7 Popular Cosmetic Brands That Sell Shameful Skin-Bleaching Products




Side-Effects-Of-Hydroquinone-CreamL’Oreal claims 23 percent of global skin care sales, making it the top-selling skin care and cosmetics brand in the world. According to its website, the White Perfect skin-whitening product line is “enriched with Tourmaline Gemstone and vitamin C, which has proven action against melanin synthesis.

Another active ingredient, Octocrylene, penetrates the skin and acts as a photosensitizer. This results in an increased production of free radicals under exposure to sunlight. A 2010 study conducted by researchers from Centre Hospitalier Universitaire have shown that indirect DNA damage can be a result of prolonged exposure to Octocrylene. An increased concentration of free radicals can possibly to lead to skin cancer.

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