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10 Black Celebs Who Got Rich And Forgot That Race Matters




Pharrell Williams has apparently linked his rise to fame to an entire new race of human beings. In a televised interview with Oprah Winfrey last month, the music star discussed his new hit song “Happy“and defined himself as the “new Black.”

Williams said, ‘The ‘new Black’ doesn’t blame other races for our issues. The ‘new Black’ dreams and realizes that it’s not a pigmentation; it’s a mentality. And it’s either going to work for you, or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re gonna be on.”

Pharrell’s comments caused an uproar on Twitter, with many critics pointing out that no matter how new his black is, most Black people still have to deal with the same old problems.

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33 thoughts on “10 Black Celebs Who Got Rich And Forgot That Race Matters

  1. Fick Obare says:

    it happens everywhere bro but in different ways, i had a friend from where i Ras originate saying 'mimi story za wakenya stakagi'. Reffering to ma fellow country mates, so misplaced i Ras felt. so kila mahali iko

  2. Bhronda Pinder says:

    Can one be for the advancement of all humans without respect to race?

  3. Bhronda Pinder says:

    Is it racist to continue to ascribe to racial categorization and support entities and activities and do so as well?

  4. Bhronda Pinder says:

    At some point as humans we have to decide, should race matter or not?

  5. Bhronda Pinder says:

    And if we think race should not matter, should we stop using the categories of race.

  6. Bhronda Pinder says:

    Honestly, when the idea of race is removed from the Trayvon Martin murder, the crime that Zimmerman committed carries a greater weight as a true crime against an innocent American teenager.

  7. Daniel Jones says:

    If this is "so dumb" why'd you choose to add your 2 cents in which proves that you're dumb for even commenting in the first place.. dumb asses

  8. Daniel Jones says:

    I would say use your common sense but it seems there's none in your DNA (for the complainers)

  9. Eric Lozada says:

    This is utter garbage written by a weak mind. To the awake and enlightened, ignore this and let the simple minded argue over skin tone.

  10. Michael Ocampo says:

    Wow. It's almost self-victimization. If someone wants to do that, fine… but don't knock down people who succeed on their own merits, regardless of race.

  11. Dancy Pants says:

    [Laeticia Gomez] Girl, just….no.

  12. Dancy Pants says:

    Every year, I'd ask my students what they wanted to be when they were older: basketball player, football player, rapper, work at walmart like their parents (what!?). I always asked why and they always said the same things: that's what black people do. You either try to become a rapper, or football player, or you end up working somewhere like walmart (which was the biggest business in that area). That shit is sad.

  13. Jennifer P. Black-Jewett says:

    Laeticia Gomez please use google translator as you have never taken the opportunity to read or write the english language correctly. thank you.

  14. It's my I phone keys u stupid enough to guess

  15. Simply put; This website is ignorant as hell. This is all you have to say about Pharrell? Can't we celebrate his success and not misconceive what he said as negative and denying his own race? He's just another person trying to bring peace and unity to this world. C'mon black ppl…

  16. Simply put; This website is ignorant as hell. This is all you have to say about Pharrell? Can't we celebrate his success and not misconceive what he said as negative and denying his own race? He's just another person trying to bring peace and unity to this world. C'mon black ppl…

  17. Cobi Mcgee says:

    We from the same neighborhood in VB which is a place that isn't really pro black it's just a white bread homogenous place. I don't understand why black people insist on making entertainers responsible for the well being of the community lol only we do that.

  18. Denise Thatsme says:

    Keshia Cole's mother is a crackhead and don't know who her father is so apparently Keshia just wants to be biracial. What crackhead keeps a tally of the dudes they screw for a rock? None

  19. Tiffany Leonard says:

    Well, Donald Sterling sent a quick reminder…Didn't he?

  20. LisaTreasureinme Johnson says:

    Well all the black celebs that don't help other blacks learned in niggadom 101 they are not allowed to help blacks in the USA period ! If you notice they will go to Africa , Haiti ect… To assist but not here in the USA because their Caucasian masters know we are a unstoppable people once unified & organized…

  21. I mean, Morgan… I have mad respect for you, brother, but I'm sure that if you were denied the opportunities that you have had til today, because of your race, you'd be singing a different tune. Yes, you didn't experience that, but you are lucky. Not everyone is lucky.

  22. I am a Jamaican and I say this article is dumb. Why? because I live in a country where the population is 90% BLACK and young black men are killed everyday by BLACK yes BLACK POLICEMEN. Everybody one the Island Loves you when you are of high colour but hates you when you have dark complexion, because of this many bleach their skin to look white even our representatives to the Miss World and b Miss Universe contest as to look high colour. When black people reach certain status in life they marry white or high complexion people This behaviour as been going on for a loooong time even before our fore fathers came here as slaves ( In Africa bleaching had been around for centuries ).The successfulBlack people who behave like they aren't concern with race issue is normal. So as Jesus said so it was in the beginng so shall it be in the emd

  23. Alyssa Brown says:

    you forgot bill cosby

  24. Tino Zagor says:

    These people are embodiment of our self-sabotage and hatred period. They are part of the problem not the solution

  25. Raymond Cox-Bey says:

    Shinkina Britt , I read your blog and the one thing that keeps coming to mind is the fact that most Black folk don't truly know where they come from. If they did being rich would be the perfect way to help and teach each other and our children the truth about the Black experience. We were robbed of our true identities and no one really tries to reclaim that knowledge. We were truly a glorious people and the things that Black men and women accomplished have all but been forgotten. Being rich doesn't make you colorless and don't forget for a minute that white people know who they are, what they did to all other races and how they especially fear us. If we were ever to get together in a meaningful manner we would turn the world around. So let the ignorant and those who don't know they are ignorant go on for themselves until the day their money can't help them, a day when you are simply Black which according to science means Death. Let them lay in their lies, and deceit, nothing and I mean nothing lasts forever, and for the record money is truly an illlusion that can disappear with the next stock crash then they will become one of us so-called Blacks.

  26. As a people we share a culture, not a hive mentality. The article is well written by somebody who hasn't got a clue about how the unreal world of celebrity works.

  27. Adam McNeil says:

    Bryan Paisley….. SMH, it's Brad Paisley.

  28. Brandi Joi says:

    Shhhhhhh!!!! Quit WHINING!!!!! Enjoy what you bought at the mall, the good food we get every day, our children, the air we breath. That G od gave you another day. Good grief!!!!

  29. Hey black celebs don't forget no matter you do, you are first and foremost a victim. we know hard work and sacrifice had nothing to do with it, just pure luck and affirmative action.

  30. Ok. Let hem forget their driver's license one night while hey are riving their expensive cars through a rich while neighborhood or the freeway and see if they are singing stupid tune.

  31. Larry Miller says:

    This list should have been much longer. What about Steve Harvey, Stephen A Smith, Charles Barkely, Karl Malone,Raven Simone, just to name a few.

  32. Skipp Harris says:

    It's easy to see from these post why we as a people don't have anything. Other races celebrate their best and their brightest. Black folks nah. We're too busy blaming everyone else for the fact that we don't unite and do for ourselves.

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