to survive? If you want to criticize someone, criticize the ones that got our RACE into the condition that we are in today. I don't know or care where you were born or raised but you don't have a clue as to the discrimination that the average Black person in Amerikkka goes through.

  40. well said sir , I am a black South American who have experienced it

  41. Denise Sanders says:

    Michael Dean MAN ! ! Your Absolutely Stupid, no smarts at all why say some dumb ignorant thing like that tell me your stupid like that on purpose ???????

  42. Dear Mr. Campbell:

    Thank you for appreciating my lengthy comment , as surprising that my opinion may be, but this a reality that I still experience now. For all Blacks have suffered in USA in history, I believe their should be so much more harmony among us and Black on Black Discrimination should not even exist. As a matter of fact, take Jewish ( Hebrew) people that face extinction since Biblical Times, their unity is such that since 4000 years, no one has succeeded in eliminating them and everywhere on Earth they reside, they somehow prosper. This should be for black folks in USA an example. Jewish people, wherever they reside, what ever language they speak, once they meet one another, they just melt, they treat each other a precious, and this is the type of attitude we should adopt in our Black Society in USA. Thank you again Mr. Campbell. God Bless.

  43. Bwire Msanii says:

    The article is irrelevant by the mere fact that that the whole of America is racist. there's no way to rate states in any order.

  44. Bwire Vincent correction…I only depend on God for everything. Please read my comments for clarification purposes.

  45. @Bwire Vincent Sir not by any means I meant back in the day it wasn't worse sorry for the misinterpretation.

  46. Atrai Ramos says:

    and thats why half of da world hates AMERICA!!

  47. i find many flaws in this. you can't base the term racism off of the hate of one man. for instance i don't like Barack but i have many black friends. and i could reverse this article very easily. what if i took all tweets regarding Bush, took all the negative ones then compared those tweets to states with the highest counts of black panther or naacp organizations. it's a highly flawed method either way.

  48. Scott Gates says:

    I am seriously undersurprised yet saddened by this list.

  49. Kevin Napier says:

    I live on Kentucky , they 're little "RED " here but those white folks sure do love those Black guys on the Kentucky Wildcat basketball team !


  51. Kimberly, that's everywhere not just Texas. This why have to practice group economics.

  52. I find it amazing how little is know about racism in America. Many of us are of the opinion that racism is a conscious or overt act and therefore racism has become synonymous with such wording and phrases as discrimination, prejudice, segregation or has become an overt action as too where one may live, treatment at work, where one may sit, or if one is unemployed or underemployed. No Racism is an unconscious pathological phobia.

    Especially, when it is complexion based. In a homogenous society one may have what is akin to racism, as in European countries in the 15-18 centuries, but those were cast or class defined societies, not racist societies, even though they enslaved and brutalized their own-complexion. When the European, bourgeois class, moved into the New World they need a complexion based society not only to enslave those of differing complexion, but as much to hold onto the masses leaving Europe in droves, due to religions intolerance, Church and State prosecution. No longer able to control the peasantry of Europe, they now needed them to conquer the New World, and therefore could no longer slaughter and enslave the peasantry in the New World with the same cast and class system of Europe.

    The ignorant masses of Europe was indoctrinated soon after the new world was founded in complexion based racism through fear of the indigenous people of this continent. Through fear, finance, propaganda of a savage people, and rewarded through privilege; something they had never been given in Europe, by the church of divine right. But they were still slaves to the Crown and Church – the hidden financiers – who aimed not only to maintain control of the Europeans, but to gain control of land and resources of the New, offering the ignorant masses privilege only as their reward of complexion.. It is similar in 2014 as it was in 1492. Privilege without power.

    Racism is a deep seat pathological unconscious phobia of complexion bias. It is not an overt act, but a covert administration of intended fear. It is like being at the beach swimming and the music from Jaws enters into your subconscious, and an irrational and paralyzing fear consumes you and the threat becomes so real that one panics and all rationale sense leaves the mind and one find oneself running toward shore. That one moment in time is Racism. All actions following are but irrational quantitative conscious reactions. But they are not rational decisions; of a rational mind That is Racism: A rational insanity.

    During the election of president O'bama and his presidency the Caucasian Community armed themselves and past such laws as '' Stand Your Ground '' in 34 of the 52 States based on the what they considered a '' rational insanity ''. An Unconscious Pathology Phobia. The music started playing and the threat of Black Retribution, which has always laid hidden in their irrational insanity, so real and prevalent, that the Caucasian Community acted with rational insanity. But in a schizophrenic paranoid mind there is no act that is irrational.

    Herein lies the problem. The Caucasian Mind has been sick for a long time. 9/11 and the election of President Obama has served as a catalyst to strengthen that phobia. When complexion based racism was introduced in this country it was introduced under the cloak of fear. Fear is one of the strongest emotions in the human psyche. It is so strong that it paralyzes it victim and leads to immediate action. In the hind brain of man it is the most primitive emotion. Such a primitive emotion is dangerous in the hands of a person who has not matured enough to know the reality, or be able to distinguish reality over ones magnanimous and grandiose interpretation of reality; one's place in humanity. This is the Caucasian mind.

    He has been strengthen on the milk of illusion of divine right , white man burden: too civilize the rest of the world's complexions; he remains delusional in that regard.. This delusion has not only cause him to enslave other humanity, but too a greater extent to enslave his humanity. Being unconscious of this illusion, he is subject to do any conceivable act to protect that illusion, defend and propagate that illusion. At no time in history has he represented a greater threat too humanity or himself, because at no time in history has he been under this greater threat.

    This went a lot further then I had intent. But if you are of the opinion that this is not true. President Obama, Treavon Martin, Stand Your Ground, Mass incarceration, incorporation into the American Society over Negroes and others Nations of Color following WWII, the slaughter of the indigenous people, Division of Africa and other Nations of Color, the intended deportation of slaves during the Emancipation; Japaneses internment camps on American soil. There are plenty of other historical examples of this pathological disease.

  53. Why is it that white people ALWAYS post on topics about racism as if they know what they are talking about?

  54. I'm Mexican American and have not experienced racism in Texas, I think this is some total B.S.

  55. Go anywhere South of Chicago's Cook County and Illinois gets really "Southern Like" with the Racism… It's like night and Day.

  56. Lee Rains says:

    Please. I know just as many racist black people. It's not always the white man place.

  57. Danny Black says:

    Hello what about Wisconsin

  58. 75% of whites are black

  59. I live in Illinois in a very nice community. I'm not saying that racism doesn't happen here, but in Illinois, it's all about where you live/go to. Most places tat I've been, even in Southern/Central Illinois, are filled with nice people and welcoming environments.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I'm from Jamaica, and it's known to be dangerous mostly bc of domestic voilence and petti theives. But I never have to worry about KKK. I lived in NY now for 17years and experience racism only at the workplace. There are some very nice white people here who open doors, and neighbours/strangers who came over and dug my car out of the snow when it got stuck. These are white people I've never met. Presently I'm planning on moving to a new State but" where"?
    There's always gonna be racism on both sides, but hate groups should not be tolerated."Can we all just get along"???

  61. Pretty much if you are not born white your screwed. No matter what country you decide to live in. That sucks. lol

  62. You know, it's funny how black people, hispanic people and other groups just talk bad and hate so much against white men, but then they start acting all innocent like their victims and complain so much against white men… it really makes you start to wonder, who is the real racist biggots and hypocrites. Don't get me wrong, i love all people regardless of their outward appearances, because outward appearances doesn't matter, what matters most is your character. talking about Barak Hussein Obama, you are way over the line there, it's Obama that is trying to destroy us as a people and a great nation, the only people that he truly loves and cares about is the radical and islamist extremists and the muslim brotherhood and the terrorist groups, 'cause he is one them. Obama is only manipulating you and deceiving from the truth, because he wants to divide and conquer us and then destroy and completely eliminate us and wipes us clean off of the world's map, just like we never existed in the first place.

  63. regardless of race and our outward appearances, we are all Americans from the greatest nation on earth, we need to stop fighting and bickering amongst ourselves. start acting like true American Patriots that we all are, instead of how satan want us to act like.

  64. Also, the comments that I read about in regards to white people in the work place, it is absolutely not true, it is as much black people and hispanic people as there are white people and other groups that does the same thing. Take me for instance, I worked @ UPS and Kroger in Memphis, TN where Memphis' population is 80% black or more and they singled me out because I'm not black. I also worked @ Wal-mart and Home Depot in New Mexico and I also was singled out again because I'm not hispanic, a female and also because of my favorite sports teams. the point is, there are racism in black people, hispanic people and other groups, not just white men. Anyways, racism is one of the most deadliest sicknesses and poisonous diseases, if we don't control and overcome it, it will destroy us!

  65. Sister berlyn sparks, they are trapped in a matrix. The government has set that in play for them to do that, the anger is to potent, it clouds there judgements and thoughts.

  66. Patrick Claude, I applaud you in everything that you said in regards to this issue, my brotha. I couldn't have said it any better myself. you know what I wish? I wish that all people in every race worldwide would just let everything go and just learn to get along with all ethnic groups and all races, especially our own. you know, I'm very proud, I'm proud of my heritage and where I come from. eventhough I have a bit of white man's blood, I'm mosty Native American. I love all people no matter who they are, no matter where they are from, all people worldwide, we are all created in our HOLY FATHER'S image and likeness. because HE love all people worldwide so much, HE gave up HIS one and only son, our LORD and SAVIOUR Jesus Christ to die on the cross for all people to save us all from death, hell and the grave. because, if they had no love for us like they do, we would all be doomed to hell forever and for all eternity! the point is this, our HOLY FATHER and HIS SON Jesus Christ did not mean for this to be so…

  67. … they want us all worldwide to love each other as they love us.

  68. im triyng to find a good state to move too?

  69. It seems like Texas shouldn't have earned its spot… its LQ score is low compared to many of the other states on this list, and the fact that it has 18 KKK chapters is likely due to the fact that it's comparatively MUCH larger than any other state on the list. This could (and likely does) introduce a statistically significant bias into the score.
    That being said, the rest of the article makes a lot of sense.

  70. John Trotter, are you smoking crack? Seriously, you compared the state if Massachusettes to Missippi? Missile I is known for one of the lowest IQ and the KKK. I was born and raised in MA there are no Klansman in MA and never has been. The elite schools on MA are far from being racist. The most liberal state. Yes, with a black democratic governor voted in by the residents of Massachusetts. I want to know how a white caucasion make has experienced any racism? We fought against the south and won. Do not compare our state to some hillbilly klan state. You are a piece of trash calling Bew Englanders racist. Maybe the black racist should speak up on this subject.

  71. They left one out of the Top 10 — WEST VIRGINIA should be in their Top 10 and should possibly replace NORTH CAROLINA.

  72. @Rob Jones, you cannot speak for what you cannot prove or disapprove. I was born in Alabama, and was referred to as a n***a, by one of my classmates parents when I was six. Not knowing what the word meant I asked my grandmother who as kindly as she could, explained how the word was being used. Needles to say I ended up in the hospital because I tried to take a bath with Ajax to get the dark color off my skin. When things like that happen to you, it becomes impossible to just forget. I'm sure you wouldn't understand how such things can affect a kid. My home town was racist, and boy did they put up a fight when segregation came along. It wasn't until I moved to Michigan that I was able to see black and white people working together as if they've known each other all their lives and considered each other family. So unless you've lived it, you with all due respect, have no basis.

  73. Gale Griffin says:

    They should add California, Massachusetts, Ohio, Utah, Washington, and Pennsylvania. Texas is on the top of my list, followed by Alabama.

  74. This list is stupid and illrevent. What does the number of KKK organizations have to do with the whole state being racist? I could accept this list a little better if it had some real facts to go with it other than feeling and number of racists organizations.

  75. Cowards in a sheet, with farm raised members of ignorance that used the police to protect them cowards, that junk they do don't scare nobody new time , new people

  76. some SEEM TO FORGET ABOUT Arizona. Many blacks have problem in this racist state. Interesting

  77. Obviously the author of this article has not visited Massachusetts (boston)

  78. Eve Fox says:

    As for the counting the number of Kkk orgs in the states shouldn't this study have considered the square miles total area of the state? I'm from Texas and I can't stand racism. I'm racist towards racist. I'm white and female and was born in the 50s. Remember segregated schools.

  79. Our main problem is that we do not vote .If you look at every one of these backwards racist states , we have a large population of blacks who don't vote . If the ones who don't vote got up off of their behinds and voted we could turn the south upside down and they would be kissing our asses folks ,but we make too many excuses for either not voting or not registering to vote . If you look at the amount of unregistered black voters in every southern and "red" state you will see if they could go out to vote along with the poor whites who are scared into voting against their own interests . This country would have a revolution without firing a shot

  80. I question the rankings. Admittedly I don't know much about the KKK but do the number of chapters correlate with the number of KKK members? I would think the number of members relative to population size would be more accurate. Frankly, I would stick with the LQ.

  81. Im from Texas and the place I felt the most racism was Iowa. just be cause the kkk chapters are here doesnt mean that racism is worse than MS or AL. I travel all over and have been helped by alot of people in Texas but Iowa is the worst I've ever encountered. If this all based on kkk chapters then the poll is going to be off, but if its based on racial incidents then why is NY not high on the list?

  82. And my best friend is white, if they do a bi racial count in each state, I'll bet they'll get different states.

  83. I must be blessed because I live in Texas and I can honestly say I have not not delt with this on the level that yall have. I have been called the n-word to my face only twice, once in Richardson, Texas (no surprise there) and once in far North Dallas. I live in South Oak Cliff. I have been to Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and all over this state with no issues except one city, Wichita Falls, Texas. My worst racial experience was there. But I did have some racial issues in California. Most of the national racial issues seem to happen in the Midwest and North East. I've had White people look at me crazy (why are you here look) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There was a feel of and West Virginia. I had a wonderful experience in Tennessee and South Carolina as well. I'm not sure about Ohio and iff the people there were just mean or racist. Same with Illinois. The people in Nevada seemed to be kind people. My wife had a bad experience in Louisiana but that was Black on Black (sad really). I have will be traveling to the North East soon so I will get the vibe there when I go. But for me, Texas reputation is worse than it should be.

  84. Ilona Turtle says:

    I have to question the use of KKK chapters in this metric-at least how they seem to be using it. Texas is a huge state, so it makes sense that it would have more KKK chapters. They should have scaled it based on area or population, like they did for the tweets.

  85. I'm kinda scared because I'll move in the US in the future.I hope they'll go easy on Europians in California.

  86. Casey Lip says:

    The Black Star, do a black on white racism survey and post them numbers!!!

  87. I'm White and I know my ancestors owned slaves because after the Civil War the slaves adopted the surnames of their former owners because they were so many generations removed from their home continent that they lost track of both the country of their origin and their family surname. When other White people attempt to poke fun or get a rise out me by asking say: "Are you related to Michael Jackson?", I tell them that he must be a distant cousin because we both have the same last name. I give the same reply for any other person, famous or not, of ANY race. At 6 years of age I taught my Grandmother not to use the "N" word. When she asked why, I told her that it was rude and they prefer to be called black people. I never heard Granny use the "N" word again. It absolutely disgusts me that the KKK style themselves as a Christian organization because the bible clearly does NOT support racism OR hatred. I will give one verse ~ There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise. ~ Galatians 3:28-29 ~ It is our duty to speak out against racial prejudice and work towards its eradication.

  88. This was a complete waist of my time reading this article. White people arn't the only racists in America. Fucking there are more black and Islamic domestic terrorist here in this country than kkk chapters. People killing and committing crimes everyday. I wanted to know the top 10 racist state's in America and I read this racist filled bullshit against whites and dumb fuckin comments . Until Americans stop labeling themselves as other than American we will always have racism .

  89. ellie what title do you posess to think you have it all figured out–we don't care how high you rise in society if its by your knowledge and education well good but don't think because the government gives it to you that you will impress anyone–show me your degree and I will listen to you—-and by the way I have more soul by accidnt than you have on purpose.

  90. #(UnitedRacist)StatesOfAmerica

  91. Blake Smith says:

    There are two problems with the "data" used to compile this list.

    1. Just because you hate Obama doesn't mean you're racist. I find it very ironic that Illinois, Obama's home state AND the state that elected him both times with OVERWHELMING numbers would be on the list for that ridiculous reason.

    2. You can't go by raw number of KKK clans. Texas may have the most, but it's also a very large state in population. You would go by PERCENTAGE of clans. Let's not forget the KKK isn't the only racist clan in the country.

    For those two reasons, I will not take this list seriously.

  92. Tadios Abay says:

    Hey guys I just got accepted to two medical school schools. One of them is in Idaho and the other one in Montana. I couldn't decide where to go bc I here they are both pretty racist comparing to WA state where I am from. So I decided to google which states are racist and to my surprise both state were not listed here. And then I read some peoples comments. I am an African and a pretty damn proud one. I have an American citizenship but that does not change my identity. I am only here to get what I want which is education and money. I don't intend to live in this country for ever. As soon as I get what I want I am out of here. But I know what kind of horrible things the white folks have done against African Americans in the past. Racism is wrong anywhere. But I tell you black people, especially African Americans, with respect if you argue that racism is wrong don't give in to reverse racism as well because two wrongs don't add up and make one right. If we want change we have to start change from ourselves. I experience racism and stereotype every single day at work, at school, and even in church. On the other hand I also have a couple of down to earth real white friends with the biggest heart I have ever seen. That is why I say lets not generalize. My message for white folks is simple just because you can do something wrong doesn't mean you should do it. Instead of kicking the can a little further by adding to the overall racism problem in America, what do you have to lose by doing the right thing? If you are not willing to go out of your way to bring mutual respect between the two races at least refrain from being part of the problem. Am done.

  93. It seems useless to carry on this meaningless chatter about racism on facebook. Where are the national conferences, where is the real leadership on these issues. And this black person who twisted the conversation to black on black hatred, while there is some truth here, it's not one sided. I have lived in most parts of the world where black people reside, including Africa an they are not always the most welcoming. In fact many of them will quickly step. An fetch it for a white person, while treating u rudely, so please don't come into the Us claiming we are alone on this one.

  94. Black self hatred is universal….it was so apparent when I was in India it was sickening.. A colonized mind has these reactions, it goes along with the colonization. We black folks must take back our minds from these masters of disasters….we have no choice, because the next eight genre rations of our off springs are counted on it. But talk will not get it done, and if this is the best we can muster, expct more of the same, more of their foot up our behinds an on our ncks. Period.

  95. patrick says:

    You want have a website crying about race, than stfu and let people defend themselves. You’re only mad because the true racists aren’t white people,Hispanics,Jewish people,asian and any other ethnicity. You want to see true racists and people who hate, look in a mirror

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