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Video: Solange Attacks Jay Z in Elevator in Front Of Beyonce

Solange attacks Jay Z – Last week Monday Jay Z and Beyonce attended the MET Gala in New York City at the Standard Hotel along with Beyonce’s younger sister Solange. A new video just surfaced via TMZ showing Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator as Beyonce looked on. The attacked appeared to be unprovoked as others in the elevator also stood and watched.

Seconds later, a bodyguard, presumably Beyonce’s longtime bodyguard, attempts to restrain Solange who was kicking and swinging away at her brother-in-law.

Jay Z refrains from retaliating, only desperately trying to maintain an enraged Solange. Beyonce stands by without getting physically involved.

Acccording to TMZ, the video shows the bodyguard “hit the emergency stop switch on the 12th floor — mid-fight — presumably to keep the fight private.”

Outside of the building, the only indication of a squabble is through Solange’s countenance. Bey has a smile on her face and her husband seems unfazed. Jay Z even attempts to enter the same vehicle as Solange, until Bey’s bodyguard escorts him to another vehicle.

No one from the Knowles or Knowles-Carter family has addressed the incident.

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26 thoughts on “Video: Solange Attacks Jay Z in Elevator in Front Of Beyonce

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    Wow Beyonce didn't even help…

  2. Samuel Hill Jr. says:

    Someone tell me, what was Bey suppose to do? I say , While the world is going Crazy around you, maintain your composure!

  3. knowing his ass. He deserve all of that shit and way way more. She tried to fuck that niogga UP!! Somebody gots to beats this nigga ass

  4. most likely he is bunning her and Solange cant take it anymore

  5. Reminds me of women of yester year…just take care of business and ask questions later.

  6. This is such a load of crap! These people have their public by their noses!

  7. Hajar Hagar says:

    Andrew Mcleod …Sorry, but what does "bunning" mean?

  8. Lito Carlson says:

    Man the internet is so crazy! They already have the audio version on , but how?? I always suspected Bey Was on drugs I just didn't think Jay had a hand in it. smh

  9. Hajar Hagar commonly used word in Jamaica – another way of saying he is 'cheating' on her.

  10. Hajar Hagar says:

    Andrew Mcleod Okay. I learned something new today. Oh well, people can't be controlled. He or she has to not want to cheat. He or she has to have strong morals and respect. Slowly…that's becoming a rare trait. There are some loyal people out there…Thank you sir for explaining.

  11. Hajar Hagar says:

    Kevin Smith: It's best not to get in the middle (that's what I've been told over the years). That's her husband and her sister. You can't take sides. You have to be the cool headed person and make sure no one gets hurt. Picking a side my cause more harm than good. I think some websites are claiming she tried to get them both to calm down. Good response (in my opinion).

  12. Twinkle M. Wells says:

    Solange is a KRAZY bish anyways…..He SHOULD tagged dat ass…

  13. Lisa Jones says:

    The attacked ? The attack seemed unprovoked. Jeez

  14. Bessie Wash-Smith says:

    TMZ is full of SHIT… "Acccording to TMZ, the video shows the bodyguard “hit the emergency stop switch on the 12th floor — mid-fight — presumably to keep the fight private.”"… KEEP THE FIGHT PRIVATE..!!!! TMZ is like focking cock roaches… they show up places you would least expect them… !

  15. Andrew Mcleod I think she had a drink, liquor makes you tell the truth, she can't touch Bey, sibling rivalry

  16. A woman should always keep her hands to herself, same for a man. This is not a good look for Solange regardless what is the motive for her behaving like a hooligan

  17. I think Jay has obviously provoked her and is riding on it. You can see how he ceeps talking to her and it is making her more angry! He feels confident because the bodyguard is there and he thinks he can take her down…What an ashole… He is probably enjoying her anger and hurt. Beyonce is talking to him and trying to understand the situation, maybe even she thought that Jay deserves it!

  18. Skinny Corleone You need to watch your language. What kind of business do you work for with your mentality, or is this your business calling a black man a name like that, do you have any respect for yourself, and your race. Based on you language, you and Ms. ghetto are from the same mix. What reason would a woman have to attactk her sister's husband? Her body language says only one thing. The world says we are stupid, I do care, let me be stupid. J Z was a class act, most men would have smacked her down, she was really trying to hurt him. J Z if you read this, go file an assault charge on her tomorrow. You were the man of the hour, she was the one acting like a fool. Unbelievable. I wish she go and hide, and not show her stupid face in the public again. She is an embarrassment to black women.

  19. Tina Swartz says:

    She crazzzzzy!!!!

  20. Stanley White says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Assault charge puts incident in public record. As is will remain private matter other than fight video. Will blow over.

  21. Yogi Smith says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me WHY IS THIS GARBAGE NEWS?

  22. Stanley White Yea right, and she comes back and do it again. Not only that, you can only push a situation so far, maybe if there is a next time, he may floor her, which one you rather, file on her, nip it in the bud, or she ends up on the floor. She need to start acting like a lady, she is no match for a man.

  23. Kish JCreigns Shedrick says:

    That was the longest elevator ride EVER!!!!! Who knows what happened and really and truly… who cares?! Shocked this is so news worthy…. can TMZ help find the missing GIRLS?????????!!!!!!! Can they find a video on that?

  24. They've been waiting to hear some negative ish from that camp,why you think it spread like wildfire.

  25. The man showed he is been watched cause if he had hit her it would be all over the news the body guard should have stop the elevator and kicked her ass out

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