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Big Boi Reunites With L.A. Reid at Epic Records


Big Boi first worked with L.A. Reid, then of Atlanta’s LaFace Records, when he and Andre 3000 tried to prove through songs and industry showcases that as OutKast they were stars. So in OutKast’s 1994 single “Git Up, Git Out,” Big Boi makes sure to set the record straight. “I’m also down with LaFace ’cause L.A. Reid / yeah, he pays me,” he spits proudly.

On May 9, Big Boi announced that he’s reunited with Reid yet again. “I just signed a deal with Epic Records,” he says to The Huffington Post. “So I’m back with L.A. Reid and [Epic Records President] Sylvia Rhone. Got a brand new situation.” As CEO of Island Def Jam, Reid inked Big Boi to a solo deal that expired with 2012′s “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.”

Big Boi hopes to follow up “Vicious Lies” soon. He plans to tease new music this summer, while on the road for OutKast’s reunion tour, from a solo album that he hopes to drop by the end of 2014. “The album I’m not gonna rush,” he said, adding, “It depends, because me and Dre got a lot of work to do from now until the end of October. [But] you’re definitely going to get some brand new Big Boi material. Two or three singles before the fall.”


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