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8 Famous Black People Who Were Once Homeless

It is estimated that nearly half of all Americans are just one financial disaster away from homelessness. Depressing statistics to be sure; there are few situations that seem more hopeless than not having a place to live.

However, there are a surprising number of famous people who lived through just this situation and not only bounced back, but did so in a big way. Here are a few rags-to-riches stories in our community that you may not have known about.

tyler perry 1

  Tyler Perry

Born in 1969 in New Orleans, Tyler Perry escaped an abusive household and moved to Atlanta to pursue his dreams of becoming a writer. However, he soon found out how difficult pursuing your art can be without a support system, and even ended up living in his car. He remained there, until his play I Know I’ve Been Changed, finally took off.

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  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    so thats how Halle Berry was able to play that crackhead role so easy

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