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32 thoughts on “Melissa Harris-Perry’s Passionate Defense of Single-Mother Against Attacks of other Black Women

  1. Farntella Graham says:

    dependence on the government is what they want. at the same time president lydon johnson signed off on the war on poverty, he signed the king Alfred plan.

  2. Monise Davis says:

    I love the discussions held by the women. I really felt the sisters pain as she was asking her question.

  3. really intelligent,so 5 men just walked out on u because thats what black men do. couldnt stop at 2 or 3 or 4 please try contraception before u get the 6th and 7th

  4. TheLord OfHunger says:

    she won't. 6 is probably already on the way.

  5. Sundiata Keita says:

    she loves to throw black men under the bus tho, but i think shes good for black women at times.

  6. Kristen M. Muldrow says:

    The update is that her boyfriend has returned. There is an update interview with her on the MSNBC website.

  7. Enabling speeches to make people "feel better" with no emphasis on "doing better" has not and will not help the Afr. Amer community move forward. It's not about "shaming" but more about responsibility. The only way we can change our circumstances is accepting our responsibility within those circumstances. Once we change our actions, our outcomes will change as well.

  8. I liked how Melissa Harris-Perry responded to the young lady about her issues with poverty. She hugged her and admitted that a lot of us don't want to do the hard work to help people. I would advise the young lady to get therapy if she can to explore why she keeps changing companions and conceiving children with different men. There is a dysfunctional behavior there. I hope she gets some skills to find a good job and partner with a companion that also has a good job to empower her family economically. We understand White Supremacy is the cause of a lot of the problems, but we must not become its victims. Empower yourself the best way you can through spirituality, education, and taking good care of yourself. Our families don't have to become victims of White Supremacy. It was courageous of the young lady to share her frustration with the feminist on the panel. They can be very distant from the women who really suffer from this system. They meaning the feminist can write books and talk about the problems, but a lot of times they don't do anything effective to help.

  9. Gia Hamilton says:

    none of that has anything to do with whether or not she's a good mother. I know women with one father and they are horrible parents. Don't condemn a woman because she decided to have children. They may be poor, but if she is instilling the right values in them, they'll turn out better than their richer counterparts.

  10. Melissa Harris-Perry and the liberal media as well as a lot of our "black leaders" whole careers depend on black people being on the bottom and nit taking onthe responsibilities that create upward mobility. Of course they are going to be outraged. How are working responsible black people suppose to feel when they are working hard to make it while seeing tax money come from their check to provide for other people's way of life while their own families do without. The liberal media try on every hand to silence the rational black voice while pretending to care. They even get their handpicked select to call others names. Black people hopefully are waking up.

  11. I actually agreed 100% with every word she said. I don't have kids, I'm single, do ok for the most part BUT how can I really shame someone who the system was built to oppress. When educated blacks with money start to realize that it really could be them too and try to make changes in the system that's when the community will move forward. The system is what's wrong

  12. Juju Angeles says:

    Carolyn, I know you meant well by your comment, but I think that you are speaking out of ignorance. You can't say that life is anti-black but then ask a black woman to find a good job in a fucked up society. The truth is that if you look up this sister, she is college educated, a director of her own company, a public speaker, and is doing all that she can do to maintain herself, her family, AND her South Bronx community. The problem isn't her choices, but her options. Your comment very much felt like a covert this is your fault, you need to heal from, bs. Please, understand that what MHP said speaks directly to your comment about finding healing and what not. She doesn't need that, honestly. The way men act is not a reflection of her choices, but a reflection of a much larger problem in the world. Have you read any of bell hooks or Melissa Harry Perry words?

  13. I have a question for you about the young lady that spoke, at the end of the day who is going to care for her family? 4 kids a baby on the way, and the guy walks out on her. She needs to take it slow in the relationships she gets in, and practice birth control until she finds a companion that will stay with her. Bell Hooks, Melissa Harris-Perry are not going to pay the medical bills, buy the groceries, cook meals, babysit, leave behind an inheritance for her children. I am not blaming the young lady, but she needs to slow down with her relationships with men. This is a tough society we live in and we as women got to be strategic in how we live our lives.

  14. Krystal Williams Im not sure what you mean. How could this woman "be me too"? I have the power to prevent pregnancy. Sure I could lose my job but I would only have me to care for, not 5 children. What are you talking about? The system did not make this woman have 5 children with different men and no money.

  15. Gia Hamilton No they won't. They will end up ifeeding the prison industrial complex (slave labor in another form), cannon fodder for wars levied by the system and most likely repeating their mother's mistakes.

  16. Gia Hamilton says:

    Yolande Black my parents were young, drug abusers and sellers, in and out of jail… I am the complete opposite. If people were doomed to make their parents mistakes, then it would also mean that children repeat their parents success and we all know that is not always true either. What about being poor means that you will end up in prison? Do you know how much love and assurance they receive? How much home education they receive? How much spiritual guidance they receive? People need to stop the judgement.

  17. Gia Hamilton says:

    Yolande Black she had children because she wanted to have children. we do not know her personally so we do not know the quality of her parenting. quality of parenting is not dependent on money or a spouse. and yes, that could be anyone. No, you don't have children, but there are homeless people who don't have children and they never thought they'd be homeless. it can always be you.And why are you judging this woman based on her economic and marital status? Her children have different fathers, so! She's poor, so! Scroll down to Juju Angeles comment and see that she's a college-educated entrepreneur.

  18. Gia Hamilton your example (personal) is an exception. Lets stop with the damn lies because we all know your situation is rare. The right values wont put food on the table, shield your children from abusive streets and harm. This kinda rhetoric feeds the beast of poverty among blacks.

  19. Gia Hamilton Why is questioning someones choices considered "judgement"? If she doesnt want comments on her life then she needs to stfu and not talk her business in a public forum as she did. NO Being homeless with 5 children is NOT ever going to be me. I already said we can lose our jobs, I am talking about the circomstance of 5 kids that SHE created. Please keep that "It could be you" BS outta here. The woman continues to make poor choices and we as black women need to stop doing that. It is devasting our communities and keeping the cycle of poverty going. Every social study has proved this. And my tax dollars are going to support women like that so you damn straight I'm going to comment on it and judge it if I want!

  20. Juju Angeles says:

    She is going to take care of her family! She's not asking for help. What do you mean by she needs to slow down? To me, that sounds like blame. Please listen to her question.

  21. TheLord OfHunger says:

    Yolande Black, you just made my day…………

  22. Gia Hamilton says:

    Yolande Black Uh,very little of YOUR actual tax dollars go to helping this woman and women like her. Your taxes pay for public services such as schools, police, fire dept, street maintenance, public transportation, etc. You're not supporting women on public assistance, you're supporting the children in the household. I have no problems with my tax dollars taking care of and feeding CHILDREN. I'm glad you can see the future and know exactly what it will be for you, and that your life will be calculated and nothing will ever be unexpected. You do not, however, know the choices she has made in life. You know she has children by different men and is receiving foodstamps… how does that make you know this woman and the choices she makes everyday?

  23. Gia Hamilton says:

    Yolande Black I can tell you don't have children. Please don't. If you don't see the importance of the things/values I mentioned that are important, then you believe that all you need to do is provide food and shelter. Parenting goes way beyond material. Not once did she say she's a career public assistance recipient. She's going through a tough time, a time when the last thing she needs is people assuming they know her and casting negative judgement for her needing help.

  24. Gia Hamilton Yes Im supporting children from a mother that continues to make bad decisions. No money, no man, no infrastructure to support her children. Yes I can see MY future, we have the power to make some portion of our future and having children is perhaps one of the FEW things a woman has power over. I know the choices this woman has made based on the MHP conversation. She decided to have 5 children with different men while living in poverty. I don't have to guess, she said it. Accountability, something too many of us do not understand. TF is the one that went public with her story of how her widdle feelings were hurt from other black women "shaming" her. Telling someone the truth is now considered shaming I suppose. If she didnt want anyonein her business she should have stfu.

  25. Gia Hamilton I will cast as much "negative judgement" on her as I want because she is receiving public assistance paid for by my tax dollars. Having numerous children while living inpoverty, with no man or support is folly When will you women wake the hell up? Stop destroying the black community with your selfish need to have another human being for your own personal reasons.

  26. Danielle Monique Whitelow says:

    Smh. The one thing Black American do have control over is their womb! Yet discussions about the need to exercise that control for our benefit are always shut down with cries of 'shaming' and 'judging'. This attitude of reproducing while utterly unprepared does nothing but harm Black women and children.

  27. Danielle Monique Whitelow says:

    Thank you Shannon!

  28. Dottie Hill says:

    Yolande Black Agree.

  29. Katrina Gilmore says:

    Juju Angeles Would you happen to know the name of the audience member that came up to the mic? I would be interested to follower her on Twitter and take a look at some of her blogs.

  30. Katrina Gilmore says:

    I agree that people get bogged down in judging these women about being low income with multiple children while not looking at the system which keeps a lot of women in poverty. There are women in poverty with one child or no children. There is a systematic issue which few people try to tackle. It's easier to attack the person and people jump to that action first.

  31. Shin Law says:

    Thank. If you don't have sex then you would have to worry about being a single mother. These aren't virgin Mary's here.

  32. I understand what Perry is saying in that we shouldn't shun those women who do make this mistake and that we should help them and lift them up because that is the purpose of a community. But what we also have to realize is that sympathizing with a person's situation and not encouraging them to change their situation and to do better and learn from their mistakes can also cripple our community and it is. I feel that some of us criticize too harshly to the point where it can fall on deaf ears and wont be heard as well as can make the person feel worse about themselves which we don't want. But at the same time I think many just wanna do whatever they want and don't want anyone to recognize their faults and wrongs in a situation but want everyone to help and provide them with things to make it easier and that isn't fair on the community. I believe we need to start raising more responsible black women and more responsible black men; Black girls who grow up into black women who are conscious about who they take that extra step with and to know if they are really ready to have kids and when enough is enough and how much they can really sustain and take care of. And black boys who grow up into black men who accept fatherhood to the fullest, know how they are mothering and don't walk out on their family because they wanna be young and have fun and feel the need to put it all on the woman

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