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10 Interesting Facts About the Caribbean Islands You May Not Know

It is no secret that the Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful places on earth, with white sands, clear waters, friendly natives and unique indigenous species. But here are ten facts that you may not have known about the sunny islands.



Geologists believe that the Caribbean Islands evolved from an arc of volcanoes that erupted beneath the ocean billions of years ago.

Nearly 40 million people live in the Caribbean’s 30 territories, which are made up of 700 islands, islets, reefs and caves.
The islands are divided into different island groups. Each group contains a major territory familiar to most people.

The Lucayan Archipelago includes the Bahamas, while the Greater Antilles includes islands such as Cuba, Jamaica, and Hispanola (Haiti and  Domincan Republic). The Lesser Antilles — with sub island groups the Leeward Antilles, the Leeward Islands, and the Windward Islands — includes Aruba, Antigua and Grenada.

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