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6 Countries that Dislike America The Most and Why

If you ask the average American why America is hated by other countries, what you are most likely to hear is a veiled view of the truth — other nations are jealous of America’s wealth, freedom and position as a world power.

This type of response points to the perceived arrogance that cradles most countries’ discontent with the U.S., a nation that, as Egyptian-American activist Sherif Mansour frames it, “only values freedom within its borders.”

The most up-to-date research from 2013, with information gathered and analyzed by the U.S. Global Leadership Project, shows an improvement in America’s international approval ratings. However, many nations still dislike the only remaining superpower.

Here are six countries were anti-American sentiments run high.





(U.S.GLP) Disapproval rating: 54 percent.

Tunisia has historically maintained a friendly relationship with America dating as far back as 1809 when President Thomas Jefferson attended an iftar — the post-fast evening meal of Muslims — with the ambassador of Tunisia.

In later years, Tunisia opened the first Arab embassy in the U.S.

The recent discontent with America, which fueled the 2012 attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tunis, stemmed from the production of a video that was considered to be denigrating to Islam’s prophet Muhammad. The 14-minute short titled “Innocence of Muslims” was created by Egyptian-born U.S. resident Nakoula Basseley Nakoula and was uploaded to YouTube.

Its anti-Islamic message quickly made the rounds on the Internet.

The film, which has sparked debates about freedom of speech, a founding American principle, “opens with scenes of Egyptian security forces standing idle as Muslims pillage and burn the homes of Egyptian Christians,” The New York Times reports. “Then it cuts to cartoonish scenes depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a child of uncertain parentage, a buffoon, a womanizer, a homosexual, a child molester and a greedy, bloodthirsty thug.”

These images fueled the U.S. Embassy attack.


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7 thoughts on “6 Countries that Dislike America The Most and Why

  1. Nigel A King Brown says:

    It has been long documented that greece is a highly racist country toward blacks of any kind

  2. Sundiata Keita says:

    that first comment is powerful. how crazy is it to have the power to dumb down a whole country so much that they actually believe the world hates them for their freedom.
    thats powerful yall.

  3. It's interesting that an example of why Muslim countries hate America, is because of a video depicting Muhammad in a way that they don't like. While all the while they slaughter , mutilate , and constantly denigrate Christians. So the western world is suppose to respect their culture and beliefs, while these muslim countries disrespects what many in the west believe in.

  4. Nicole Leonard Rhea says:

    I think Greece has a problem with undocumented workers, especially ones from India and Africa. They have a lot of hostility toward them which is disappointing and awful and just wrong. But they are very nice and hospitable otherwise. My sisters both went there and loved it, and said the Greeks were the nicest people. 🙂

  5. Nicole Leonard Rhea says:

    Well, America kind of screws them up, so yeah.

  6. Saad Maliki says:

    I am an Iraqi – please note that we hate the American foreign policy but we do NOT hate the American people.

    We know more about America and the Americans, than what the American policy makers know about Iraq and Iraqis.

    Our anger is aimed at the injustice we have suffered – so try to understand the reason for the show of anger, rather than just looking at the surface of the protests.

  7. Israel? Whatt hell they put in the redadtor/jhournalist´s coffee tyhis morning, my god!? Israel could neve survived without the USA funding and weapons technology! Take it easy, man!

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