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John McCain Eager to Send US Troops to Rescue Girls, Even Without Nigerian Approval

U.S. Senator McCain watches his colleagues speak during news conference following their tour of the Arizona-Mexico border in NogalesThe United States should send in Special Forces to rescue the hundreds of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram — whether the Nigerian government gives permission or not, according to Sen. John McCain.

“If they knew where they were, I certainly would send in U.S. troops to rescue them, in a New York minute I would, without permission of the host country,” McCain told The Daily Beast on Tuesday. “I wouldn’t be waiting for some kind of permission from some guy named Goodluck Jonathan,” he added, referring to the president of Nigeria.

Of course, it’s not exactly a surprise that McCain holds this view. He’s been a longtime advocate for increased U.S. military activity in crises around the globe—from Syria to Ukraine.

McCain said that if he were the American president, he would already be doing several things to respond to the kidnapping of the over 200 girls by the Nigerian terrorist group that the Obama administration has so far declined to do.

Those measures include prepositioning U.S. Special Forces to be ready to enter Nigeria and rescue the girls if the opportunity arose. He said that the United Nations charter authorized military intervention on behalf of the girls because their abduction rose to the level of “crimes against humanity.”

“The United Nations Charter recognized crimes against humanity, this fits into the category of crimes against humanity, and that gives any nation the license if they can to stop a crime against humanity, the same reason we should have, if we could have, freed the people at Dachau or Auschwitz,” McCain said.

The U.N. Charter does not explicitly mention crimes against humanity. But the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum does, stating that crimes against humanity “are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings.”

McCain’s declaration Tuesday was an amplification of an interview he gave to CNN last week when he said, “As soon as we knew these young girls were kidnapped… we should have utilized every asset that we have, satellite, drones, any capabilities that we had to go after them.”

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10 thoughts on “John McCain Eager to Send US Troops to Rescue Girls, Even Without Nigerian Approval

  1. Charlotte Woods-Coachman says:

    I must say, im down with him on this issue

  2. If you all think that the fact the drones are being deployed in Nigeria and that it just so happens that a high level US politician is now talking about going in there without the permission of the Nigerian government is about these girls, you're smoking crack. This is an invasion folks. Wake up already…

  3. Grace Oh Grace says:

    When people show you who they are, believe them.

  4. The powers that be can't take over Nigeria with drones and special forces. Even if they could, it wouldn't look good. However, they can with a handshake and "goodwill" from a 1/2 breed "Kenyan" with no true loyalty to black people anywhere.

  5. Clinton's State Department refused to put Boko Harem on the list of terror groups.

    Boko Harem received arms indirectly from the US.

    Now this group's activity is softening American and British minds to the idea of putting US and UK troops in Nigeria in"'purely an advisory role." – See more at:

  6. Grace Oh Grace says:

    Goodluck Jonathan is not just "some guy" he is the duly elected president of Nigeria, like him or not. No respect for a sovereignty when it is convenient uh.

  7. Shadderick Henderson That's their ace in the hole….pigmentation. Bush wouldn't have dared.

  8. Chloe' Lewis says:

    The USA creates the problems and then wants to sensationalize what happened so the we will be accepting of them going into the country. They don't care about those girls!!! There have been 64,000 black girls and women reported missing since 2010 and you think they give a damn about 200 Nigerian girls!???? Absolutely not.

    Please WAKE UP my people!!!

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