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Call to ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ Includes 64,000 Missing Black Females in America

Bring Back Our Girls ignores thousands of missing Black women in the US The families of more than 64,000 missing African-American girls and women are still grieving and wondering if their loved ones will ever make it back home while the rest of the country has pretty much turned a blind eye to most of the disappearances.

According to the National Crime Information Center, more than 270,000 minorities have been reported missing since 2010, with almost half of that number comprised of African-Americans and roughly 64,000 being African-American girls and women.

Despite these troubling statistics, you won’t find hashtags, peaceful protests or investigative news stories begging for the safe return of so many missing Black women.

All over the globe, Black females are among those being targeted and abducted, and it’s vital that all of these women get the media attention they deserve so that hopes of bringing them back home can soon become a reality.

The abduction of over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls in mid-April shook the nation after a social media campaign helped to force major news outlets to shine a light on what happened.

The leader of the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for the kidnappings, and the U.S. has since stepped in to aid in efforts to get the girls back home safely.

However, U.S. and Nigerian officials believe the girls have already been split up and taken out of the country to be sold. Kidnappings continue to take place as eight more girls were abducted Tuesday.

Now the hashtags “#BringBackOurGirls,” “BringBackOurDaughters” and “RealMenDontBuyGirls” have taken Twitter and Instagram by storm as “#BringBackOurGirls” is nearing its 1 millionth retweet. 

Since then, celebrities such as rapper Drake and singers Justin Timberlake and Mary J. Blige have taken to their personal social media accounts in order help garner mass media attention and get the country focused on bringing all the girls back home safely. Even first lady Michelle Obama shared a picture holding a sign that read, “#Bring Back Our Girls.” 

In light of such a tragic event, it’s important for all missing Black women and girls to be pushed to the forefront of the media’s attention. Despite such a vast number of missing people in the U.S. being African-American females, there is a shocking lack of news coverage about them.

Missing Black women struggle for media attentionFor example, many people haven’t heard of 15-year-old Shirdyn Toe from Fort Worth, Texas, who has been missing since January, or 16-year-old Alexandria Springfield who went missing around the same time from Dallas. Neither of these teens has been found nor have their stories garnered much attention in the mainstream media.

In the past, investigators have made it clear that the longer people remain missing, the more likely it is that they will be found dead. This is why media attention can be key to ensuring that cases don’t go cold and leads continue to pour in.

Without such a strong social media backing, it’s possible that even the missing girls in Nigeria would have gone unnoticed by national and international news outlets.

The girls had been missing for weeks before the social media campaign helped to force major news outlets to pick up the story.

Even CNN’s Frida Ghitis said, “If it had happened anywhere else, this would be the world’s biggest story.”

With social media being proven to have such a strong societal impact, it’s likely that a strong online push for the safe return of more than 64,000 missing African-American girls and women in the U.S., in addition to the missing schoolgirls in Nigeria, could eventually result in bringing all of our girls back home.


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8 thoughts on “Call to ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ Includes 64,000 Missing Black Females in America

  1. i wouldnt be surprised if these terrorist was funded by a major country.

  2. Chloe' Lewis says:

    Let me try this again:

    It is! By the good ole UsofA via the CIA!

    We, African people, are so numb to our own suffering in the US and around the world and void of knowledge of self that we can't see that there has been a continuous GENOCIDE of our people since the Egyptians allowed the Asiatics (Hyksos) into Africa! All of this in the name of control, wealth and greed: white supremacy; the systematic killing, sterilizing, enslaving(brainwashing) and dispersing of African people all of which is still going on today! All of this to have Africa at their disposal because it's naturally the richest continent on Earth(natural resources: "Africa has a large quantity of natural resources including oil, diamonds, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum and cocoa beans, but also woods and tropical fruits. Much of its natural resources are undiscovered or barely harnessed."

    The truth will not touch mainstream media because it's not in the best interest of the country and it control EVERYTHING from what we are taught in the classrooms in school to what we see in the media.

    We/individuals have to share this information that's why the masses are unaware and no one is rushing to get this message out.

    We are POW's and somehow time has allowed us to forgot. We have a short attention span and short memories. We have a lot of work to do!



    The Prison System IS The New Slavery (Just Google it)

  3. Chloe' Lewis well said my sister, i researched it and i knew these people were being upheld by somebody powerful, just like Rwanda genocide, the french and Belgians financially backed that one.

  4. Chloe' Lewis says:

    It's sad what's happening to us right before our very own eyes.. and we can't see it. I'm trying to sound the alarm brother! The more I search and study the more I find as evidence of what I already KNEW just from living and being somewhat aware and a very observant individual. We have to realize who we are; our history is WORLD history(we were the first inhabitants of this planet and we left evidence everywhere we went), as soon as we realize and have an understanding(innerstanding/overstanding) of that we put 2 +2 together (the blinders and the earplugs come off and out) and we get 4.

    I MUST raise my voice for sake of my ancestors, myself and our children!! I

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