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Taraji P. Henson on American Men: ‘They are Jaded and Bitter’

tarajiTaraji P. Henson recently confessed to television talk show host Wendy Williams that while she’s single, she has been playing her hand in the dating game. But these days the “Think Like A Man Too” actress admits, she’s a lot more interested in men overseas than the men she’s meeting in the United States.

“I’m dating. The thing is that I’m done — I can’t say that I’m totally done with American men, but I’m very excited about my finds over [Wendy: In Europe where the Counts are?]”

According to Taraji, the men overseas are a lot less “bitter” and “jaded” than guys from the States.

“You know what it is? I think there’s a cultural difference with men from other countries. They are not as bitter and jaded and closed up as a lot of the men here.”

But she made it clear that not all American men are jaded.

“I’m not saying all men. I can’t say that I’m done with American men. I’ll never say that.”

The 43-year-old beauty also discussed her character’s death on the CBS crime drama,  “Person of Interest.”

“I signed on knowing that Carter would come to an end eventually and I like it. I love doing films, so you sign on for seven years and it’s like, ‘I gotta pass that up? Ehhhh.’ It was a perfect marriage for me. I could do both. [I signed on for 3 seasons], but it really only wound up being 2.5. They had the right to make it whenever they wanted. And we couldn’t reveal that to the audience because then the surprise element is gone.”

“It’s bittersweet. Sometimes I’ll get a tweet and a fan will go: ‘Girl, I love you. But I sure miss you on Person of Interest.’ And I’m like, ‘Get over it’ [laughs].”


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33 thoughts on “Taraji P. Henson on American Men: ‘They are Jaded and Bitter’

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    i agree with her, i say do what you wanna do; i hate american women too. we americans have this entitlement ego, and everybody wants to use people up. i'd rather get a woman with an eastern mindset, cause these broads are pretty much walking zombies.

  2. Generalizations never work there are exceptions to every rule…then again maybe she can get back with Tyrese Gibson and do Baby Boy II



  5. Eric Tinsley says:

    Confusion at its best

  6. If I could afford to slumber in Europe I would, but even I have enough sense to still keep American women on the menu. I believe that if all I date is hookers, then I would conclude that maybe I am a trick. And here I thought she was just acting in hustle and flow, smoking aces, and baby boy. Ironically she seemed to always play either a jaded or bitter woman. What a real piece of work.

  7. John Davids says:

    Dear Admin

    I get it that your name is Atlanta BLACK star and you (we) are pro- black (melanated people), but don't you think it would be better to stop with titles such as "8 BLACK women who defy aging"; "7 BLACK celebrities who won Oscars" etc ?

    Don't get me wrong, I support the cause 100% but I just think that dropping the "BLACK" in all headings, titles, etc would lure- in more readers.

    People from all spectrum of society would than be able to log on/ subscribe and when they're on the page they won't even realize its pro- black and soon you'll have more people united with us blacks fighting our wars and advancing our cause for social,economic, political, human equality.

    It will be kind of a mental trick we play on non- blacks.
    After all, isn't it how they got us into accepting and believing everything white is right, beautiful and Godly.

    Think about it and please mail me at [email protected]


  8. Hakeem Wise Majestic says:

    Lmao. Coming the most bitter, jaded and angry type gtfoh.

  9. Dennis Jerome Winslett says:

    What she is trying to say is, European men are not as informed and easier to fool with that fake ass bitchness that quality american men don't fall for.

  10. Sorry – but that's just dumb – in a white dominated system we need to be about identifying & resonating to those publications and programs that support and respect and inform us. We're not trying to be Black by stealth – we're BLACK AND WE'RE PROUD. Get with the program!

  11. We all suffer from postraumatic slave syndrome. We are all damaged – the Eastern Mindset used to be ours till it was beaten out of – the need is for deprogramming and transforming us to become the better we we can be – so far that hasn't happened across the board. No doubt she's come across some very good looking Black men who are internally scarred. You don't find this out until you become intimate. The same problem with we females. We've got a lot of inner and outer work to do.

  12. Black men and women are both subject to post-traumatic Slave Syndrome – and while we look great on the outside – there are some scars that we bear on the inside that only come through as a result of intimate interaction. It's then that we find we don't have it together. I love Taraji's work – I think she's a sharp sister -but I used to work in Hollywierd and I know that there are more than a number of oddballs Black and white – and it's more the rule than the exception. But good luck with her finding a well balanced bother in the lay community – they will either be jealous of her fame, feel inferior because of her fame; want to dominate her to show "who's the boss" or … however, I do recommend that she look at Africa or Japan – not just Europe, for intelligent men. You'd be surprised!!!

  13. We're all "victims" here – racism and it's side effects affect us all. She's a decent person who is looking for love and a life mate just like the rest of us. Her selection is even more limited than ours. I don't think it's fair or appropriate to cast aspersions on her because she's having difficulty finding someone and has been forthcoming in saying so.

  14. We're all "victims" here – racism and it's side effects affect us all. She's a decent person who is looking for love and a life mate just like the rest of us. Her selection is even more limited than ours. I don't think it's fair or appropriate to cast aspersions on her because she's having difficulty finding someone and has been forthcoming in saying so.

  15. @Gloria Dulan-Wilson, I am certain your intent is sincere. But unless you ate this twisted actress publicist, you have know idea what her psychological premise is. I am a college educated critical thinker, that don't believe we can hid behind the quise of post traumatic slavery to excuse all out bigoted statements. I can name a million events, comments, and actions linked to post traumatic slave syndrome. This however is not one. It really kills me how when a sister makes a blatant inflammatory statement, and is called out on it, another sister runs to her defense with some pacifist excuse, like im gonna buy it. Look swertie, take the legitimate diagnosis to who it was created for, crackkkers. Not a real black man, that knows when he been insulted. And I will tell every brother I know, to keep their jaded, bitter dollars in their pocket, when she decides to make another movie, with het bubble eyed azzz.

  16. Chris Dixon says:

    Exactly, they are not schooled on how to recognize the bullshit and avoid it, plus the men she probably wants to date, have better options. I see it all the time, men who have their shit together are worth their weight in gold and pretty much date the women they want and not the women that want them.

  17. Cheri Simmons says:

    Who says Taraji P. Henson was referring to black men? Certainly not Taraji! If she did not say it, then how could she have "given the impression" that she was referring to black men? The media needs to own its efforts to slander Taraji P. Henson, plain and simple! Hopefully she sues! It is not her job to clarify this, but it is however, the responsibility of the media to issue a retraction regarding a misquote! In fact, Ms. Henson tweeted on her account (@TheRealTaraji) on Wednesday 4/16, that she was not speaking to black men and asked that the headlines be corrected. Certain media outlets instead redistributed the misquotes rather than issue a correction. Wendy Williams mentioned Europe, not Ms. Henson. This is particularly inexcusable since the video of her Wendy Wiliiams interview is available and clearly contradicts these headlines. There are plenty of non-American men of color (Idris Elba anyone).

    What bothers me about the focus on this non-issue, besides her being misquoted, is that the timing is very suspicious. Many of the articles fail to mention the movie at all! Oscar Nominee Henson is currently on a media tour to promote her new film From The Rough. She is cast as lead in a film about the accomplishments of another black woman (a rarity in Hollywood). Compared to the misquote, how many headlines have we seen about the film? And how often does the media bombard black male athletes/celebs with questions regarding their decision to date women of other cultures?

    Why would dating other cultures even be considered a headline in 2014? Taraji P. Henson has recently been quite vocal about the lack of films/roles for black Women in Hollywood, so why is misquoting Ms. Henson the focus of black media during this time? There would be more leading roles for black women in Hollywood if black actors demanded that actresses of color be cast opposite them (here's an idea for an article or headline). By the way, From The Rough opens 4/25. Go to @FromTheRoughMov #FROMTHEROUGHMOVIE or Taraji's verified twitter account (@TherealTaraji) for further details

  18. Cheri Simmons says:

    Chris Dixon & Jerome Winslet thanks for proving her point about "some men"!

  19. Cheri Simmons says:

    Sadly, your comments just serve to prove her point. She didn't say any of what you claim she did. And… it was Wendy W. who mentioned Europe. It is just sad that so many have projected their own insecurities onto Ms. Henson. Even worse, they resort to slander in efforts to derail the press tour for her new film FROM THE ROUGH ( in theaters this Friday 4/25) . The film is about a positive black woman with Oscar Nom Henson as lead (let's begin with how rare that is). Yet, where are all the articles on the film or the videos and headlines regarding the other 90% of Taraji's interview with Wendy Williams? In this interview she speaks to the lack of roles for black women in Hollywood, some of her experiences and….PROMOTES HER NEW FILM, FROM THE ROUGH! Some men are truly too jaded and insecure to champion successful, hard-working (black) women. This black media generated "scandal' is certainly proof of the later. Let the black males in media and Hollywood stand up and demand more roles for black women. Instead, they fear black women having the same freedom of choice (to date) and economic opportunities in media and Hollywood. But of course, it's still no problem to open doors for white women…Always a priority to remain on their best behavior in regard to women of other cultures

  20. @ Cheri Simmons, I simply replied to the article, now you wany mr to go eatch thr Wendy Williams show.GTFOH

  21. @ Cheri Simmons, I simply replied to the article, now you wany mr to go eatch thr Wendy Williams show.GTFOH

  22. S Imesheion Osborne says:

    Tyrese's video for Stay is probably going to be as close to Baby Boy 2 as you're going to get…. (Thank goodness)

  23. S Imesheion Osborne says:

    Tyrese's video for Stay is probably going to be as close to Baby Boy 2 as you're going to get…. LOL! (Thank goodness)

  24. John Davids says:

    Gloria Dulan-Wilson, never did I imply that we be "black by stealth" and am sorry if u got me that way…what I'm trying to emphasize here is the fact that we BLACK and PROUD so why seclude it to only ourselves ?

    My point is this: Whites know they're white and love their whiteness but do you see them parading their whiteness only unto themselves ? NO, they include everybody in their white programmes.
    You get white Jesus, white God, white Barbie, a white everything, they did it by advertising to EVERYBODY, not just a selected group of people.

    Do u see Indians making "Indian- curry" ? NO, they just make curry and sell to the whole world.
    Do u see Russians making "Russian vodka" ? NO they just make vodka and sell to the whole world.
    These nations are proud of their significance on the world but they don't go seclude themselves only to themselves.

    I would like to see ATLANTA BLACK STAR being read by an Italian in Italy like a normal newspaper and than later talk about all the remarkable black people and their significance in the world,
    a Chinese in China should be able to know all about all the prominent and non- prominent blacks featured in ATLANTA BLACK STAR, u get my point ?

    Do not change the programme, not at all, just widen the target market.

  25. Hi John: I totally understand your point, but until we ourselves are at the critical mass where we truly embrace ourselves and each other in all our permutations of Black culture and pride, the issue of making it palatable to whites and others is of the utmost concern. We definitely can share our culture – but that usually comes with selling out and compromise – once we codify who we are to each other then we can widen the audience. Now that doesn't mean that they can't partake of our soul food, our music, but I've seen prices jacked up once "whites love us" – and I've seen us drop who we are to cross over to their way and by doing so abandon the positive things that make us who we are. We need to learn to make new friends and keep the old, one in silver and the other is gold, when it comes to who we are- the sadness is that that is far less the norm – and we are the losers when we stray from those principles.

  26. John Davids says:

    Point well taken. Thanx sister.

  27. Mary Lowder says:

    Gloria Dulan-Wilson ..Love you well said.

  28. Trena Maxwell Jones says:

    Wow…why are some so upset about one woman's (obviously misconstrued) quote about the options SHE chooses? "…hit dog will holla" syndrome or do men only have the option of dating elsewhere? hmmm…

  29. Joseph King says:

    I will stipulate at the outset that I'm not black, so some of my comments may be negated here – but there is a universal truth to be examined regardless of skin color, and that truth is the fact that we, as American men, ARE bitter and angry. Most of us don't live in a box underneath I-95, and most of us don't live in a Buckhead mansion either. We are the electricians, firefighters, teachers, nurses, public interest attorneys, and living-making, ham-and-eggers that make this country full of privilege (real or imagined) work and shine. Do we GET angry and bitter at being told that we're not good enough or that our Ford just doesn't add up to the Beemer that "your" guy is supposed to drive ? As I said before – and I think that many of my African-American brothers will agree – we (90% of us) make a living, pay bills, live on a budget, and get a good vacation once a year. We were told as we were growing up that if we worked hard, played by the rules, lived honestly, and did the right thing that good things would happen only to find that the game has now been rigged and a new bar has been set – albeit a rather unrealistic one; and when we try to reach that bar that's been set by The Kardashians, Real Housewives of _________, or any other media-based foible we find ourselves out of the element for which we'd been so long conditioned. Europe doesn't do The Kardashians – they do reality.

  30. And you don't think that American women suffer by comparison to the false ideals set by men?

  31. James DjTorch Dillard says:

    She's just another woman blaming her life choices on someone else. What she will find out is the same thing Halle found out. The grass is not always greener. I'm no longer a fan because she's drinking the same "Koolaide" as other Black women who are unsuccessfuly dating white men. It's funny how they talk smack about how we are (Black Men) but end up in Drama with White men too. Good examples is Halle Berry & Stacy Dash. Both women were abused by their White exes but insist we're the problem (smh). Henson is simply joining the club. I guess she can be "clueless" was well.

  32. Lana Grant says:

    Gloria Dulan-Wilson I agree with 99% of your post. But I disagree about the "dating African men" comment. I lived amongst them outside of the U.S. and there are too many cultural differences that are not for the better.

    I think Taraji should stick with whatever she thinks will work best for her. I have barely dated black American men myself, although I have friends that are happily involved with them. But I also wouldn't jump on all European men either. She should also be clear that some of the Caribbean men in Europe (who are also technically European) are just as jaded and f'ed up. Not husband material.

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