10 Black Celebs Who Are Still Stunning Without Makeup

 Let’s face it; the declaration, “I woke up like this, flawless,” is nothing more than a catchy self-affirmation made popular by superstar singer Beyonce Knowles. No one actually wakes up void of flaws, not even the A-list women we look to for beauty inspiration. They, too, combat dry skin, blotchy spots and the effects of gravitational pull on the face.

We are not always privy to the well-concealed truth, but every now and again we get a glimpse of our favorite stars, fully exposed and imperfect. And we are inspired by their radiance and natural beauty that, in our eyes, makes them closer to being flawless than they are with makeup.

Here are 10 of our favorite celebrity women who pop up in public bare-faced.


Photo: Poprosa.com

Photo: Poprosa.com


Singer Beyonce Knowles, 32, often utilizes social networks to give her fans and the rest of the world an inside look into who she is beyond the veil of her superstar status. Knowles, admittedly, “a train wreck in the morning … a host of imperfections,” as she expresses in “Flaws and All,” is an inspiration to women juggling a family and a demanding career, and still maintaining their beauty.

Go-to makeup enhancements that make this natural beauty pop: Eyelashes and a bold lip are staples for Knowles.

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