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Hart Responds to Epps’ ‘Overrated’ Comment: ‘Don’t Come For Me’

Kevin Hart had a simple message for Mike Epps after the actor and comedian called him overrated during a recent radio interview — “Keep Kevin Hart’s name out your mouth.”

Some serious tension began brewing between both comedian/actors after Epps talked to the “DeDe in the Morning” radio show and gave his opinion on who he considered to be an “overrated” comedian.

“Kevin Hart,” Epps answered. “In this business, sometimes marketing can be bigger than talent. This business is not about being funny, it’s about being forced on people.”

He went on to say that without social media, Hart would never have reached the level of success he is at now.

Well, Hart is now speaking out and showing a more serious side.

In an Instagram video, Hart showed the article that had been brought to his attention — a blog page with the headline “Shots Fired! Mike Epps Talks ‘Real Acting,’ Kissing Men in Movies, And Says Kevin Hart is ‘Overrated’ on DeDe in the Morning.”

He then responds by reminding Epps that when it comes to ticket sales there is no competition about who is the real comedian.

“Here’s my thing, dude don’t come for me,” Hart says to the camera. “We’re on two different levels. Until you do better with your ticket sales, leave Kevin Hart’s name out your mouth.”

Hart didn’t stop there, however. He took to social media to continue sharing his thoughts on the matter.

Mike Epps and Kevin Hart Twitter feud “Just heard @TheRealMikeEpps called me ‘Overrated’ on the radio this AM! I missed it bcuz I was on set “WORKING” do u remember what that is,” Hart tweeted.

Some fans felt as if Hart took it too far when he told Epps to “do us all a favor and Kill” yourself.

He went on to tweet, “Don’t talk 2 me until u start selling out ARENAS @TheRealMikeEpps if ur shows aren’t selling & u need sum help maybe I will send out a TWEET.”

Twitter erupted in a serious roar when the comedian then threatened to ruin Epps’ career by booking shows on the same night as him.

“Oh one more thing @TheRealMikeEpps if you keep talking crazy I will book shows the same day as you in the same cities … ,” Hart added, earning thousands of retweets with fans encouraging him to actually follow through with it.

Hart then explained that he is going “back to work” and warned Epps to not bother him again.

Hart and Epps have had issues in the past, so it’s no surprise that the beef finally ended up boiling over unto social media.

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