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Judge Throws Out B. Scott Lawsuit Against BET

b scottTransgender television personality B. Scott lost his battle in the discrimination lawsuit he filed against BET network.

According to TMZ, a judge ruled in favor of the network, throwing out Scott’s lawsuit. Scott sued BET claiming that he was humiliated by the network while working on the red carpet as a correspondent at the BET Awards last year.

Scott claims the network forced him to change from women’s clothing into a man’s suit, ultimately removing him entirely from the show.

The judge in the case has dismissed the lawsuit, and ruled that BET has the First Amendment right to produce shows the way it wants to.

Scott said in a statement: “It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression.”

The blogger and host plans to file an appeal.


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