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Backlash on Twitter Proves Hank Aaron’s Point About Racism in America

Racist tweets prove Hank Aaaron is right about racism in American

Source: NY Post

In a story published by USA Today, baseball icon Hank Aaron said that America has a long way to go to combat modern-day racism and it wasn’t long before racists on Twitter proved that he was absolutely right.

In the interview, the former home-run champ talked about the hate mail he received when he broke Babe Ruth’s home-run record in 1974. Unfortunately, Aaron would experience deja vu with a modern-day twist after he spoke out about how racism still thrives today.

“A lot of things have happened in this country, but we have so far to go,” Aaron said. “There’s not a whole lot that has changed.”

Some people have argued that welcoming the country’s first Black president is proof that enough progress has been made, but Aaron quickly debunked that idea.

“Sure, this country has a Black president, but when you look at a Black president, President Obama is left with his foot stuck in the mud from all of the Republicans with the way he’s treated,” he added.

In a powerful statement, he went on to name the only thing he believes has changed about racists in America since the 1970s.

“The bigger difference is back then they had hoods,” he said. “Now, they have neckties and starched shirts.”

Needless to say, many racists were not quite so happy about the statement and they took to Twitter to deliver their own version of digital hate mail.

Among the cringe-worthy tweets was one that read, “Hank Aaron is a scumbag piece of s**t n****r. My old man instilled in my mind from a young age the only n***a is a dead n***a.”

Another tweet sarcastically praised Aaron for being well-spoken during the interview.

“Hey, at least this Hank n****r is well-spoken,” the tweet read. “Give it credit.”

Another user responded to the tweet and claimed the only reason a Black man would come across as being well-spoken and educated in an interview is because the editor cleaned up his language for him.

The tweets continue to fly for about a half-hour before finally dying down.

The Twitter backlash against Aaron proved his point and gave insight into the range of people who still hold such racist points of view.

Some of the bios of the online attackers indicated that the people behind the accounts were college students, nurses and one user, who retweeted much of the verbal attack, was a teacher. He has since deleted the retweets.

What people are saying

48 thoughts on “Backlash on Twitter Proves Hank Aaron’s Point About Racism in America

  1. Ryan DeVon says:

    Providing screen shots of the tweets and the people posting them would be better.

  2. Dyron Beavers says:

    Someone needs to get a copy of this story to Bill O'Reilly and Brit Hume,while you're at it send a copy to Kobe maybe these fools will learn something.

  3. Farntella Graham says:

    you think the CIA and the american criminal leadership cabal does not try to de-stabilize race relations in america?

  4. Farntella Graham says:

    you think the CIA and the american criminal leadership cabal does not try to de-stabilize race relations in america?

  5. John Davis says:

    So what Im hearing is as long as I agree we r good? The moment we don't then Im a fool…LOL we as a people have so far to go to be call equal on any footing. Now that we have moved from #2 minority to #4 is that the MAN(WHITE, ASIAN or JEWS)fault? When will we step up an say it starts and stops with US! I don't see Bill Brit KOBE out there shooting an killing US but I do see tons of Black on Black crime or just black crime. Yes we could get the screen shots of these people but all you are doing feeding the beast, move fwd remember OUR 1st amendment "freedom of speech"! You say try to destabilize, I say its a wrap!! DONE!! We can talk about the two parties (DEM/REP)it will not resolve anything both are bad regardless the president. But the Democrats have had YOU black peopled on lock for so long that if anyone says anything against them they are a fool…..pls wake up and learn some facts the Democrat party concerning black people. You would be surprised…..I dare you to spend an hour researching this party! Your eyes will be open never to be shut again yes you can always ignore the facts.

  6. Oak Summers says:

    Until Black males (not Black "PEOPLE"; specifically Black males) trade their effeminate skirts for a masculine rifle and demand respect, I'm siding with the racist crackers. All niggers do is beg & talk, while their Black women identify more with being a "woman" than being "Black", so they give all their money to other women, Jews, and gays while they destroy their own men from ignorance.

  7. Allen Thomas says:

    So sad. I guess Hank Aaron…who is pandering to progressives, is no Jackie Robinson…who rose above racism and shamed his detractors by his exemplary character. Hank hurt a lot of fans who loved him. So sad.

  8. Than those people really weren't fans to begin with.

  9. Sorry for the typo

  10. Allen Thomas says:

    James Goldsmith Not so. No one gets a pass for saying untruths. No one.

  11. Jermon L. Haynes says:

    I beg to differ my friend. Hank said what exactly needed to be said. We want to pretend like all is well and dandy, but it's not. If you think Hank isn't still affected by the way he ways treated back in his playing days your well mistaken. Some of his white want him to put on that happy face and be that token black guy for the organization, but Hank is his on man. He's seen the racism first hand and will Never forget it.

  12. John Clark says:

    He told the truth and was vilified for it. The U.S. and Canada, both preaching how modern they are, need to re-think their policies on the treatment of races other than the white race.
    using the word n***er is not modern… it's older than slavery. Discrimination exists all through the states and Canada. It shouldn't be allowed. Make it illegal to voice negative thoughts about others of different colors. It's time to get severely strict on racist actions and words !!! Stop the hating !!!!!
    Hank Arron only said the truth about what is passing through the minds of anyone that has followed the track of racism throughout the years.

  13. Fernando Edwards Carcamo says:

    How exactly did Hank hurt anyone? If anything I think he's the victim of a vicious attack and handled himself gracefully.

  14. John Clark says:

    He's not Jackie Robinson and this is the 21st century. Jackie was quiet about how he was treated but refused to allow it to interfere with his playing. Hank Arron chose to speak out in spite of the reprisals he knew were coming. Speaking the truth makes fans desert him ?? … Who cares. If he speaks the truth why would you hate him? Shows where those so-called fans keep their thoughts…. "You can play for us boy, just keep your mouth shut about how racist we really are !!! " Racist bullshit from racist bullshitters !!! Tell it like it is Hank !!

  15. Allen Thomas says:

    His original comments were not about him personally. His original comments were that people who oppose Obama are racist. In making such a broad statement, he besmirched a lot of freedom loving/liberty loving people…many of them are his fans. Playing the race card is to promote socialism is pathetic and divisive. I'm not surprised that many people took offense to his shallow comments. It would be different if he said the truth, but all he did was parrot a lie. It's great fodder for the haters.

  16. Tara Oglesby says:

    How did he hurt fans Allen? Regardless of his political affiliation, his statement regarding racism still existing is truthful. Of course not everyone in a business suit is racist. But don't the vicious responses to his article bear out his point?

  17. John Clark says:

    Aaron's comment was that it doesn't matter that there is a black president. Racists try to limit Obama's efforts, most notably the republicans, who have fought every step Obama has proposed. To hear only the parts that benefit you and other racist fans, choosing against Aaron because he says something you disagree with is the best evidence of your own racist beliefs.

  18. Camilo Henao says:

    Man some people never change, so sad.

  19. Grant Denise says:

    Jermon L. Haynes Truth is an offense and Hank just proved that! In other words, he should be grateful, kiss up and shut up! Way to go Hank! Speak truth!

  20. James Peoples says:

    Who did Hank hurt? And what is your point? In theory white America loved Jackie Robinson (not for his performance) but his willingness to turn the other cheek when threatened with racial epithets and violence. It's suspect how you can praise a man for his tolerance, yet shame another man for standing up against threats. Maybe that's why in school I was forced to sit through those racial tolerance videos where the black protagonist claimed victory by putting his hands down and let his oppressors beat up on him. Good for you Hank, all we did for this country and our so-called countrymen we fought alongside (since the beginning) still considers us sub-human. America it's long past 200 years and most of you still need to grow up.

  21. I don't think he was saying that everyone who who doesn't like Obama is racist. He said that there are still vestiges of racism in our society that is clearly visible in the way that Mr.Obama is treated, and that today's racists don't hide behind sheets. Judging from the ridiculous comments that have been made, one has to wonder if he is not speaking the truth?

  22. Have health care? Please use it!

  23. Hureal Shelton says:

    Free speech?

  24. Wow, lets not talk about the obvious and blatant racism, let's talk about the democratic party. You are unbelievable, put yourself in the category of black people that we need to overcome. Anyone who is cowardly enough to avoid the racism that still persists in this country and is willing to look past it to the democratic party as the only talking point is dangerous to the rest of us. This is my free speech concerning your ridiculous post.

  25. Loyd Brassfield says:

    So this is how they respond because Hank tells it like it is,really..

  26. Jaime Johnson says:

    I don't need to see the ignorance to know that it's out there. SMH

  27. Eugene Hicky Minter says:


  28. Meco Hart says:

    All you have to do is open your eyes & close your mouth you can see rascism in every aspect of life , The genocide of young black men , Instead of building university's to educate , They build institutions to rehabilitate. , Jails over Yale, The blacks man is the endangered species, Big business for corporate America.

  29. Eugene Hicky Minter says:


  30. Mary E Tyler says:

    Allen Thomas, apprarently, you don't give a pass for speaking the truth. What Aaron said was true. You don't have to look very far to know it's true.

  31. Steven Brown says:

    Wish these people had enough courage to say this in front of a guy like me. Violence doesnt solve anything but it makes me feel better. Even though it'll shange nothing but faces.

  32. Allen Thomas damn you are dumb!

  33. Vince Cushite says:

    These are uncover fools who hate themselves and decided to blame all brown skin humans (the majority of the planet) for his self loathing.

  34. I applaud Mr. Aaron on his frankness when speaking on this topic. He is well positioned in life where he could remain silent and reap the benefits his legendary baseball career. I have nothing but respect for Henry Aaron for the it "the way it is."

  35. I applaud Mr. Aaron on his frankness when speaking on this topic. He is well positioned in life where he could remain silent and reap the benefits of his legendary baseball career. I have nothing but respect for Henry Aaron for speaking sincerely on "the way it is."

  36. Bonnie Pressley says:

    It is what it is some people will never change

  37. Anthony AfroCentric Matadi says:

    I wait on the day a white man would racially call me n****r in my face. Hell shall break loose

  38. Anthony AfroCentric Matadi says:

    Allen Thomas Research "Tim Wise" who is a white male who openly speaks about white privilege, white racism and the denial. He Published a study that 90% of white have a negative outlook on black people. That's 9 out of 10 White people who are prejudiced towards black people but all you can see is untruths? How many white folks speak against Rush Limbaugh's untruths and constant right wing hate messages? 10% of all, White people are bred in a lifestyle of racist discrimination and that's undeniable

  39. Ray Jackson says:

    i'll tell you what ; let them come out from hiding behind their computer and let us see what they have to say.They are what you get at Popeyes; chicken.

  40. I always said the Hitler is alive and well and living in disguise in Good Old USA

  41. Mataro Mackall says:

    I can't wait to be old enough to just unapologetically tell it like it is. The Hammer is still knocking them out of the park

  42. Billy J Cartledge says:

    A thrown rock always hit its mark; then the fools respond… !

  43. So sad to see racism rear it's ugly head as it still thrives today in the mind's of people who will never see black people in anything other than a negative light. Kudos to Hank Aaron for speaking out on racism.

  44. Jacqueline Gonzales says:

    Allen Thomas What lies did he tell? If you believe his statement was untrrue, you are not being truthful to yourself.

  45. Tony Gueringer …Tony I respect your opinion. But your opinion is narrow minded. What John Davis was trying to say and I think he did a fantastic job of saying is this: The African American Community has to change within before ANYTHING will change for us from without! We spend all day and night destroying one another but if some white person or a police officer wrongs us we want to march in the streets an riot. Where is the outrage when a gang members shoots another gang member? Where is the outrage when a black man beats the crap out of his black wife? Where is the outrage when a black kid drops out of school? Where is the outrage when a black child is abused in his own home? Why do we as a people look to the government to solve our daily problems when we are truly the only people who can solve OUR issues?? On top of that, he's right to bring up the Democratic Party. Why do we automatically vote for them? They don't even try to court our vote. The Dems know they have our vote because occasionally they throw us a financial bone and we lap it up like a dog returning to it's vomit! Black people are the only ones who can solve black people's problems but we would rather blame everyone else for our issues rather than looking internally and seeing the feces (alcohol, drugs, spousal/child abuse, laziness, lack of education, arrogance, etc) that's piled up in our own households. We need to stop focusing on "them" and focus on "us" for a change. Then and only then will we ever see real change in the African American Community.

  46. Paul Jones says:

    The article is about negative racist comments about Hank Aaron and the fact that racism still exists in the United States. True to form some negro who has bought into the "our blacks are better than your blacks" right wing jargon steps out and fetches the hackneyed putdowns of his on race to justify the ignorance of the attacking racist right and in doing so, solidifies his hollowed place of approval at the bottom of their status structure. "Iz know Iz be a n####, but at least Iz better than those Democratic n####s". And the mentality that you're trying to impress doesn't give two cents how well you articulate your points because you're still an "it" in their eyes. Stop attacking and putting down Black people and stick with the topic. Hank Aaron isn't a ward of the state, he's not a gang member, he's not committing Black on Black crime nor is he committing any acts worthy of the racist attacks listed in this article and the best that you can do is come on here and parrot that same drivel that's always posted to shame Blacks from speaking out about infractions committed against them by racist whites. Basically your point is, Blacks need to shut up and let the racist be because they haven't made their own neighborhoods pristine from fault and until you do keep quiet and in your place……No thank you and wouldn't want to be you. .

  47. Diana Myers says:

    He need the see the racism he has in his mamager at Popeye Chicken where he employees, his people and do not pay than enough to live off and his managerment team could use some more training in how to talk to poeple who work for him. He did not like when white people talk and treated him any kind away so why are he allowing the black people who work for him to be treated like that. Practice what you pearch, do the same for your employees, who make you and your wife rich.

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